Most EMOTIONAL Golden Buzzer Auditions EVER? | Top Talent

Most EMOTIONAL Golden Buzzer Auditions EVER? | Top Talent


  1. idk why.. But i feel like i am more proud if the host give me the golden buzzer than simon golden buxxer xD

  2. Needs subtitles. That French dancing one was amazing and would have loved to understand what everyone was saying

  3. All I could do is cry. And I don’t cry.. I’ve known 14 people who’ve committed suicide and I never felt the emotions to go with it..I’ve lost my friends and family and never shed a tear.. and now for some reason all I want to do is cry. It’s not me…or who I thought I was..

    People are amazing and I think I’ve had a negative outlook for too long.. people don’t give up! I’m getting there and I love that I have emotions again! Please don’t like this for me, but for someone that actually deserves it! I’m not the best person in the world, but we all try! I’ll keep trying to accept everyone.

  4. 38:28 ~starts clapping because they played Sign of the times~👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  5. i sad because mandy can't hear Shes own Voice ITS BEAUTIFUL and everytime i hear this song its always remem me Theres many people that NOT PERFECT THAN ME and i should Thanks for god because He only make my left feet Missing not My voice,not my hear sense,and not my humanity THANKS GOD
    Edit:thanks god once again (,,・ω・,,)

  6. For the first act: 1) In the box where a lot of crayons but on the top only the red ones(multiple) 2) He switched the penguin card while giving to the lady judge 3) The Rubik cube while putting in the box was covered with the pattern above 4) The pen wasn't writing at all, the word was already there.

  7. I lost my dad at the age of 3 in a car crash, I lost my mom at the age of 11 from a car that hit her, I lost my grandpa at the age of 22 from cancer, I lost my grandma at the age of 22 and a half from cancer as well and I lost my dog at the age of 23 it got stabbed by a random person. I’ve lost a lot of family but I held on like a champ and I kept on going but I still visit there grave every week
    Losing people can be hard but you can still accomplish a lot in your life

  8. I've seen that magician that talks about his daughter, that video like 900 times already, Still makes me cry… Still watch it over and over again.

  9. Fantastic😯😍I can not find the words to describe this how beautiful I loved this😘

    Thank U for this very amazing and incredible performances😘Thank U all,well done..🎤🎶🏆💯.
    Thank U for uploading this beautiful video👍

    Love💞and good vibes only,🤗Shirley (from Holland)

  10. I absolutely loved the first act. Had me in tears as well . I don't want to take away from the beauty at all, and simply wanted to give an observation.. at the very beginning, the gentleman said his daughter was 2. But at the end he told Simon that the video with "hat," was taken 2 years previously.. I'm just confused on the timing if she's 2 now and that video was taken 2 years ago .. is it just a small critical error .?

  11. I know it is the result of Chemo but I think Calysta should keep the short hair. Looks absolutely stunning on her

  12. 143 people decided to give this video a thumbs down? What on Earth would anyone see in this video to actually thumb it down? I swear I just don't understand our society anymore..

  13. Im not emotional at all wtf…love hate realatipnship with these types of videos damn..god damn tears or joy..

  14. Can i cry,just watch this video 4 min and make you cry
    It's magic and i love magic for the first daddy I really really love you so much

  15. I think 152 people couldn’t see the like button with all the tears in their eyes, that they accidentally pressed the dislike button ..

    2019 anyone?

  16. The last perform who whit His cancer.. That a live superstar make it" I thing if she in adventure film she is a great … It will be nice if she with Daniel Craig ..007 .. Come on guy ..believe it ..👍

  17. can't hold my tears… and my life problems are too small compare to them… that 3rd one literally made me cry.

  18. Mandy should have won. Most regular folks can't sing that well…but a person who is deaf? That alone is worthy of first place. I hope she was still offered a record deal. She is such an inspiration.

  19. The PURE JOY in the faces of the parents honestly hits me harder than the actual performances or the judge’ comments! I’m not crying, you’re crying.

  20. With the first guy I was very confused. I was like "It's magic how is this going to be emotional?" Boy was I wrong.

  21. I watched the first guy 5 times, I cried so much. This has shown me the power of patience, he waited years for that one speechless moment.

  22. My sister got to meet the girl who sang this is my fight song My sister has cancer so she got to watch her perform 😁

  23. Crayon – two compartments; Penguin card – impossible deck; Rubik’s cube – stickers in the box; Book: pen with no ink, circle already made

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