Mr. Das | Web Series | Episode 3 – The Silver Lining | Cheers!

Mr. Das | Web Series | Episode 3 – The Silver Lining | Cheers!

The day you’ll get your Wikipedia page… Dude I don’t want any Wikipedia page! My life is shit! Full day my boss keeps annoying me in office, I had 1 girl who has already moved on, weekends frustrate me now dude! Sir you have rejected the request!? Obviously! Dude it’s just friend’s wedding, just apologise and it should be fine! But sir that… Das! You have a campaign launch next month… please, focus on that! Budhaditya Das? Budhaditya Das? Sushmita Choudhary?
Yeah! Yeah, come sit! Should we? Hi! Hi! I hope you don’t mind that I sat behind!? No, no! It’s fine! Wherever you’re comfortable… By the way… It’s not so sunny right now. Yeah, it isn’t… Oh you mean… You see, I got a summer cut recently… So, I don’t have much hair now… So to cover it up I wear a cap whenever I step out. Sorry, I know it might seem a little weird… No, that’s fine! You’re driving a bullock cart or what a$$hole?! You take care of your cycle a$$hole! Sorry Sushmita… I understand. Driving car in so much traffic is very irritating! And specially with these guys on bike, they just turn from anywhere. As if their father owns the road! And by chance, if a car and bike get into an accident, it’s car guy’s fault always! Don’t get me started over these bike guys! You know what, my genuine problem with the bike guys is… I got it, please you concentrate on the roads. Please! Relax! I’m a very safe driver! I’m sure! Sushmita, where do you work? Where do you work Sushmita? Have you slept?! I was asking, where do you work… Sorry, Oh god! I scared you… I’m so sorry, I was a little lost and, you turned suddenly… I mean, not because of your face… it was just a little unexpected! And then suddenly… Yeah, that’s what… my face isn’t that scary also… Maybe ‘coz I turned suddenly… My bad! You know what used to happen in college, all my friends would get scared the same way… They would come to open the door and I would stand inside to scare them! Sorry, I just remembered the college days… It’s ok! Weren’t you asking something? No, nothing! Yeah, I was asking that where do you want me to drop you? Is ‘Stone Oven’ restaurant on your way? Stone oven? The manager their is a friend.Try the starters there… Yeah take a left from there and stop, I’ll walk it down from there! Here! That’s your drop-off point! We have reached! You don’t realise the time with a good company Ok, I have to rush… But it was fun sharing the ride with you, bye! Did you step out of the car? No! Nice… Why? Otherwise the truth about your height would have come out! Dude… I’ve the height of an average Indian male! Yeah, fine! Anyway, was she taller than you? She was a little taller… But not so much that it can’t be managed! Bro, height is an important factor for girls… Rejection rate of guys shorter than girls is higher! It isn’t so less also dude! It might just be a matter of an inch or 2… Dude what did she say that you’ve gone so crazy about her? While leaving she said, “It was fun sharing ride with you!” And? And what?! That’s all what she said! Bro, it’s guys like you, it’s perverts like you who consider ride sharing apps as dating apps! F*ck you! You know what, guys like us strain ourselves, in sending requests to girls. And you, wait for the girls to send request so you can accept it. That’s not the way bro1 It’s nothing like that! Let it be you pervert! Ever since you’ve come, you’re behaving like you’re back from a date! There was something dude… There was a connection… Else I wouldn’t melt into these thoughts! Hey snowball! Don’t melt so easily… And did you forget that you just broke up with Richa?! It’s just a rebound, nothing else! You can’t see me happy Dude… Bro, I’m concerned about you… I genuinely care for you! Oh is it?! So when it comes to paying for the beer, where does your genuine care & concern disappears?! Again you started with such trivial things… Bro, the day you’ll get your Wikipedia page… Then you… Bro please, please don’t talk of that Wikipedia page… I swear! Next time if you mention the Wikipedia page, I’ll throw you out of the house! You… You’re very innocent bro! The day my picture will appear on TIME magazine cover, Bhatt bro, stop it now… You directly reached TIME magazine now… You focus on next month’s rent first… ‘Coz this time if you don’t pay the rent, I’ll genuinely go the cops and lodge a complaint against you! And then we’ll see if your picture appear on the magazine cover or their wanted section Dude, what was her name you said? Sushmita dude! Sushmita… Such a sweet name! It reminded me of Sushmita Sen! “Reminded”, as if she was your ex-girlfriend! Understand the feelings bro… What’s her surname? Choudhary! With an ‘A’ or ‘O’? I didn’t notice that much… But I can check it in the ride history Do that! Phone? Check and tell me! C H O U D H A R Y Bro, she’s the one with an ‘O’! Woah! She too is Bengali! That’s so good dude! Dude you’ve started thinking about wedding or what?! Such a character you are! Anyway listen, when are you making me meet “bhabhi”? We haven’t even started dating and you want to meet her! Bro, but if it happens, what an amazing love story it would be?! While pooling cars, two lovers gave away their hearts… Dude this is your condition after 1 ride… What? I don’t know dude… There was something… What is it bro? How much did you talk to her? We didn’t talk a lot as such… Why? Actually she was sitting behind, listening to music with earphones on… Bro, you’ve lost it! She was listening to music!? I haven’t lost it dude… We did speak about some random things on the way… That’s why in the end she said, “had fun”! By the way, why does she stay so far away from the office? Don’t know dude! She might have got a good house at good rates. What’s it? Tell me! She doesn’t even mind travelling so much, why? Why? Because…
Because? She…
She? is with her…
