Molten Copper vs Ostrich Egg

Molten Copper vs Ostrich Egg

[Ostrich Egg “obviously”] *cutting in a hole for the molten copper to be poured into.* *cutting in a hole for the molten copper to be poured into.* *cutting in a hole for the molten copper to be poured into.* *cutting in a hole for the molten copper to be poured into.* *saw sounds* *saw powering down* *opening the top of the egg carefully so it doesn’t crack.* [Look how hot that is.] [Look at it wiggle.] [How he get Nicki Minaj up in here?] *pouring the molten copper into the egg.* *PSHGHHGHGHG* *BUBBLING* [Looks like we’re having fried chicken tonight] [Okay maybe chicken soup] [Oh wait…] [It’s an ostrich] [Oh well!] [We get it, you vape] [We get it, you vape] *smokin’* *firmly grasp it* *pouring out the burned egg insides.* [Mom you burned the food.] [It looks like a light bulb] [Ain’t puttin’ that on my ceiling] *fondle the egg* *spank it, it’s been bad* *really goin’ at it* [Voila it’s dead] *box clangs* *beats it like it stole your lunch money* *pop there’s your money* [Oh, he still not done] *he needs some milk* *he needs some milk* *sizzling* [Look at it, I killed it] *gotta get dat weight* [You heard it here, 3 lbs.] [That’s all folks!]


  1. And that kids, is how you make an omlet (just kidding thats not really how you do it)

  2. So many people are retards in the comment section.

    To all the people saying it's a waste of resources, it's one egg. It's basically the bird version of a womans period that all chickens and other birds have and are easily replaced. I mean, look at the channel HowToBasic, he crushes 100s of eggs and we haven't come CLOSE to running out.

    Also to those saying he killed a baby, the egg is unfertalized. You are crying over a birds period. That's like crying over a random ladies period blood. Learn how eggs work before you bring stupidity on the internet people.

  3. Poor ostrich lol. No but for real would of been cooler to see the full egg dropped into molten metal . And what's up with these animal activists don't you all eat eggs for breakfast every day come on n now it's only an ostrich actually not even it's anunfertilized egg even if it wasn't it's not a chick it's a bit of liquid in a shell not even living yet lol people are weird these days lol

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