Most Expensive Toilet Paper In The World

Most Expensive Toilet Paper In The World Luxury and Fine Living Hello Ealuxers around the world and welcome back!
Today’s luxury topic is: The most expensive toilet paper in the world! Dubai is already regarded as one of
the most luxurious places on Earth, a place where people love to gold-plate everything,
from cars, to gadgets, to even toilets! If you think having a toilet made out of gold is insane
just wait until you hear this! In order to match your golden throne, Toilet Paper Man,
a company specializing in everyday household items created a one of a kind bathroom roll paper made from
22-carat gold! With a price tag of 1.3 Million dollars it is
the most expensive toilet paper in the world! This is one purchase reserved only for the elite! The company declared that: “As you use the toilet paper
22-carat gold flakes will fall onto the floor and your behind taking you to another level
of sophistication.” Apparently the trend is catching on as more and more
hotels in Dubai order custom made gold-toilets, with golden seats for their bathrooms. This toilet paper made of gold is literally the fastest way
to throw money down the drain! Thank you for watching! Use the annotations on the left to read the full story
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  1. Why call rich people elite.
    Some are born into riches & Arabs sit on oil worth billions.

    It's dumb so called feminists who eat steroids everyday aka the pill who's brain needs to come of these steroids & get a brain. Stupid female human who is mentally ill.

  2. wow dubai got it made can i go there lol. meet me some black dubai's!!!!! and rock they world and party😊😊😊😊

  3. After watching this. I want to punch my computer screen. Bruh…he just flushed roughly $120-$180 down the drain. smfh.

  4. Most people in the U.S. would have to work most all their lives to earn $1.3M…and that's before taxes…so…in Dubai, we can roll up our entire working career to one spool of toilet paper.
    Interesting, but not impressed.

  5. what the fuck!!! Gold toilet paper..what a freaking waste…Rich people sucks ass.. I would steal that toilet paper  as a pirate…I'm poor.. most poor people need money… Shit….I be a janitor for a day… I keep stacking that expensive toilet paper in my personal bag…GOLLY….  REALLY!    Fucking Rich people…  can't even help the poor people like me…

  6. when someone cleans ass with gold toilet paper you can go in canalization and there you will find the paper and you can sell it 😡😂

  7. Just take a normal toilet paper and sprayed it with Golden spray so easy !!!!! Why we should spend so much dollars in it!!!!💸💸💸💸💸

  8. This is just pure evil. What a terribly sad world we live in when $1 million is used to purchase toilet paper. I'm an animal lover therefore I'd donate that money to nonprofits such as the Open Door Animal Sanctuary (ODAS), Animal Liberation Front (ALF), the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), or better yet directly to a local animal shelter. Anyone that purchases this item has a block of ice in their chest as does the person who created it. Sad.

  9. person: is picking their nose
    me, conveniently carrying around 22k gold toilet paper: "Woah man, you digging for gold? here, use some toilet paper."
    gives toilet paper

  10. They should've just made a golden bitet that would wash and dry your you know what insterad of making toilet paper out of gold!  That might damage something in your body!  I don't see how that would work anyway if it's gold metal!  I'd much rather use any kind of bidet that washes and blow dries your you know what!

  11. If I remembered to and if I was allowed to take it through the airports and through customs, I think I'd take my own toilet paper since I have no idea what gold toilet paper might do to my body.  I think I'd take that golden toilet paper at least in my room's bathroom anyway, and I'd try my best to roll it up and down every hall at least on the floor I was staying in!  LOL!

  12. I mean, nothing is too special since your crap is going to be on it and it will be in the toilet…

  13. What is the point of this? Seriously, think about it. You buy it and either display it somewhere where it is either never seen or can be easily stolen, or you wipe your butt with it and flush GOLD down the toilet. Come on. Expense just for the sake of expense is such a waste.

  14. And to think of all of the starving people who could be fed, or given medicine to with all of that money. The selfishness of some people never ceases to amaze me. The love of money is the root of all evil. We come into this world with nothing. And, we leave this world with nothing. So, let them live it up while they are still here. But, they can't take their riches and gold toilet paper with them afterwards. We all end up 6 feet under; or in an urn, eventually.

  15. This just seems like it wouldn’t work. Is it toilet paper with gold or just gold. If it’s just gold your gonna have more then just gold on your hands…..

  16. Purest proof that this world goes to damn hell!!! Millions dying without food and water in this world and some asshole will clean hiss ass with gold!

  17. What a thing to flush down the toilet… I need to pay off a $35.00 debt and I’m going to sell a gold chain to get the money, I don’t have gold to flush down the toilet. Besides, I think it would be a bit uncomfortable wiping my hiney with gold. 😁

  18. This is for the elite group of stupid cunts who have so much money that they have to have something that others don't. But hey why not ? People starving all over the world are less important that fusing my shit with 22ct gold toilet paper.

  19. No Alux it is first time you are wrong Google doesn't agrees with you search in Google and see the real answer best toilet paper in the world #besttoiletpaperintheworld .
    Please everyone do it I'm sure you will die laughing

  20. I would take that hotel or home and then when they catch me I will take everything that is gold and then……….RUNNNNN🤣🤣

  21. That is the dumbest thing I ever heard of smh all that money wasted that could have been used to help end world hunger or help give the homeless houses

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