Motu Patlu New Episode | Cartoons | Kids TV Shows | Aliens Bracelet | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu New Episode | Cartoons | Kids TV Shows | Aliens Bracelet | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Quickly save us on the Highway road. Some people are trying to rob my Master. Thieves! Stop stealing and run away. Or else you will find this robbery expensive. Oh? I’ll show you now. Run. If you love your life then give me everything that is valuable. Or else… G-G-G-Ghost! There is a ghost in the car. Run! R-R-R-Run! (in unison) Run! Ghost. Ghost! Come on Motu. Let’s go near the car and see. Let’s go. O-Owner, are you okay? But why did that thief scream like this and run? I’m absolutely alright. Thanks to both of you. I will tell the rest of it in my T.V. interview tomorrow. On T.V.? Amazing. We will definitely watch it. Bye Sir. Wow Boss Wow. Such great acting. This time even Motu Patlu will not doubt us. John will become a Don. John will become a Don. Owner Dhaneram Sir. We all want to know how did you escape the thieves? The rumors are that the thieves were thinking that you are a ghost. I’m not a ghost. This is all the wonders of this bracelet. An alien sold it to me for 5 crore rupees. What? After pressing this button I can become invisible anywhere. Look. Mr. Reporter. I can’t believe it. Even the aliens have started coming on Earth and doing business. Even I could not believe it. But look for yourself. The proof is in front of you. But Owner. A lot of rich people like you want to know that if even they want the bracelet, how can they buy it? Can you give the alien’s address? Sorry Sir. I do not know the address. But yes, he definitely told me this that if anyone wants this bracelet then they should write their names and address on a piece of paper and leave it on the crossroad of Furfuri Nagar. They will contact themselves. This is called to be out of one’s wits. No. 1. Go and collect all the chits. Look at the amazing idea of my evil mind. If you look for one fool in the world you will find a 1000 fools. Come on. It is time to to be aliens and start robbing people. Where is my suit? Bring my suit. Wow Boss. No. 1. Call them. Call the rich people and call them here. Okay Boss. Hello, Mr. Amirchand. Tasty food. Idli. Dosa. Sambhar. Chutney. Hello. Good morning. Chingum Sir. My husband, Amrirchand has disappeared. Even my husband has not returned since yesterday. Even my husband Dheeraj has not returned since yesterday. Even he went to buy the alien bracelet. Why fear when Chingum is here? But I’m not a magician. Give me some time. I will try to find them. Sisters. This Inspector will try to find our husbands? If you don’t find them then this will be your state. Show him a sample. Run. (in unison) Catch him. Don’t let him run. Chingum Sir, what happened? Motu Patlu. Kepp on running. I will tell you while running. Chingum Sir run faster. Run faster! These roller pin missiles will ruin our faces. First let’s get out of here and then talk. Come on. Run faster. Big brother, that spaceship must be parked somewhere in this city. If we find that, we can find the aliens. This is not some alien. This looks like some fraud to me. Dr. Jhatka, look there. Spaceship. If we go closer, they may know. Park the car somewhere here. This is a real alien. What is this voice? Oh. Whoever is hiding behind the tree, come out. I have seen you. This is really an alien. How did it come to know that we are hiding here? Everyone sit in the car quickly. Run. Goons with aliens? Friends, the puzzle of the alien is solved. Look in the mirror. So what should we do now? I cannot think on an empty stomach. Patlu, you only think of something. Idea. Listen. Motu Patlu. Do you know? The 5 richest men of Furfuri Nagar who had settled in America have heard of the bracelet and come back. One of their men has given me the address. I have kept the chit on the crossroad. Now let’s see what happens. Don’t talk to us about aliens. Don’t talk. We barely escaped with our lives. Whoever wants to buy the bracelet will buy it. We don’t have so much money. There. The arrow has hit its mark. The 5 rich people who live in America also want the alien bracelet? Boss Boss. The tea shop owner had kept the address on the crossroad. And I picked it up and also called them. They must be coming. This time Scientist Virus has given a good gadget. Disappear when you want. Appear when you want. And people are thinking that this is alien’s bracelet and are being fooled. Alien Sir, we want the bracelet. Please. Okay. Go inside that spaceship and give your measurements. Who are you all? They have taken our money and kept us captured. They say that unless all the rich people of Furfuri Nagar don’t come, they will neither give us the bracelet nor leave us. There is no need to worry. We have come to free you. How will we go? Can’t you see their gate? This gate won’t open unless he wants it to. You don’t have to worry about that. Look. Where there is a will, there is a way. Motu, take this. Eat samosas and break the door. Why do I find this punch familiar? Something is fishy. What if he is that man! Understood. Understood. These familiar kicks punches belong to Motu. Remove your get-up. You are Motu, aren’t you? Forgive me! What should I do? Hey John. You are under arrest. It is impossible to escape the claws of Chingum. I mean impossible. Here is your alien with bracelet. John the Don. Hit him man. Hit him. We heard that… someone is selling fake bracelets here and ruining our names. Who is he? (in unison) It’s him. Come with us. We want to research on you. No. Let me go. Chingum Sir help me. The handcuffs… are better than the bracelet! (in unison) Bye bye John. Stop staring and subscribe.


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