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How you doing up there hi you doing okay? Yeah. Yes my name mmm. My name is drew. I have a Stutter that’s what that’s what that is. And what is your town? I’m the comedian a comedian Okay, and what wouldn’t when did you start doing comedy for about four years ago? I I I did it. I didn’t want to always do comedy, but I had a motor sports injury That’s why I talk like I like this Almost four years here’s ago. I was on a softball team there was a grounder that took us took a bad hop and hit me my throat which Damaged some nervous in my vocal cords. Can you excuse me? I felt angry about it at first I Started to like write down all my frustrations on like a napkin in the hospital my girlfriend encouraged me to try just talking about does those things onstage and I Started to do comedy as a way of like, I guess cope coping with it and I was I would feel better after you Don’t talk to me The person I want I was before would probably never hang out with with who I am today I Thought people were lucky if they got to Todd talked to me And not that was a jerk I feel a lot of responsibility To shush shush shush show people that you can turn any anything into it to a tumour positive Managed softball causes stuttered. Uh, well, I I guess you’re not Supposed to be supposed to go to sleep on a concussion. But yeah, and I know I know that now And Are you in a relationship? You have a girlfriend or yeah, I Hope so. Hope she’s here. And is she supportive of your stand-up career? No. No. She’s not supportive now I mean, I mean, she she’s she’s uh Sorry, try not to get emotional. She she took good she took she took on three jobs so, uh, so I could I could pursue I could pursue this Wow and Wow You’re gonna have to marry her That’s what she tells me yeah I’m anxious to hear your act. I wish you the best of luck the stage is yours Okay wood wood with my with my voice But I still struggle with some some things like leg like I’ve the hardest this time at a drive-thru You know gets busy cuz you got you gotta say the sale order fast and you’re doing it and you’re talking Through an intercom like I don’t know why I I would work there I wanna get you to wear big bows. Does it start to use me? Mm-hmm. My voice is as the voice of their GPS It’s like it’s like it in one one thousand thousand thousand feet make make make make a U-turn Jurgis does does the name nation is is either I have ahead of you on the are on her on on the right equipment when we Review you don’t you you you turn. Yes, you sure. These are the guys I Believe that you get interning and anything and to do positive that’s why I’m here, but I’ve come along some People who don’t think they think that like I did a show one time work where where a guys do a double it’s like hey, you you you can’t just make fun of disabilities Just cuz you you have have woman That’s how they I was like well Then they thank you guys so so so While the crowd is definitely with you drew You know It is such a hard thing to get up on a stage when you’ve got everything going for you and everything’s clear and to go Up there with your situation and to pull this off and to get the crowd with you is almost impossible So I along with the audience applaud you for that really awesome What I love about you is you’ve taken your Situation and like you said, you’ve turned it into a positive I was laughing even more the fact that you were laughing at your own joke How he would you think all right, here’s what I thought I know you’re here to make people laugh, but I can’t tell you. How emotional you make me because comedy Usually comes from a dark place a lot of comedians, you know are depressed I am personally in my life have used laughter to Try to gain some happiness what you did is you looked for the light at the end of the darkness and that light is your comedy and I’m telling you I haven’t been moved by an act like this up until this moment and because of You and because of this moment I want to do something very special something I haven’t had a chance to do and I’d like to do this For everyone The doesn’t know is going on They’ll just hit the golden buzzer and you my friend are going straight to the live shows at Radio City Good good Oh Uhit’s a golden buzzer you are worth a million dollars. I want to see you at Radio City Music Hall I’m gonna see you at Radio City Music Hall It was so nice I can’t wait for him to be the live shows. I truly believe he’s got a real shot at the million dollars. Oh That was really nice Sharp young woman Oh I’ll give you a standing ovation Karenallen only Pilipinas Got Talent and the good dish in querido between Twiggy cooked on a Makita Bandera no Pilipinas and a good move Parko Salama with Nikita mullet semana Filipino no makeup on Sun and the moon Wendy Latin No idea was to see our Ahahahaha a better story begins. Oh honey. I hate you used to say To me Jerusalem say oh you you upper by Robert De Niro pone opponent race Milazzo pay 100 attempts a panic at Lake hola Camila picked and Illyrio Lahars, uma syonan. Ah, ha ha ha ha ha ha Supporter in a bountiful. Well a family that our conditional love letter say you’re not have attack on an unconditional Julius aralia The progress wounded over at maraming maraming salamat a twin de gallo Femina oportunidad nama. Panada McKinnon life three parables Oakland You movement monopod respond. Apophis Wahb a single important element katha one more and we media send a delegate on the spoonski say Hindi not overpower. You step small play Julius Julius 10 hindi renuka overpowered in sobre el among professional dancers talaga Hyuna finicky rappin telega Thank You Nikita The movement was information of semi-finals It’s amazing what we mean, it’s can new love comes Make everything Oh So I got three little company alone You Hey good today Who said he did tomorrow Hello Hi, how are you come what’s your name? Mandy Harvey and who’s this? My interpreter, what’s your name Sarah? Thank you Sarah. Nice mole Okay, Mandisa, I think I’ve worked this out so your death Yes, I I lost so my hearing when I was 18 years old Wow and how do you know twenty nine so it’s ten years Wow, uh Mandy how did you lose your hearing? If you don’t mind me asking I have a connective tissue disorder So basically I got sick and my nerves deteriorated So you were singing before you lost your hearing yeah, I’ve been singing since I was four so I left music after I lost my hearing and then figured out how to get back into Singing with muscle memory using visual tuners and trusting my pitch so your shoes are off because you’re feeling the vibration Is that how you’re following the music? Yeah, I’m feeling the tempo the the beat through the floor and Mandy. What are you gonna sing? I’m gonna sing a song that I wrote called try. Okay. Can you tell me what it’s about? After I lost my hearing I gave up, but I want to do more with my life than just give up. So Good for you. Okay. Well look this is your moment and good luck. Okay I Don’t feel the way I used to And I’ll take my place again if I would There is no for me to cuz I know I don’t live the way I want to That whole picture never came into view But I’m tired of getting used to Mandy I don’t think you’re gonna need a translator for this President that was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen in hurt Honestly, I never think I’m gonna be surprised or amazed by people and then you turn up and with I’ve just the fact that you are you But it was your voice your tone The song was beautiful Congratulations, you are straight through to the live shows We found each other

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