My 2 Year Silver Hair / Grey Hair Anniversary!

My 2 Year Silver Hair / Grey Hair Anniversary!

Oh Didn’t see you there. Hi This is Erica Johnston and welcome back to my channel. Yes. My fingers are blue. I was dying some eggs today Should I not put that in? Is that weird? In today’s video I’m going to talk to you about Something very special and we’re back with tea times. Yes. We are back with tea time. It’s my two-year Hair Anniversary All you guys you haven’t really seen Clive on this. Oh, yeah, that’s true. So today I’d like to introduce you to My other son, this is Clive and you all know Everett. He’s been featured in a few of my videos So we wanted to have Clive join us as well for tea time today Okay, so I’m going to have a little sip of my tea enjoy my tea. Mine actually has – what do you call these things? Fortune a fortune. Yeah, mine has a fortune. Okay, this is really Fitting and I did not know that this was on my teabag it says you must have self-respect Only then can you respect somebody… just want to thank all of you who have been with me from the very beginning Okay So when I first started… Oh like what… the thinking man… when I first started dyeing my hair No. Oh! When I first started dyeing my hair! Let’s go back Let’s go back to when I was 16 years old. Ah So a lot of you wondered how old I was when I started thinking about no longer dyeing my hair anymore. I was in my early 30s But I just wasn’t really ready then and I remember I would probably say, “That’s it I’m not dyeing my hair!” and then I’d last like maybe max three weeks and That would be it I would Dye it again Mm-hmm. So when I was 38 years old, that’s when I decided No longer. I give up. And you know what boys? It was on our trip to Florida. Yeah. Do you remember that? Yes, we do I’ll put some clips of my hair the way it was. So, we actually went back to Florida last week. I’m bringing you back to where I first decided To go silver two years ago. I am in beautiful sunny Florida Loving this weather out of the snow and disgusting weather in Toronto so yeah, this is where I decided made my decision and Have not looked back. Well, that’s not true. I looked back a little bit, but Yeah, and We had a really really nice time Yeah, and it was kind of cool because it was like because we were so much older now so much older like two years. Yeah I’m older. I’m older. Yeah, so I just basically Stopped dyeing my hair but I’ve talked to you all about this before about how I personally did it So I used the root spray L’Oreal root spray for three months Spray spray spray and I hid it So this way if I changed my mind and I didn’t want to go through with it I didn’t have to tell anybody. And actually that’s not true I told a couple of friends that I was doing it and Everybody was skeptical at that point and I actually had people say oh gosh, you don’t want to do that You’re gonna look old and what did you guys say? You’re going to look like an old bat! No, you didn’t say that! At the beginning we said you were going to look like a witch Yeah, and then now I know that I seen your silver hair. It’s more of a silver than a Whatever that color was In your imagination. Yeah like the witch from… Oh, you said that. Mom? from Snow White Videos every day. You asked me what you should wear. What like he asked me what boots you want to wear. Yeah Does this look good? Like, no! Clive is my Fashionista, fashionista, whatever the male version is. He loves fashion and and he helps me pick out things which is really cool Everett you’re you’re great with fashion Okay, we’re all good at different things. Anywho, so after three months, I knew I was on my way. And so I went to the hairdresser and I got my hair highlighted and again, I’ve told this story many many times the hairdresser did use toner, which kind of lightened and over time the toner just sort of faded to the Yellowy blorange Sort of color and then at that point, it’s just grow out time You know, you just have to grow it out. And so my strategy was to chop chop chop and that’s why my hair is still short after two years because I’ve continuously chop chop chop chop chop Yeah, so I just got a final haircut I didn’t cut off any of the length this time but I just got him to kind of clean up the sides and now my goal is to grow out my hair long, so and I think There’s a real misconception about growing silver hair long and again, we’re going back to the idea of The perception of witches I’d say in our society and yeah when you think of a witch you usually think of one with grey hair long long and scraggly. people call this granny hair Anyway, the thing is my hair She’s not a granny I don’t think. Who me? Yeah better not be You call me granny? She’s only 40! you call me grandma? When? Behind my back? At dinner once. Once. You said hey gramma? I bought a couple of products online They are silver hair wig like extension extension things so for longer hair So I’m I’m going to unbox that as soon as it arrives Make a video which I’m pretty sure will be hilarious because I can’t imagine that the silver hair will match But if it does, that would be really cool. So maybe I’ll yeah to use it Yeah I bought a straight hair one and a curly haired one. So we’ll see how that works and I also bought another product – it’s a curling iron Thing that when you clip it in and you pull the hair down it actually curls it people already have that Yeah, so I’m like everybody So I bought one of those so we’ll try that to you and hope it doesn’t burn my hair Oh, I’m just using heat protectant when we went down south. Aveda, however, you pronounce it – yeah, Aveda, the hair protection I used that and I wore a hat and I’m definitely noticing this the Yellowing that I had from the Sun. I’m noticing that growing out. So that’s what it is. Be really careful – forewarning you So I’d have to say the hardest parts of growing your hair out are the times where you have special events to go to like weddings You know parties that sort of thing. Like New Year’s Eve that first year what New Year’s Eve. I I felt… I’m not gonna lie. I felt really ugly. I really hated it when it was half You know the silver and then half of that blorange color I just did not I did not feel attractive. You’re going to have moments where you don’t feel your best You know what? You just have to push through those days and don’t give up I’m telling you even over the past couple of months. I’ve still had moments believe it or not like almost at the two-year mark of Just wanting to go back to brunette and I think that that’s really normal. But I Think I’m every single time. I imagine the upkeep of it and it just is not worth it for me. I Can’t say that I’ll never ever dye my hair again I don’t know that but right now where I am in my life now I just I can’t imagine I really can’t the time that I get to spend with you two is Precious and I mean, you’re almost 12 you’re 10 You’re falling asleep. You’re turning into an old man before my eyes But yeah, don’t let don’t let things stop you If you’re in a career, I’ve heard a lot of you say I’m in a career where you know I need to look my best I need to look professional but I think that there’s a lot of women out there nowadays that Are transitioning and I know for myself when I was younger in my 20s if I saw a woman with you know an inch of growth I instantly the first thing I would think is Oh, man, that woman needs to you know, dye her hair. She needs to keep up with appearances. Yeah yeah, whereas now if I see somebody with that inch of Growth the first thing that I think I wonder if they’re going their hair out I wonder if they’re and I’ve actually asked women. Are you growing it out? sometimes Sometimes I literally want to stop people in the streets and take pictures of them So just want to talk to you about something that is very serious actually for a second I know we’ve kind of been joking around and everything, but you know the struggle of growing out your hair is nothing compared to Other struggles that people have in their lives and some of you have written to me and said you’ve overcome cancer Some of you are overcoming injuries I know some of you have done some of my workouts and you’ve got you’re suffering from some injuries and things like that so yeah, so I Got a comment from this woman. Her name is Erin and she has her own YouTube channel, which I ended up checking out and heard this is oh, I can’t even honestly this woman was completely athletic woman and I think of myself as an athletic person as well And she was paralyzed from the shoulders down in a swimming accident on August 7th 2016 so this is the same year Same year that I decided to grow up my hair, right? So I think about this and I know I just when I read her YouTube description, I just realized how Not shallow, but how insignificant growing out Somebody our hair is our natural hair is compared to this woman Erin who is learning how to walk again She’s amazing. And if you get a chance to check out her YouTube channel, I Encourage you to do it because just watching one of her videos of her pushing herself like you can tell that she’s in like physical pain and Forcing herself to walk. It just makes you appreciate life and appreciate everything that you have So, yeah, so just know that Two years it goes by in a flash. It’s not a big deal and You know, there’s other things out there that are more important. So I Guess that’s all I really have to say. It’s kind of a serious ending but End up having anything. Yeah, we could end up with a happy ending. We all danced like out on Ellen DeGeneres Just Dance So come sit down boys for one final goodbye to our dear friends on YouTube Goodbye See you next week. Bye I’m going to push myself to make more videos even though I’ve been very busy with Teaching and I’m going to do a little shout-out to my students who found me on YouTube. Hello students, you’d be good and you listen in class? Alright until next week. Okay bloopers Okay, come sit down yeah this cheese yes Very highly is this one blue – it is. Okay. Hey ladies. Oh Why are the cringy hi ladies? Is it or my teeth red again? God so this way I could if I changed my mind and I didn’t want to go through with it I had didn’t tell anybody. I’m actually that’s not sure I told a couple friends that I was doing it and he and everybody was skeptical at that point and I saw notice I literally Want they stopped people in the streets and take pictures of them take photographs of them Know their silver hair if you would like with your merch me Mom stop it


