Most EMOTIONAL Golden Buzzer Auditions EVER? | Top Talent

Most EMOTIONAL Golden Buzzer Auditions EVER? | Top Talent

Hi, what’s your name? And where are you from? My name is Mark and I’m from North London. Brilliant How old do you I’m 46 who have you brought with you today my wife she is somewhere in the audience Brilliant there. She is. My daughter is here, but she only 2 years old. So she’s Watching Peppa Pig saw somewhere or something. Probably are you a magician? I am indeed And is that how you make a living? I’ve done a lot of jobs not as very living. There’s the good and the bad Well the best of luck. Thank you very much indeed. Thank you. Can I join you? Okay I’ve always wondered what would it be like to experience real magic? Well two years ago I did and it changed me and my life forever Amanda yeah, I’m gonna ask you to give this Rubik’s Cube a mix for me Can you keep on mixing until I come back to you? Yeah, thank you David Inside this box are 25 different colored crayons. I’m gonna give these a mix and David you’re gonna choose one But without looking just grab one at random. Hold it in your hand David, but don’t look at it. Keep it hidden Alysha these cards belong to my daughter. It’s important to see that all the cards are different Yeah, I’m gonna ask you to just touch the back of any one. It doesn’t matter Which but what is very very important is that I don’t do any sleight of hand So I’ll spread the cars like this point to any one that you like Wow right down here you Had at your hand for me. I’m gonna place that card on the palm of your hand. Genuinely the car do you touch it? Okay lovely Amanda yes, you have mixed like you. Yeah, it’s very completely unique pattern yeah fair to say We’ll get back to that In a moment Simon cool I’m going to ask you to hold this pen in your right hand right here Perfect, you know your wrists down get comfortable Lovely this book belongs to my wife. There are over 600 pages around about 200,000 words in the book Alicia. Can I ask you to close your eyes for a moment and Just say the words stop stop Simon I’m gonna hold the book above your pen Amanda. Can you say the words stop as I do this? Stop Simon Can you bring the pen up to the page without looking and draw a small circle the size of the five pence piece? You don’t have to be precise. I’m gonna place the book down in front of you here Simon. I’ll take the pen Can you do me a favor lift up the book? Don’t show me But have a look at where you’ve drawn that circle Can you confirm that there is a word or words that you can see within that circle? Yeah. Yeah, there is wonderful It’s a good start David. Can you tell us? What color crayon do you have? Red the red crayon Alicia for the first time. What card did you choose? puppet penguin the puppet penguin Amanda very carefully Can you just lift off the box so we can see the pattern that you’ve created on the very top of that Rubik’s Cube? Now if I told you that I knew this exact outcome yesterday a week ago or a month ago you’d say well that was have to magic people would I would But it’s not real magic It’s interesting intriguing May be clever some might even say amazing, but it’s not real magic See for me real magic changed two years ago This to me is real magic Wow and Simon That leaves just you For the very first time Simon What is the word that you circled at hat page? 80? Yeah Simon. This is for you Isabella you Beautiful little girl if daddy was going to do Britain’s Got Talent in two years from now What random word do you think Simon would think of? Simon Absolutely gobsmacked Happy first of all, thank God your little girls. Okay? That’s the most important. She’s okay now. Yeah, absolutely good when I’m thrilled to hear that Don’t know what you’ve gone through mark through your career trying to get the break you’ve been looking for I have a feeling this Is gonna change the life it was unbelievable. Thank you very much. I really appreciate I’ve been doing this show about seven years, and I generally never ever thought a magic act remove That’s just crazy. I don’t care how you did it It was magnificent because it’s magic you have just taken magic to a whole new level Greta really. It was a really beautifully put together before my face to say I loved your presentation So calm so in control all the time. I liked that you didn’t bother with lots of silly jokes on the side obviously is incredibly moving Singh the story with your family as well and It’s a lovely way of including them in the act. Thank you. It’s it’s astonishing get your tears. Yeah Utterly extraordinary, you know, we’re all parents and that is the greatest magic in the world. She’s my magic absolutely You don’t have to go Right I’ve been drinking I’ve been drinking I can feather when I make a getting told me I’m insane. I was thinking What can I get my fingers? Aw, baby? I want you I can’t leave my fingers out of baby. I won’t you Eyes Feel like an animal with these colors all their migraines and light flashing lights You coming fellas better forever I want you Don’t give your eyes of my buddy today I want you I want you We woke up in the kitchen scene this should happen. No, baby Drunk Remember but is bribing off With me home Kakuka Naevia Cheska Cebu skis bazhenova Jamal’s investor sentiment on the Volga the landlord blue yonder ooh yes, they could don’t ever appear enemy who they made me promise a Scenario a Observe the Sun just Kept up the high country on two minutes Absolutely blissful and behold annihilation will achieve a Momento lemonade on the cottage in over an ideological an idea to make obsession, please Tell me la mania dawn 20 VV shows a don’t you huh? Come to see less of house Phones and to escape a socialist