Monkey Robs Jewelry Store

Monkey Robs Jewelry Store

In a very strange incident, a jewellery shop
in India was robbed of $150 by a cheeky monkey. The footage of the naughty primate was uploaded
online and soon went viral. An employee can be seen in the shop offering a piece of fruit
to the monkey which is casually sat outside the shop door. Soon after, the monkey pushed open the door
and ran straight for the cash counter. After sitting for a while on a chair near
the cash register, the monkey pulled out a bundle of notes, jumped over the counter and
lept out of the door. The employee followed the monkey out of the
shop and tried to persuade it to drop the money with a banana, but failed. The monkey was sitting outside the shop and
suddenly it came in and sat near the cash counter. It looked here and there for a while
and then suddenly took out money from the drawer and ran away. We offered him food but
he did not take any. Following the incident, shop employees revealed
that the monkey had previously tried to enter the shop and is regularly seen monkeying around

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