  1. I'm 61 and transitioned when my husband passed 9 years ago. I must say at times I feel old, mostly from aging joints, but I'll never want to go back to dying my hair! I wish years ago I had support to have done it when I was younger! You have a sweet loving family. Many blessings!!

  2. Hi Erika, I love your channel, please make more videos… I’m in Miami Florida, and today I have an appointment for platinum highlights to match my roots, let’s see how it goes I’m a little bit nervous, but I’m much older than you I’m 59 so it’s time. Right now I have blond highlights plus 1” of white roots and a lot of the L’Oréal spray on it , it itches so much 🤪 wish me luck 🤞🏻

  3. Congrats Erica on your Two year anniversary. You look 👍🏼 great. I’ll have to send a pic one of these days. I did get a Godiva top piece which matches my white and grey hair for fullness. I will need to check out Erin’s YT. Thanks. Your boys are cool.

  4. Congratulations on your two-year hairaversary! The silver color is stunning. Am just over four months in now; I’d describe it as salt, pepper, and brown gravy. Cannot wait until it’s all salt and pepper, never going back to coloring it.

  5. 🤣🤣🤣 Everett’s little finger sipping tea, hilarious.
    Two year hairniversary, love it.
    I’m two years now and am recording today, was going to upload (will wait a few days) 😉
    Pretty much mirroring this when and why I decided, and I’m thinking of getting extensions but dying them myself.
    Bizarre how you thought of root growth in your younger days, I didn’t, I always guessed that they were growing out their hair.
    Love this as always 😘

  6. I just found your channel and starting my transition this month. 43 years young and also a boy mom. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  7. Lol…your boys are funny…never ask a kid what they think cause they can be brutal…lol…love,love,love your hair…I am on my first month on going natural…have to be strong & not give in after dying my hair for so long…I just got a short haircut to make the transition faster 😬😬

  8. Beautiful!!! You and your boys remind me of me and mine (11&8). They are sweet, silly and make me laugh all the time. My 8 year old recently told me "mom don't dye your hair I want to see it silver". After I dyed it I actually hated it, I'm almost ready 😬 so thanks for sharing. More videos please!

  9. So beautiful! I reached 7 months on Sunday. I did a major chop of 7 inches about a month ago and it was a good idea to get the old faded dye off. Yesterday I had my hair up and was looking in the mirror and thought " your hair line looks just like Cinderella's step mom in the Disney cartoon". I walked out of the bathroom and my sister said "your hair looks like the step-mom in Cinderella". We cracked up! Can't wait till I get to your stage with no dye left. Thanks for the info.

  10. So glad I found your channel. I'm one of those with "the one inch growth" 😉 It feels like such a super slow process but at the same time pretty amazing to discover the real me showing through after years and years of coloring. Thanks for the encouragement!!! ❤

  11. It was fun to see both of your handsome young men! More great advice, and your hair is just gorgeous. Happy Spring!

  12. Congratulations on your two year anniversary on letting your hair grow out and natural. Your hair looks fantastic.

  13. Congratulations on your 2 year hair anniversary!! Cutie pie kids… barely saw hubby skimming by the camera! lol

  14. I've been here since the beginning and am now 17 months into this journey. Thank you for all your inspiration and advice!💕 Boys will be "hams" in front of the camera…
    I retired from teaching after 29 years. I look forward to seeing you in your next video.