NCR preserve our view in know Salman emotion And no need to shimmy over K technique month at FEMA and waves at a no TiVo Bravo. I would travel Another galaxy That is beautiful Elijah news et. Votre bière the man who knew parle en. Mm Oh dong goo new transmitters chief in a choreography Set and telev Oh Jimmy do modern per typical fantasy was a pretty pricey on coca-cola passage Cressida She’s a pak’ma’ra prefer. You don’t concuss it to possible famiiy Certain associations emotional support Sookie most secure city Mazda to join us a total more eco chez vous vous fait Mal porno donate is a Muslim additional kokujin travers la première fois They deliver a message to a foxhole a violence physic or Raja Villa deliverable on psychological but poverty Restrictions Ecological balance of my Maternal genes activates her you know that as he left us alone a Site, if you know the crews to leader Pelosi amusements to become vice Virginia national pariah Principessa, happy NEBOSH. She wants her onto the vehicle. Cause de nouveaux with a portico shows ke pianola discover that my Zambian to swing a young positive negative me to Veneto Exclusivity tornadoes comedy. Erica knew was deescalate Otis canals you miserable Dellavedova the Fantasy situation. What is only memory emotional high Pike’s Feeney comedian faith, but rather the movement should a facility after Mongolia see me ask you visit a stroke Antonio di cottan if a poor Cal cashews So de la deformation so Delilah techniques is used Anita it with it’s a Toyota suppose a coup His own name directly moe Oh Sheila Hello Hi, how are you come what’s your name? Mandy Harvey and who’s this? My interpreter, what’s your name? Sarah? Nice to meet you Sarah. Nice Okay, Mandy, sir, I think I’ve worked this out so your death Yes, I lost so my hearing when I was 18 years old Wow and how do you know 29 so it’s 10 years Wow Mandy how did you lose your hearing? If you don’t mind me asking I have a connective tissue disorder So basically I got sick and my nerves deteriorated So you were singing before you lost your hearing yeah, I’ve been singing since I was four so I left music after I lost my hearing and then figured out how to get back into Singing with muscle memory using visual tuners and trusting my pitch so your shoes are off because you’re feeling the vibration Is that how you’re following the music? Yeah, I’m feeling the tempo the the beach through the floor and many. What are you gonna sing? I’m gonna sing a song that I wrote called try. Okay. Can you tell me what it’s about? After I lost my hearing I gave up, but I want to do more with my life than just give up. So Good for you. Okay. Well look this is your moment and good luck. Okay I Don’t feel the way I used to And I’ll take my place again if I watch There is no me to cuz I know I don’t live the way I want to If that whole picture never came into view But getting used to Vandi I don’t think you’re gonna need a translator for this That was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen in her Honestly, I never think I’m gonna be surprised or amazed by people and then you turn up and with Having just the fact that you are you But it was your voice Your tone the song was beautiful Congratulations, you are straight through to the live shows We found each other How you doing up there hi you doing okay? Yeah. Yes my name mmm. My name is Drew I have a Stutter that’s what that’s what that is. And what is your town? I’m a Comedian a comedian, okay And what wouldn’t when did you start doing comedy for about four years ago? I I I did it. I didn’t want to always do comedy, but I had a motor sports injury That’s that’s why I talked like tell like this Almost 14 years here’s ago. I was on a softball team there was a grounder that took us took a bad hop and Hit me my throat which damaged some nerves in my vocal cords ski, excuse me I thought angry about it at first I Started to like write down all my frustrations on like a napkin in the hospital my girlfriend encouraged me to try just talking about those those things on stage and I Started to do comedy as a way of like I guess cope coping with it I know. I wish I was I was feel better after you talk talk talk talk. Talk to me The person I what I was before would probably never hang out with with Who I am today I thought people were lucky if they got to Todd talked to me and not that was a jerk I feel a lot of responsibility To shush-shush of show people that you can turn any anything into it to a to a positive Managed softball causes stutters. Uh, well, I I guess you’re nuts, but supposed to be supposed to go to sleep on a concussion But yeah, and I know I know that now And Are you in a relationship? Do you have a girlfriend or yeah, I Hope so. Hope she’s here. And is she supportive of your stand-up career? No. No, she’s not supportive I mean, I mean, she she’s she’s uh Yeah, sorry try not to get emotional. She she took her she took she took on three key jobs so, uh, so I could I could pursue I could pursue this Wow and Gonna have to marry her She does me yeah I’m anxious to hear your act. I wish you the best of luck. This stage is yours I’m okay with with my with my voice, but I Still struggle with some some things like like like I’ve the hardest this time at a drive-thru You know gets busy cuz you got you got to say then say the order fast and you’re doing it and you’re talking Through an intercom like I don’t know why I I would work there Oh I wanna I wanna get you to wear a bib bib Asda start to use me mm-hmm my voices as the voice of their GPS It’s like it’s like it in one one thousand dollars a thousand feet make make make make a U-turn Jurgis does does the name nation is is either I have a head of view on