MUKBANG $1000 Gold Chicken Wings vs $5 Chicken Wings FOOD CHALLENGE!! – BAD BUNNY IN PUBLIC!!

MUKBANG $1000 Gold Chicken Wings vs $5 Chicken Wings FOOD CHALLENGE!! – BAD BUNNY IN PUBLIC!!

Hiya guys! y’all know, I love to sing
and dance and the one thing that makes me really want to sing and dance is food!
Today we’re gonna check out two different types of buffalo wings. One of the
cheaper options we’re gonna check out in the city and then we’re also gonna check
out the most expensive buffalo wings in New York City. They’re covered in gold. Gold.
Anyway I am ready to eat some wings. So Let’s go find an inexpensive option! These are affordable wings. Five dollars
for eight wings? I don’t think it get cheaper than that in the city. Usually it’s at
least a dollar a wing. This is the best cheap option out there.
Let’s get them! These are New Yorks cheapest wings! Let’s try these bad boys out. Not bad! i could eat a million of these! All right I think I’m fully recovered
but now it’s time to find the most expensive wings in New York City and
they’re right here! Let go! Alright so we’re here at the Ainsworth
where they sell a $1000 order of chicken wings we’re gonna talk to the Executive
Chef Justine and find out what this is all about. Let’s go! Alright, so I’m here
with Justine. [Justine] Hello [Q] the Executive Chef of the Ainsworth [Justine] Let’s make these wings? [Q] yeah let’s do it! [Justine] Alright! Let’s go. [Justine] These are the wings. It’s been brined for ten to twelve
hours already. When you come here and you order one this is how we start making it.
This is the gold butter. So heat up. Make sure it’s nice and
melted. This is the seasoning the Chipotle honey. Put it in here. Do a little toss toss. Now we have the Gold dust here. [Q] Now this gold dust is real gold? [Justine] It’s real gold. And it’s edible. My most famous question is: do you poop gold? [Q] yeah and what’s the answer to that? [Justine] no. no. [Q] I was hoping to go on eBay afterwards and [Justine] Sell it? [Q] yeah you know? Secondhand market you know. But I guess not. So this is it! [Justine] That’s it. [Q] Let’s try these bad boys out! Cheers! this tastes really good actually. It’s sweet
like they’ve got a sweetness to them. mhm Cheff Justine you’ve done, you’ve outdone
yourself [Justine] I try everytime. All right no more wings for me for a
little while. But I had a lot of fun so thank you guys for that dope suggestion.
As for the winner, I’m gonna have to give it to the golden wings the $1,000 gold
wings! I mean they were $1,000 but the taste was very good. I would have given
it to the budget oriented $5 wings but they gave me a stomachache. So you know.
Comment down below whether you would spend $1,000 on some 24 karat gold wings!
You have a birthday bash coming up? Feeling like some wings. You’re gonna
drop a thousand dollars? Anyway thank you guys for this suggestion keep the
suggestions coming! Comment down below what you think I should do next! Leave a
like and share this video please and make sure you should follow this page
you know we’re gonna continue to do these fun things. I’m gonna be doing
reviews are gonna be singing and dancing out in public and all that good stuff so
make sure you follow. Till next time Adios Churritos!


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  2. when he was showing off the golden checkin, i hope theres a thief who think its the real thing and tried to steal it and at the end of the road he realize its just a checkin.
    id fuckin die laughing

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