  15. That was so my life! My god your youngest is the boy version of my girl. Does he have ADD …I say this not to insult…my daughter has been diagnosed and she is just the same…she can't sit still. My oldest is the same as yours. Lovely video. Xo

  16. Hi Erica! I am new to your channel and want to say thank you so much for doing your videos!! I am 38 and just started to grow out my hair 4 months ago. Believe it or not, I see, to have much more grey/white than you do (I have next to no dark brown hair on the sides of my head). If I didn't have you as an inspiration I would completely be running to the drugstore for dye in shame of my "old hag" hair. But you and others have shown me that grey can be beautiful too and it really is so freeing to no longer have to worry about my skunk stripe coming in after a week. I do have a quick question though – at what point do you think one should start to using purple shampoo products? (I am Canadian so I have written down all of the suggestions you have made) I have about 3 inches of grey on the top and they still seem to be quite bright with no sign of yellowing yet. I was just curious because I dread the thought of them turning yellow. Thanks again!

  17. Hi Erika!
    Congrats!! On your 2 year anniversary!!!….
    Your boys remind me of my boys when they were younger… mine are 23 and 18 now. You remind me of so much of myself, it's funny how your reaction was so awesome when your son spilled the tea, you didn't flinch, I'm very similar to you in several ways but I'm much older, (49 going on 50 in November). April will be my 19th month dye free and I'm absolutely loving it!
    Erika I don't want to scare you but be very careful with any hot iron on your hair, another youtuber burned her natural gray hair with a straightener iron, and your hair is so beautiful it would be devastating to see that happen after all you went through. I'll put a link below…
    Congrats again!!!

  18. Wow– you look so beautiful! You hair is actually a gorgeous color right now. People pay big bucks to get that look!

    I'm 53 but started going gray in my early 20s so I feel your struggle. I have had some financial disasters and haven't been able to color my hair since last summer so I have significant growth and I'm debating whether I should just cut it short and rock the gray– you make it look so pretty!

  19. You are a good looking family 🥰 & it seems a great household. I have followed you from the start & cannot believe it has been 2 years, Grey is you & looks sophisticated & that style, I have been having mine pixie! Now want to grow it 🇬🇧💖💖 Happy Years to come xxx

  20. Hi Erica! Your hair is amazing! I love your videos and your boys are so sweet! 🙂 I’m 37 and recently decided to stop coloring my hair. It’s just getting too hard to maintain and I think it might be causing some hair loss. I just had my hair cut to chin length (I wanted to get rid of my thin, damaged ends) and now I’m just going to grow it out and keep the ends trimmed until all the dye is gone. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while but was nervous. You’ve helped to give me courage, so thank you! I’m actually excited to see all those sparkly hairs coming in now.

  21. Ohmigoodness, watching your boys with you is basically the sweetest ever. What wonderful young men they are ❤️ I have 2 boys who are 7 and 2 (and a girl who’s 4) and I was just grinning thinking about them as little tweens. Your journey is so inspiring. I’m 34 and onto my 8th month. Searching and devouring all the stories of you who are paving the way 💕 keep up the vids!

  22. Congrats on your 2 year anniversary. Your boys are such handsome young men. 🤗

    My 2 year anniversary is also coming up in late May of this year. Wont have all of my old dyed hair grown out yet. The sides of my hair are growing slow. Looks like it will take me to almost 3 years. Oh well, every day completed is a day closer to t ht e end of dyed hair.

    You look beautiful. Best wishes to you and your family. Look forward to watching more of your videos.

  23. You look absolutely beautiful 😍! Keep that silver hair. My mom did the same thing and she had silver hair for a very long time.

  24. Hey Erica just be careful when you use heated tools on your beautiful silver hair, Lisa from Beauty 101 tried a new hair straightener which was too hot and it really ruined her hair turning it bright pink…just a heads up x

  25. haha…I laughed so hard at your son's tea time expression in the bloopers…..Adorable kids! Clive is a fashionisto and Everett is a comedian!!

  26. I love your channel and your boys are so sweet.
    I was seriously considering growing my hair out but after leaving it a few months I realised it isn’t actually as grey as I thought! Maybe 30% of my hair.
    I’m 31 so I’m gonna leave it a few years and once the grey takes over more I’m definitely growing it out.
    I only hope I will look as lovely as you do! Thanks for the inspiration ❤️

  27. Beautiful! I have a question, you have probably answered before, but do you tint your eyebrows, mine are getting grey along with my hair.