the arm and on the right Rick we’re at you you you you You you you you you turn yep you sure these are the guys I Believe that you you you get in turn and then anything and to do positive That’s why I’m here But I’ve come along since some people who don’t think they think that like I did a show one time work where where a guys do a double it’s like hey you you you can’t just make fun of Disabilities. Yeah, just cuz you you have have woman Now I was like I was like well Then then then they thank you guys so so so much Well, the crowd is definitely with you drew You know it is such a hard thing to get up on a stage when you’ve got everything going for you and everything’s Clear and to go up there with your situation and to pull this off and to get the crowd with you is almost impossible So I along with the audience applaud you for that really awesome What I love about you is you’ve taken your Situation and like you said, you’ve turned it into a positive I was laughing even more the fact that you were laughing at your own joke How he would you think all right, here’s what I thought I know you’re here to make people laugh, but I can’t tell you. How emotional you make me because comedy Usually comes from a dark place a lot of comedians, you know are depressed. I am personally in my life of use laughter to Try to gain some happiness what you did is you looked for the light at the end of the darkness and that light is your comedy and I’m telling you I haven’t been moved by an act like this up until this moment and because of You and because of this moment I want to do something very special something I haven’t had a chance to do and I’d like to do this It doesn’t know what’s going on Howie Mandel just hit the golden buzzer And you my friend are going straight to the live shows at Radio City How’s it feel I feel good Uhit’s a golden Buzzard you are worth a million dollars. I want to see you at Radio City Music Hall I’m gonna see you at Radio City Music Hall Hello, hi, what’s your name? My name is Callie bevj. Hi Kelly. And where you from? I’m from a really small town in Ohio. It’s called Grand Rapids. And how old are you? I’m 16 years old 16 years old Yeah, Wow and what it what is your dream? My dream is to win America’s Got Talent as a singer Yes, who do you compare yourself to? I don’t compare myself to any. Oh nice. That’s good This Timon always says he looks for somebody who’s original somebody who we can hear something. We’ve never heard before Is that what we’re about to hear? Hopefully, yes. I hope so too. I like the whole look. It’s like a little Audrey Hepburn Thank you. Um, my hair wasn’t really like my choice. Um, I’m a survivor of stage 3 ovarian cancer I kind of came here today to show people that no matter what you’ve gone through to keep chasing your dreams. Oh What a great message Wow you’re an inspiration we can’t wait to hear you Like a small boat on The ocean sending big waves into motion like how a single word can Make a heart open. I Might only have one match I can make an explosion And all those things I didn’t say wrecking Balls sign up brain. I will scream them loud tonight Can you hear my voice this time? This is my fight song Take Back my life son And I don’t care if nobody else please Like a small boat on the ocean sending big waves into motion like how a single word can Make a heart open I might only have one match but I can make an explosion You know You have gone through an obstacle far greater than anybody much older than you could even imagine Going through and then you come to this point and you make choices and you made the choice of singing that song And that’s your fight song. Yeah, and it was so heartfelt and so inspirational. I just want to say thank you. Thank you so much It was amazing your turns look the way that you fell off the note was just on Point couldn’t have gone any better for you. I don’t think You do have a beautiful voice and I can’t believe they only 16 years old. I mean, it’s incredible. Well done. Thank you It’s just I love everything about you so much just you know what I Just had this feeling when you walked I can’t explain it Just your spirit the choice of song your voice I think you’re really special I’ve just got this really incredible feeling about you. I really do I Think everyone in this room felt there and I think that look you were nervous I could hear that But, you know get past this stage. I predict great things are gonna happen for you. There’s something about you So I’m gonna do this So to go back Truly special The crippled ever chosen was representing a Christian pourquoi a brutal novia de Beauvoir exp caicos Papa’s gonna allow an accident for Lemke for society for Toronto concrete announced a successor a To repeal more ads by senator v Le gasp Oh Yeah Oh campitos, yeah yeah, Kiyo sunblossom the cumulus on cohosh the booty that more she extra more complete excuse other than As Casilla booty Duty no part in a yo-yo sutures case repair section a person fell Valois Salvage. Ooh come off that these don’t See Her lately mom, my family is apparently me the last on cetera be sheriff Demi to Mutiny no church elders were sutras it honza force bake a casserole Merci beaucoup Joss do beaucoup. Beaucoup Jones Demerol avocados implement known as a largest on food. Yes


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    People are amazing and I think I’ve had a negative outlook for too long.. people don’t give up! I’m getting there and I love that I have emotions again! Please don’t like this for me, but for someone that actually deserves it! I’m not the best person in the world, but we all try! I’ll keep trying to accept everyone.

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