Monitor Audio Silver 200 – En lille perle af en gulvhøjttaler

Monitor Audio Silver 200  – En lille perle af en gulvhøjttaler

Hello and welcome. Today we’ll be taking a look at Monitor Audio’s Silver series, specifically the Silver 200. This is the sixth generation Silver series.. .. and Monitor Audio have made a lot of improvements over the years.. .. resulting in the speaker i have next to me. Starting from the top, we have a tweeter that shares a lot of its design with the previous.. .. Silver series tweeter. It does however have a brand new grill, which is important.. .. as it improves the dispersion of the sound from the tweeter.. .. making the speaker sound more articulate.. .. with better defined highs and overall precision. The mid-woofers are the C-CAM drivers that Monitor Audio are known for. In the Silver series the diaphragms are made from aluminum with a ceramic coating.. .. in an advanced sandwich construction. It reduces refractions that would otherwise be an issues.. .. when using non-damped aluminum diaphragms. Through years of experience making these drivers Monitor Audio has perfected.. .. the use of ceramic coating to reduced refractions. The cabinets used in the new Silver series are a bit different from previous generations. Among other things there’s a brand new white finish, that’s no longer high-gloss.. .. but a matte satin white, which is very popular at the moment. The drivers are both five inches in diameter. There’s a five inche mid-woofer in the middle.. .. and a five inch woofer at the bottom and, lastly, a one inch tweeter at the top. That makes this a two and a half way speaker design.. .. which means that we’re getting both lows and mids from here and only lows down here. We just took out the saw and opened up one of our Silver 200s.. .. and inside our cut-out sample we see that.. ..Monitor Audio has done a lot to create a very thick and rigid cabinet. The cabinet is further braced by the.. .. through-bolts fastening the drivers to the enclosure. The bolts are fastened form the outside on the back of the speaker.. .. instead of the front, which is seen on most other speakers today. This also puts less stress on the front baffle.. .. resulting in a much more refined sound.. .. because the front and back parts are braced. As you can see, the drivers are very high quality. We have these big, powerful neodymium magnets for the mid and woofer.. .. providing great control in both the mids and lows. One thing we rarely see in a speaker at this price point, is a divided enclosure. There’s a separate enclosure for the mid-woofer and tweeter.. This is almost a Silver 50 speaker right here.. .. and the same thing goes for the woofer, which also has its own enclosure. This makes it easier to tune this part of the speaker.. .. to the other part making for a very homogeneous rendition. It’s easier to tune the speaker to integrate the mids with the lows.. . .so you won’t have the experience of a woofer that doesn’t cross over as it should. The Silver series can be experienced our store, Tape Connection and prices range.. .. from around 6000 DKK for the Silver 50 up to around 16400 DKK for the Silver 500 pair. The Silver 200 are around 11000 DKK for the pair and represent an excellent value.. .. if you’re looking for a compact, floorstanding speaker that fits perfectly.. .. in most living rooms. See you!

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