  28. Happy 2nd Hairversary! You, your hair & family look wonderful! For a year you have been a part of my transitioning to no more hair color (14 mos.) Today I had my second layered bob cut, now it's half way there; though I care more about my health most ( of course) I would never want to go through this again!!! Our family have seen wigs since last year, the reveal we be next week! I feel they will like the cut (always long) but I expect negative feedback on the silvers… the sun they are very prevalent, out of the sun not so much. I think by January it will look very nice but meanwhile, they will want me to color it and add highlights. I will hold my hair up, smile and shake it off….lol…. Looking forward to more of your inspirational videos. Thumbs Up!

  29. Your hair is awesome. I'm 49 and just decided to grow mine out. I went gray at 25 abd have been coloring all this time. Last week I had my hairdresser pull much of my hair through a cap, bleach and color silver so that way it can grow in without it being so noticeable. I hope mine grows in as beautiful as yours. You inspired me!

  30. You look gorgeous, Erica. Congratulations on two years! I can't wait until I have 2 under my belt (of course then I'll wish it were 3 – LOL). Your sons are awesome!

  31. Happy 2 year. You have personally helped my in my journey to Silver. I learned of Grey shampoo from you.
    Thank you 🌿

  32. You look great! The last time I colored my hair was 12/10/2018. It has been almost 4 months now and I have about a 2 inch grow out. It is growing out salt & pepper, which is really nice. I am telling all my family and friends that I am working on turning into a silver fox. LOL.

  33. I live in Toronto as well. I let my roots grow out for a couple of months and then I cut it short. One more haircut and all the color with be gone. Yay! I hope it looks as beautiful as yours!

  34. Erica you look fantastic. At 67 I decided I'm finished with trying to have dark hair. A lot of grey has come in so I've got awhile. Appreciate your video. God bless!!!!!!!!

  35. Erica… I've been binge watching all your videos. You are great and look fabulous! I am at the 12 month mark for growing out my silver. I have an appointment in 2 weeks to get some kind of shaggy piecy pixie to get rid of a lot of the blorange. My stylist and I talked about adding in some silvery gray color to even things out as I've got about 5 different colors going on now. I'm interested to hear your thoughts on that idea. Thanks for your inspiration on all fronts!

  36. I hope that you always stay gray. It looks good on you. It fits you well and seems meant to be. My mom stopped dying hers when I was about ten and it sucked not seeing others like her, because a lot of people would ask if she was my grandma. People just assumed that she was old, because she went gray. You don’t look old at all though. You’re making a statement for a lot of women.

  37. Please, don't dye your hair ever again! You look so beautiful and unique! Plus you're such an inspiration for so many women!

  38. Hi Erica – I‘m also in my transition to grey (more white) and today I wanna thank you for all your support, which you give others and me on this way. I‘m from Germany and found your channel while looking for some soulspirits on my way to grey. Unfortunately I found no german channel dealing with this theme who could be as comparable as yours 😉 I love the natural and fresh way of your speech and it gives me the power to hold on (now 4 months). No other woman under my friends stops dying their hair and therefore I’m a kind of mix between „alien“ and „Avantgarde“ for them 🙂 They find it „interesting“ or „o.k.“ , but you know what this (really) means: „Why do you do that?“ I‘m now 52, both of my parents and grandparents have all been white (!!) up to a certain age and my first white hair was recognized at school from the boy sitting behind me and shouting out „OMG, you have 3 white hairs!“ Since then I dyed…4 months ago I could not stop my inner voice anymore which wanted me to stop dying and going natural. Since this moment I feel totally right with my decision and it is super fine for me to see my real natural (nearly white to light grey) hair coming out – comparable to your colour 🙂 As I have no soulbuddy for this hairtransition around me, I am very glad to have found your channel and to get a lot of information and support from your side. Thanx a lot xxx and go on 😉 Lots of greetings from Germany !!!

  39. I just started growing my silver about 7 weeks ago and I really hope mine looks as good as yours …yours is very silver and I love it but however it does grow out I will be happy with what God Gives me 🥰 congrats on your 2 years

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