Multi Wrap Beaded Bracelet Video Tutorial

Multi Wrap Beaded Bracelet Video Tutorial

Hello and welcome to another jewelry making
video brought to you by Today I will be showing you how to make one
of these wrap style bracelets. They’re very popular right now and fun to make for yourself.
I’ll explain the simple math that you can use to make how ever many wraps you want. The first thing you will need is some cord.
This is the cord that goes on the edge. It makes up the two edges of your bracelet. This
is the same as in this pink bracelet. It’s 1mm black leather cord, but you can use whatever
works for you. You can use waxed linen twine. You can use thicker leather cord, anything
that you have that you can wrap around; whatever you want really. This is what I have and so
I cut a piece of that to make my bracelet. I’ve decided I’m going to make a quintuple
wrap bracelet. That’s five times. I really love this double wrap bracelet that I made.
I wear it all the time, but I thought it would be fun to make one that looked like multiple
bracelets in some earthy tones, with just a pop of color with this turquoise. So that’s
how I selected my beads. I selected five different ones and these might get thrown in just later
because I love them, but I only have a few. A variety of textures and shapes and colors
makes a good mix. The other thing you will need, the main component is some kind of cord
to do the wrapping. This is a silk cord and I really like silk. I saw some of these bracelets
made in a craft store and it appeared to me that the wraps were done with some kind of
cotton cord and I just think silk is a stronger fiber and the edges are going to get a lot
of wear and abuse so I would stick with silk. Now you’ll often find it in cards like these
and these are great because they’re 2mm cards all measured out for you and they have a little
twisted needle on the end, a little wire which is nice because you don’t have to do any threading
of needles. However they only come in 2mm lengths and the only place I’ve been able
to find them is online so I went ahead and bought this big spool from Amazon and I’ll
put the link on my blog for you and this is size FF and it’s fine enough that it will
go through the holes of all of the beads that I have here, but you can still thread it and
it’s large enough that it still has some presence and strength on the edge of the bracelet.
You’ll also need a needle threader if you’re not using the pre-needle wrapped silk cord.
You’ll need a button for your closure and you can use either a shank button like this
one or you can use one with holes. Either one will work. You’ll need some Super Glue
and I’m going to be using some jump rings to cover my beginnings and endings of cords.
Since I’m making such a long bracelet I’m not going to cut a length of this enough to
do it because it would just be ridiculous to deal with. And by the way in case you were
wondering, one of those 2mm cards of silk cord is just enough to do a two wrap bracelet
so I bought one of the ones in pink and I really like it, but onward. So to figure out how much of your side cord
you’re going to need, that is for the edges of your bracelet, you want to determine first
of all what you need for a bracelet, what length you need. It’s usually around 6.5-7-7.5″.
Once you’ve determined that, you need to double that number. So if you have a 7″ wrist, double
it to 14″ and then multiply that number by however many wraps you’re going to do. So
if you’re going to do two wraps, that would be 28″. Fourteen times two is 28 and then
the final step is to add 12″ to that number. So a double wrap bracelet would be 28=12
is 40 and you would cut 40″. That extra 12 is enough to allow you to make these loops
at the end to close it and a little extra for insurance. So I’ve cut like an 88 piece of this leather
cord and the first step is to put your button on. If it’s a shank button you can simply
slide it on. If it’s a button with holes, you’re going to go up through one hole and
down the other and then you want to center your button on your cord. So now that’s centered.
Obviously I can’t show you the whole length because it’s so long, but this is centered
on the cord. The next step is to thread a needle with your
cord if you haven’t purchased one of the cards with the needle already attached and you’ll
probably need a needle threader for that. This is a needle with kind of a larger eye.
Let’s see if you can see that. It doesn’t have a little itty bitty eye. It’s kind of
a long eye so that helps a lot in threading this needle and I’ve actually cut just enough
of this silk cord to do half of my bracelet because it would just be, so that’s a little
over 3 yds and that would just be crazy to be dealing with 6 yds. So start with your
button centered on your leather cord and lay a little bit of your silk cord over that and
start wrapping and wrap over that end with just a little distance. Maybe 1/4″ and then
the next thing you’ll need to do is add some Super Glue to that so just add a drop or two
of Super Glue to secure it. Let it dry before you do anything else. Let it dry, trim off
this little itty bitty tail and then when that’s all dry, then you can go ahead and
start beading. Now that the Super Glue is dry, I’m going
to go ahead and tape my cord down to my work surface. This makes it a lot easier to deal
with as you’re doing your wrapping so I’m going to tape the leather cord down, not the
wrapping cord, but the side cords. And if you have a long one, you can just tape a distance
at a time and then move it as your work progresses. So just some clear tape is fine. Alright and
now we’re going to take our needle with the, there’s the other end of my silk cord and
we’re going to start beading. So go under one of your cords and through
a bead. Center that bead in between your cords and I have to tell you the first few are always
the trickiest. Once you get going it’s a lot easier. Now we’re going to take our silk cord
under our piece of leather and back through the bead and what I like to do to make sure
I’m not splitting the thread inside the bead, is I’ll pull it up like this so I have the
cord in my non-dominant hand, pinched between my index finger and my thumb and I’m gonna
push the bead. That way I can slide the needle through and the silk cord is pulled away from
the hole on the inside and that way I don’t split the thread because if you split the
thread it’s nearly impossible to adjust your tension nicely. And honestly, that really
is all there is to it. I’m just going to keep doing that. Like I said, it’s trickiest when
you first start to get the tension adjusted neatly and with practice you’ll get better
at it and the first one is fighting with me, but I’m gonna move on and I’ll fix it when
I get a couple more on. Go under your cord, pick up another bead,
go under the bottom cord and back through the bead, pulling the cord away from the hole
so you don’t split it. So now you can see that I’m further along and I just wanted to
zoom in so you could see how the pattern works. Just wrap under the cord, through a bead,
under the cord, back through the bead and repeat. It’s kind of a nice simple meditative
process. I like to put on an audio book or some good music and just enjoy it. So I’m
going to go ahead and wrap seven inches in each color of beads. When I get to the end
of my cord, I will come back and show you how to stop one piece and start another. So now I’ve come just about to the end of
this thread and it’s time to tie this one off and tie on a new one, which I already
cut and it’s pretty simple the way I’m doing this and the nice thing about using the jump
rings to cover it up is you don’t have to be 100% neat about it. So I’m just going to
pinch my two cords and my silk cord about oh 1/4″ beyond the last bead. I’m also going
to add in the end of my new cord and then just go ahead and wrap with your silk cord
edge. Wrap back up towards the last bead that you beaded on and so this should be about
1/4″ or so. And once you have that wrapped, just repeat the way I started, we started.
Add a drop of Super Glue and let it dry and then trim the ends, making sure of course
that you don’t trim your new piece that you added. So once the Super Glue is dry and your ends
are trimmed, you can go ahead and slide on some jump rings to cover up those wraps. I
used ten here, however many work for you. Just make sure that you slide your jump rings
over both pieces of leather cord as well as the new silk cord and then it’s time to just
tape it down again and go ahead and commence to beading with the rest of your beads. So I finished my beading and I’ve gone ahead
and finished up my silk thread just the way we started and stopped by holding on to an
end and then doing several wraps and adding a drop of Super Glue. Let it dry, trim your
excess. Now to finish our entire bracelet, we’re going
to make three over hand knots using both of these pieces of leather cord. I like to incorporate
my wraps in the first one. That makes it extra secure. Then make the next one about an inch
or so away. Make sure there’s enough room to get your button in there and I’m almost
out of cord here, but I think I have just enough to make one last one on the end and
then your bracelet is all done. So here it is. You can see I had just enough
cord. I probably could have cut a bit extra. That’s one thing to keep in mind if you’re
cutting a multiple wrap bracelet. You’ll need to allow even more extra, oops going this
way, to account for having to wrap over itself and also wrap further down your wrist where
you might need a little bit more dimension to go around. Isn’t that fun? And then we
can just fasten it with the loop and there you have it. The quintuple wrap bracelet or
directions to make how ever many you want. So here’s another look at our finished project.
I hope you enjoyed it and that you’ll give it a try. Thank you so much for watching KeepsakeCrafts’
videos. Be sure to check out the blog at for lots of crafting and sewing ideas and
inspiration and subscribe to the YouTube channel so you don’t miss anything. Happy creating. Bye bye.


