Modern and handmade: why Marco Bicego’s Italian jewellery is so versatile

Modern and handmade: why Marco Bicego’s Italian jewellery is so versatile

Today, I’m at the Charlotte Street Hotel
in London to meet Marco Bicego, and find out how his brand makes jewels that
are so different, yet so very wearable. Marco your company has such a rich
history but can you tell me what is so different about your jewellery. Marco Bicego: “Modern, definitely “and versatile, beautiful, comfortable, handmade in Veneto, Italy, and “personal for sure. “Jewellery is about also, definitely emotion, but also how you touch and you feel.” These are all things that sounds like
clothes. Marco: “Yes, this is why I think it’s important, you know, “you have to definitely to wear the nice piece of jewellery, “but also to be comfortable”. And feel good, (Marco: “Yes”), I forgot I’m wearing this. (Laughter) Marco: “Yes, this is why I think, you can enjoy and wear as everyday, a piece of jewellery.” Maria: Good. (Marco: “Yes, absolutely”). (Laughter). Marco: “When I want to relax, I goes downstairs (in the gem studio), “I have all the stones on my desk and I start playing with them, because “I am going to make something special. “One side of my heart want to sell, the
other side want to keep it, i love it and I’d like always to keep my jewelry, like my, my, “my kids, you know”. And as promised here is a question from one of our readers. And she’s Rosemary in, Nigeria, and she wants to ask Marco, How do you stay true to your design
vision? for me to always about timeless Marco: “For me jewellery is about timeless “It is for the first collection I made
to the last, that is all these collections I never followed the trends, because
jewellery for me is something different and you have to be able to wear
for long term”. And Makita, from the Philippines, asks which is his favourite jewellery? Marco: “It is funny but I really like and feel connected to Indian Jewellery.” “Ok, my favourite city, is venice from where I come from. My favourite hotel is The Mark in New York City. Favourite restaurant is Osteria La Cera, its out of Venice. If you want to know all that’s happening
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