We didn’t even catch a single fish and all samosa are over. I shall get some samosa till then you continue fishing. Sit here and don’t go anywhere, our patience will be fruitful. Who wants to eat fruits, we have come for fishing. You will make me mad. Look at your string, it’s moving. What is this? I think there is some treasure in it. This looks like very expensive box, come let us take it to Dr Jhatka’s lab and open it. Everybody hold his or her breath, we are going to become millionaire. Mummy! This is the Mummy of Egypt. She has carried a mummy dog. I have never seen a mummy dog. Don’t cry Motu, she has been dead long ago, why are you crying now? You get emotional very fast. I thought we would become millionaire and so I was crying, we are in lose, now what to do with this mummy? We can start a business by show this mummy to others and earn in lakhs. Long live! This is good Idea. Motu you take care of this mummy, we have lot of work to do, we have to put poster in the entire Furfuri nagar. I have bought this mummy, look at her bracelet it is so nice, can I take it? You don’t even touch it, it’s so many years old and if you touch it may break easily. I will ask this mummy, she will definitely give me, mummies don’t say no to their children. All right, you can ask, but only if she gives it to you, you don’t try to remove it. Mummy give me that bracelet please, mummy please. Mummy please give me that bracelet, I want it, I really want it, give me. Mummy parents never say no to their children. Then what kind of mummy you are? Now I am not going to talk with you. I will not have my dinner as well. This is impossible, this can’t happen, hey evil spirit go away. I am dreaming, I am sure, I am dreaming. I am not dreaming, I am awake. No! Patlu! Hey evil spirit go away. Hey what are you doing here? Who is there with mummy? Nobody is with mummy, she is alive and after me. How can mummy become alive? Mummy is alive and even dog is alive Hey, listen, this is the same sound of that mummy dog. Don’t open the door, mummy is here and mummy dog is in back yard. We have been trapped, you are scared unnecessarily, let be check who is it? Haha! I also can see mummy and it is all because of you. Motu, the mummy is standing out, It’s real mummy run! Motu, do something fast, my mind does not work while I am hungry, you do something quickly. Idea! Come let’s jump out from the window. He always howls, now how can we escape? They have surrounded us, come let us surrender. One more idea, I had once dressed like a maid and cheated people who use to take loan. Remember? It’s a good idea, try it out Hello, have you come to meet Motu? I am his house cleaner, past two months he has not given me my salary. Go fast, he is trying to escape from back door, and you please catch him and tell him to give my salary. Help! What happened? This idea did not work. No! Why are you barking at me? If you have guts then bark at the one who is after me. What happened? Where is all your energy Motu Patlu, where were you? somebody stole our Mummy. She has not been stolen, she is alive and she is after us. Motu must have definitely done something. On this coffin box it is written, that if somebody steal her bracelet then she will become alive. And will punish the one who stole her bracelet. Motu give that bracelet, you have definitely stolen the bracelet. I have not stolen, mummy has given it to me, I will not return it. Will not give. Mummy! Hey, swear on my patient’s run. Don’t run, let us take the bracelet from Motu and give it back. Give it. No, never, mummy has given it to me, I have not stolen. Give it fast or else we all will turn into mummy. Hey got saved, hey, hurray! Hey Motu, be happy, we are safe or else god know what mummy would have done to us. I didn’t stole the bracelet, I am not a thief, mummy you tell them that you had given it to me? Tell them. Tell them, why are you so quite? it is my prestige. Hurray! What have you done Motu? She is alive again. Run!


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