with her? lives with her boyfriend! Don’t hit me! Bhatt my buddy, I’ll talk to you in the evening. Or I’ll call you! Why? Yes I’m listening… What? No, nothing doing, no! Listen, should I remind you of what happened last time? Please, giving surprises is not everyone’s cup of tea! No, it’s fine! I’ll do it! I’ll do it! Yes, I’ll do it! Ok, let’s meet in the evening! Love you too, bye! Why are people so irresponsible?! I mean, they should’ve some sense! Hi, sorry! I was on a call! Yeah, no problem… That’s fine! Whenever I’ve an argument in the morning, my full day is wasted! That’s true! What happened? Aren’t you well? No, nothing like that! I also had an argument in the morning, so… Just little mood off I tell you dude, these younger brothers are so irresponsible! Younger brothers? Didn’t get that… So, it’s my dad’s birthday and we decided that we’ll share the responsibilities, and now at the last moment he’s saying that he can’t do it! So, I’ve to do everything now! Brother?! Oh, so you were talking to your brother right now? I’m asking because I also have a younger brother, and he is as irritating as your brother… I mean, I don’t know that much but, I know that younger brothers are like that only! It’s their job to irritate the elders! Ever since childhood, I’ve been punished so many times because of my brother… Just ‘coz they are born later, they get the right to annoy the elders! My brother is really an a$$hole! I mean, not like that…. It’s ok! Whatever said, he’s my brother after all! I just said it in the flow, sorry! It’s ok! So, every year you celebrate dad’s birthday? I mean uncle’s birthday? Yeah! If birthday comes every year, you’ll obviously celebrate every year. What am I even asking! When is your birthday? April! You’re Aries? I’m a Scorpion! Shahrukh Khan is also a Scorpion! And Aishwarya Rai too! Actually my birthday is same as Indira Gandhi’s! Indira Gandhi’s, Rani Laxmi Bai’s Meg Ryan’s… Actually I find Meg Ryan very cute! And Sushmita Sen’s birthday is also same! The Miss Universe Sushmita Sen, Bengali…
Yeah, yeah! Oh, your name is also Sushmita! She’s your namesake! I really like these people… Sushmita Sen, Indira Gandhi! Actually I really like such strong, independent women! I actually… numerology, tarot card, astrology… Zodiac signs, etc., I believe a lot in it! They must mean something, which is why people read so much about it. Isn’t it? Yeah! Oh that reminds me, what do you usually read? Like in spare time, do you read? Uhh Fiction! Yeah! What kind of fiction do you read? Just random stuff… Do you read vernacular, like Bengali Hindi or you read English? Not really! Mostly English! I also recently started reading English fiction! Yeah… I really like Chetan Bhagat, his books remind me of my college life! In fact I used to like Bengali fiction a lot. Sarat Chandra, Devdas, etc. There’s Shahrukh Khan in Devdas… Hey my office! What? Oh! Oh sorry, sorry! It’s ok! I’ll stop here! I’m sorry! Ok, sorry! Will you leave by 6 pm today? Yeah, I don’t have much work today so I’ll definitely get done by 6. So, I’ll send the ride request? Yeah, send it! Bye… and thank you! What you thank me after every ride… For making my mood better! Bye! You’re welcome! Budha…
Yeah? You’re not bitching about Shukla… Is everything fine? Saurav dude… You’re talking of such trivial things today… Wow! You seem to be in a good mood today! Did you find a new job? Saurav dude, when a person’s morning is good… Then his full day goes good! Oh wow! My friend has turned into a poet… Oh… Now I understood! What?
You got back with Richa, right? Move your hand. My mood goes for a toss with the mention of her name! Dude tell me something, if a girl says, that thank you for making my mood better, so does it have any hidden meaning? Hey, hey bro… Who said it?
Control your hands! No one said it, but you tell me… does this has any hidden meaning? What did she say? “Thank you for making my mood better”! Wow! Was she smiling? Yeah! She was? How? Like this? Or? Like this? I don’t know dude! I don’t remember so much! Normal smile? It was normal… but such a sweet smile dude! Feels like I’ve fallen in love dude! Wow bro… wow! Tell me!
What? Does it have any hidden meaning?
What? Ohh… of what she said… Yeah!
What did she say? Thank you for making my mood better! Thank you for making my mood better? While smiling? Normal smile? Thank you for making my mood better?! While looking into your eyes? Yeah, kind of! It doesn’t have any meaning! Again a half day today? I had some important work at home… Budha, half day? Hello sir… Yeah, are you in the parking? Yes sir… Where are you? Actually I… was going up after smoke so I saw you going down… Yes sir! You’re going home? Yes sir I had some work at home, so I thought, if I leave on time I’ll be able to finish it! Oh ok! Can you come up? I need to speak to you! Ok sir, I’ll come! Yeah, I’ll be there in 2 minutes! I’ve been waiting for your report for 4 days, I want to see what you’ve done, but you just keep moving from here to there… You don’t have the basic programming knowledge of the language! And here you are… Go and learn first! Hi sir! Mr. Das… You were again taking a half day today? No sir, I had some work at home, I told you… Did you email those data points of the management presentation? Show me the campaign plan! Sir you had asked that at the end of the week, so… I’ll be able do it by end of the week, only after you finish your work and send it to me! Isn’t it?! Sir I’ll do it tomorrow! Tomorrow first thing I’ll come and do it! I need to collate certain things, so it would take a bit of time sir! Sit for 10 minutes and collate the points! Then leave! As if you’re gonna miss your train! Sir it won’t finish in 10 minutes, it would take time! Mr. Das I want that work done before you leave for the day! Got it? Did you get it?
Yes sir! Good! Very Good! Now sit down, and finish this work! And yes… Thank you in advance! Good morning Budhaditya! You came a little early today?! You do your own work bastard! Hey you cancelled my ride request!? I didn’t do it on purpose! I was coming to pick you up, and my boss gave me some work! He’s really an a$$hole! It’s fine dude! It’s your car and your choice. Even if you’ve to go on a date, it’s your choice! No, I’m sorry that you had to wait ‘coz of me! No, what wait?! I left to buy gift for my dad with my friend And he has an amazing choice, amazing taste. My dad loved the gift! So in a way it was good that you cancelled! Yeah, that’s right… You saw… That’s the result of not clicking a button! But at least you press the bell icon, and stay updated with Cheers notifications! And please subscribe to our channel, like it, share it! And in comments, do share your experiences with us! Your boss also might have tossed your plan sometime… Isn’t it? So please… See you in next episode, bye!


