Multiple-strand necklace or bracelet with crimps and cones

Multiple-strand necklace or bracelet with crimps and cones

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every time we put up a great new video what we’re gonna do today is I’m going
to show you how to utilize the components that you see here to make a
multiple strand bracelet or necklace and we’ll be using cones to do that so it’s
a great way to hide a lot of the little bits and pieces that hold your necklace
together they’ll stay nice and neat and concealed inside some lovely little
decorative cones so the first thing that we’re going to start off by doing is we
have to beat up some of our strands now as far as what beads you use that’s
completely up to you I’ve chosen to use a crystal mix here and I love the
crystal mixes because if you’re ever concerned or stressed about color you
just use a crystal mix and pretty much the works done for you the color works
done for you so you know that whatever you make is going to look fantastic
so I’ve also got some little drilled Rivoli pendants here these are a little
8 millimeter drilled Rivoli pendants I’ve already gone ahead and put jump
rings on them so that way they can hang off of the wire I also have a size 11
seed bead here but again you can use whatever beads you want for this but I
just figured they would be a nice way to bring all the colors together with these
two aqua colors sort of mixed in with these more bluey greens and it’ll just
be a nice little filler bead to use I have my crimp beads I have my cones here
and I have a toggle clasp now I also have a piece of 24 gauge wire this is
what’s going to hold all my strands together and keep them inside my cones
and I’m utilizing the o 14 diameter fine softflex beading wire and as far as
tools it’s gonna be an involved video folks I have something to cut my soft
flex with I have some shears here I have a crimper tool and then I have chain nose
pliers round nose pliers and a side cutter so that goes over everything that
I have here on my mat so now I’m gonna get started with the first
part which is straining up my beads all right so what I’ve gone ahead and
done is I have strung up beads on three different pieces of soft flex and just
the particular design I decided to do was to have each strand be a little
different so we have sort of just a simple seed bead and crystal strand
another one that just has a lot more crystal than the last one and the third
one that has those little Rivoli pendants hanging down which I thought
sort of all combined together would make a really beautiful sort of summery
bracelet so now what I need to do is construct the inner workings of the cone
so I’m going to use my chain nose pliers and I’m going to wrap a loop and you’ll
if you go back you can see some of our previous videos that we’ll go over this
step much more closely I’m just gonna do it a little bit faster here for the sake
of the other things we’re gonna learn in this video shut now it doesn’t even have
to be pretty because it’s not going to be seen it’s gonna be hidden inside of
the cone that I have that I’m gonna have to take my strands and I’m going to
crimp them all onto that same loop so I’m going to start with the first one I
have my little crimp bead here I’m gonna go through the loop I’m gonna feed it
back through crimp bead and we don’t have to worry about getting our Beast
really close because they’ll just slide down later I’m gonna use my crimper tool
here so you’ll notice there’s two little chambers in the crimper tool we’re going
to use the back one first that makes our crimp bead look like a little kidney
bean and then we’re gonna turn it up on its side and we’re going to crimp it in
the front chamber which will take that kidney bean and fold it in half I’m
gonna snip off some of this wire I’m going to get my next two pieces
crimped on okay so now that I have my three strands
all crimped onto that wire there I’m gonna have to go and make the other side
of this because what’s gonna happen is this wire it’s going to go through my
cone and everything is going to get pulled up inside the cone and then you
won’t see all of the the crimping that I just did but we want to get the other
side created first so I’m going to go ahead and cut off half of this wire here
I’m going to make a loop for the other side alright now just like on the first side
one by one I’m going to take my strands and I’m going to crimp them to the other
side only on this side we’re gonna have to make sure that we pull our third
little tighter like that that the crimping process is gonna be the same all right so now that I’ve gone and crimped all of my strands on to my
little wrapped loops here you can kind of get an idea of what the bracelets gonna
look like it’s kind of a really fun summery layered look so now to finish it
off these wires will get pulled up into the cone here just like that
you can even top it with a little bead if you’d like and I’m going to wrap a
loop you know I think I’m actually getting pretty long in my lengths I
think I’m gonna leave that little bead off there I’m gonna start to make that
wrap loop and again we have some great previous videos that will show how to
make a wrapped loop a little bit more step-by-step and in depth so if you find
that you have a hard time doing it these are great to check out so before I wrap
my loop shut I’m gonna thread my clasp right onto it I can wrap it shut I can
keep my clasp out of the way there go let’s wrap right heading on down towards
the cone this is gonna get snipped right off we’re gonna tuck in that last
little sharp bit that’s left behind now we’re gonna repeat this on the other
side just like that make our loop remember you always you
have to thread your clasp on before you wrap your loop shut don’t feel bad if
you do that a couple of times it happens to all of us now we’re just gonna wrap
that loop shut just a few times just enough to fill in that little bit of
space there make sure to tuck in that little sharp edge now you have an adorable little
bracelet that is just fantastic for the summer so we’re gonna go ahead and Link
you in the description box to all of the different components that we used to
make this in case you want to make one just like it yourself again the crystal
mixes are really really great because no matter what you put together you know
that the colors are gonna work wonderfully so it’s a great stress-free
way to pick out your beads it’s just by using a premade crystal mix I have a
great little toggle clasp here some awesome cones and then just some other
little elements hanging off but really you can use this technique with of
course whatever beads you want and on to make a necklace you would have just made
your strands a lot longer and you have a beautiful neat and very clean way of
finishing off a necklace without having to show all of those crimps or having to
utilize a bunch of crimp covers and having it get a little bulky looking at
the clasp the whole area just looks nice and and finished so that’s all she wrote
folks see you next time


  1. I love this bracelet and would like to make it. Most of the links to products don't work. I am especially interested in purchasing the little round discs with the top-drilled hole.

  2. Hi, This is really pretty, I would love to make as a necklace. I always have a problem figuring out how long each of the strands need to be so it hangs nicely around the neck when I do multi strand necklaces. I’ve even tried using a beading board and somehow I always mess it up! Do you have any suggestions for me or another video that could help me? Thank you so much! Danielle

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