Molten Copper, Aluminium and Salt Vs. Frozen Lake

Molten Copper, Aluminium and Salt Vs. Frozen Lake

Welcome to beyond the press channel We are doing one more frozen lake video. Because summer is coming But we have also lots of ideas for next winter and we d- And for summer and we do also other videos from frozen lake But today we have our gas furnace and this crucible And we are going to melt things and we have Coppers so molten copper with frozen lake then we have salt frozen salt V.S. molten lake and then we have? aluminum Molten aluminum V.S. frozen lake Will it go through? yeah and I think here is about forty centimeters of ice It’s already quite spring, so the ice isn’t as hard as of the winter but it’s still quite hard and we are not going through but Will any of these go through? write in comments, which one is going to like sink the most in the ice I would put my own money on the copper. Okay. How about you? I say aluminum. Yeah salt is last yeah, but let’s let’s start with the copper There is some of the scrap copper that I found from our workshop We have plenty of more but let’s melt up Let’s melt first these and then add more Really f*cking hot I’m not sure can you see but copper just started to melt. ( ) ( ) (Dont?) follow me It just went everywhere ( ) It’s everywhere Oh my I think it, it is go through hahaha It is quite maybe 30 degrees celsius this water here It didn’t explode it, like, splashed very violently I think I have to pour aluminium with, like, closer to ice. But I think it won’t stay in one place ah ah Anni, come here Really strange. What’s happening? Just like? Yeah, that was really strange I think there was so much steam between the aluminum and the ice that it like floated like an ice hockey puck really strange Really strange and the water is quite warm Warm on the top and cold on the bottom as usual. And I think this is going to be really nice piece Yeah, it is going to be like piece -It’s like art piece. -Piece of art. Oh, cool Yeah, really nice really nice It’s much nicer on the, like, bottom side than the Top part And next one is salt and we have this (Finnish) brand salt ( ) is like premium brand it’s very expensive. ( ) Yeah we have four buckets of this thing and it takes just one so -Very good – Very good Haha, f*ck! Did you see that? Yeah! – What – What the f*ck? I think we had some kind of gas explosion. – Nice. – It was quite loud Yeah, look at this the salt is escaping and because things that molten things and frozen lake isn’t the most ex- exploding stuff We are going to cheat a little bit We are going to pour the molten salt Here to this aluminum made pour Because water and molten salt should explode and if it don’t explode there is still plenty of ice to go – Yeah! – Oh my god. Oh! Yeah, that was great. – Oh, ( ) – Oh my god – Oh it didn’t go though – No I think it went everywhere else than through the ice And here is this Yeah it was quite loud Now we have a tiny salty sea here.
– Yeah, and the, water isn’t warm at all – No I think all the salt went everywhere else than here – Yeah, but I think is was quite cool.
– Yeah Yeah, so the copper didn’t went through I think it didn’t made huge impact but I pour it from too high and the aluminum didn’t went through and That salt didn’t went even to like into the ice it went all over the place and I think the funniest thing today was the Pot flying after the salt explosion, I was a bit worried that it was going to land on my head shockingly no Yeah, I think this was like last “Will It Go Through?” Video for this season. I have quite big plans for next winter I have Good amount of time to get ready and Of course we have lots of cool [] for summer also – So I think that is all for today. – Thank you for watching – And have a nice day And for today’s extra content we have leftovers of our ice carousel and Because the sun was shining so brightly the wooden planks were quite warm and the ice had melted around of them so We were able to get them out of the ice before the rest of the lake melts And they would like float all around the place


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  2. I think the copper didn't go through because of the Leidenfrost effect.
    edit: What he described with the aluminium is exactly the leidenfrost effect.

  3. It's the opposite of water droppings hitting a hot pan. The ice melts and turns to stream, which creates a barrier between the ice and copper, causing it to bounce and scatter across the surface.

  4. Drill a hole in the ice but don't go all the way through and pour the metals in the hole. I watched someone else on here do that in a block of ice and it exploded but I want to see what would happen if you did it on a frozen lake and not just a block of ice. The metal used was aluminum.

  5. I just like the idea of a couple of people just waging war on the lake by their house. Your neighbours must be very confused

  6. The molten copper poured so high and try molten salt without water just a a whole in the ice deep enough to hold the molten salt

  7. What you are doing is basically poisoning lake with metals, killing natural habitats of this place. Please, don't ruin this beutiful place.

  8. i don't know man cool experiment. way to have total disregard for the environment by pouring aluminum and copper into a lake. not like they are toxic or anything

  9. Molten aluminium(and i guess any matal) and water should explode. At least as good as the molten salt. So i was surprised the metals did so little. Molten metal should be quite explosive in water

  10. Hey can you guys melt together a bunch of metals to make some kind of crazy alloy and then smash it in the Press? Or just sell it to me as a conversation piece to put on my coffee table haha

  11. "And here is my latest masterpiece in aluminium – I call it Your Lower Intestine. With polyps. I think it is pretty good."

  12. leidenfrost-effect
    The phenomenon whereby a liquid, in near contact with a mass significantly hotter than the liquid's boiling point, produces an insulating vapor layer which keeps the liquid from boiling rapidly.

  13. Frozen salt versus molten lake isn't very interesting. The salt slowly dissolves, and the lake is so big it doesn't notice the difference. XD

  14. U can actually smack molten metal with ur hands (fast) without hurting yourself due to your very cooler body temp and oils on your hands! Better with a stream of molten metal not a pool!

  15. Where do you guys live? GhettoRanger from Detroit, Michigan, USA. would like to know, I'm sure many others would like to know as well.

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