  1. What if there's a boss to puncture the tyre each time you expect a swift ride in life?! 😈
    Do you think Mr. Das and Sushmita will manage to reach their destiny? 🀭

  2. Sadly itz worst to have a person like Mr Das in an office …..

    They are not resourceful at all because they live in a fantasy world.

    Itz really pathetic…

    Mr. Das = Mr. Loser

    These are the type of men who doesn't understand the concept of personal space in all relationships, moreover they are the desperate, jealous, envious, pathetic losers who can't focus on themselves and fails to improve themselves .

    They constantly poke their nose on others business and always be an incel .

    These kind of people need a psychiatrist who can help them to gain some self respect and self worth.

  3. Na bhai apna kabhi vacation ya leave kharab nhi hui kyoki apna lead bht sahi h. 2 week ki bhi leave approve kr deta h

  4. aur mr. das aapka Data bilkul correct hai, bilkul aisa hi hota tha mere sath bhi, shala mera khadoos boss har baar leAve ke nam par aisa hi Goli deta tha,

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  7. I can definitely relate with your stories.. whichever day I ask permission to leave a bit early from office, boss okays it, just to drop in a few minutes later and say, "bhai yeh data de de na, bohot important hai, client se review hai Shaam k waqt, ho sake toh tu bhi join kar lena".

  8. Sushmita dear poor Das is not an Ola or Uber driver. So pls treat well n sit next to him. Anyways m enjoying episode

  9. Mr Das & Sushmita both are…. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

    Enjoyed lot ! Thanks

    But still all credit goes to the stubborn boss… Story won't complete without villan

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