Molten Copper vs Lead Shot

Molten Copper vs Lead Shot

(Birds Chirping) (Metal clinking and sound of cutting) Metal beads hitting metal plate (sound of knife cutting through a 12 gauge shell) (Massive rumbling sound of the furnace) (sound of air entering the pipe) (Sizzling sound of the molten copper hitting the lead beads) (Sound of the shell exploding & hissing) (sound of the shell hissing & exploding) (Sound of 2 shells hissing & exploding) (pop sound) (loud pop sound) (woosh sound of the gun powder) (Woosh sound) (woosh sound) (sound: sizzle & bubbling noises) (banging sound) (spanking noises) (thud sound of the lead & copper plate)


  1. i love to see you make things it would be interesting to see you make a lion ring from copper watching you has peaked my interest in copper jewelry making

  2. It would be nice to see how it would look like after the lead has been removed, will there be noticeable bumps or are there just gonna be flat

  3. Ide like to know at what temperature this will melt now that it is 50% copper and 50% lead… Ide like to cast bullets of that alloy

  4. हीदी में ‌सही लीखकर दीजीए हम बना सके

  5. These types videos get people hurt , live primers from the shells on the molten mixture , putting gun powder on it as well , seriously , wtf are you thinking. You'll get some novice who may try putting a live shell on there and get killed or seriously hurt . Think B4 you do this chitt

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