  1. You always say what great teachers they have at Craftsy, but I think you are a great teacher on your tutorials!!  Thank you so much for the  wonderful site and Blog, the great Ideas,  wonderful tutorials, and all the inspiration you have given me since I started following you!!  You are the BEST…and you Rock!!!  Keep on Crafting and Inspiring!! XoXo

  2. I have been doing these Chan Luu inspired wrap bracelets and they are so beautiful and easy to make. I have been selling them at my mom's office also. I love the way you explain all of the steps in your tutorial. I hope I had seen it first, before the other bunch of tutorials that did not help me at all. I liked how you added more thread and then put the jump rings It gives it a nice touch! I even want to buy the beading board it looks very nice and you can have everything in place.

  3. Love your method and choice of materials!  I have many very pretty buttons I want to use with 2mm leather.  The hole in the shank appears to be 1mm.  How would I attach a shank button that has too small of a hole to thread the leather cord through?

  4. I really enjoyed making this bracelet. I used some wooden beads I had around the house and other then the silk thread catching it worked great. I would like to know how you order beads with bigger openings for the thread to go threw twice. I ordered 4 mm like my pattern and holes are to small.

  5. Your bracelet is lovely. Thanks for sharing your talent. I love this style of bracelet and want to make one for myself. I'm certain that practice is all that is required for beading as there are endless possibilities with beads. Thanks again:)

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  8. Sandy, I can always count on you to give very detailed and easy instructions. I have wanted to make one of these now with your instructions I can.

  9. That bracelet looks lovely,Sandy, but this is something that I'm very new to,,I have assorted faux sued leather,, in various colors, plus a silky multi alternating, from OK k purple yellow orange green so on,, but wondering how I can make a bracelet with beads using 4 to 5 strands, I have a few Pandora beads, too,if you could give me some info, on that ,that would be very helpful, I think the cord I have is same size as the leather that you are using, not sure could be wrong,, any feedback welcome , thanks Sandy,👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌😘🌹🌺🌺🌹

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