Mixed Media Painting with Acrylics, Lacquer, Marker and Silver

Mixed Media Painting with Acrylics, Lacquer, Marker and Silver

With white Acrylic lacquer I prepare a canvas with the foam roller and I wipe violet acrylic in the still moist white ground. This will be my shadow on the wall (hahaha). With water I dilute a little bit dark brown, so I can blow it with the Fixativ blow pipe on the canvas to obtain a dark contrast. Now I do a pencil drawing. With a resin clearcoat (?) I spray a wet spot, on which I paint with black acrylic – the acrylic color will not hold on the lacquer and it gives a nice structure. Now the leaves are painted. And then the sunflower – first the shadows with acrylic The cores I paint with a marker pen They are located in the “golden angle”. This was discovered by Leonardo Fibonacci (1170-1240) – yes: in the 13. Century in the Middle Age !!! Now the beautiful yellow petals. Still a few berries Yes, the light is coming from the right side. Some leaves are in the background. I let flow down some color with plenty of water. For the silver leaf I need a dark background. On the dried acrylic gilding glue (?) is applied. The glue has to stand for 15 minutes now, in the meantime I draw some Accessories with hybrid gel pen and fine Edding marker. Now I can add the silver leaf – it will be applied with a dry brush. And now the work is done. Thank you for your interest.


  1. …hallo Dieter…gefällt mir sehr gut…wow mit dem dunklen Hintergrund u. dem Metall Silber…hab mir auch Deine Seite angeschaut…da fand ich das Stillleben mit Pastinaken u. der Zitrone sehr schööön…danke fürs Zeigen …L.G.

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