My Bham: Hidden Gems – Jewellery Quarter

My Bham: Hidden Gems – Jewellery Quarter

So here we are, the Jewellery Quarter, at
the very heart of the city centre. With a rich cultural history dating back over
250 years that first made its mark on the global scene in the 18th century and the Industrial
Revolution. I’m about to take you on a little cultural
tour of this hidden gem and give you a glimpse of the sights outside the commercial centre. So let’s explore. There’s a long list of prominent Brummie
inventors and industrialists who changed the world in their own way, like members of the
Lunar Society, Matthew Bolton, James Watt, Erasmus Darwin and Joseph Priestley, and some
are even buried right here in the Jewellery Quarter cemetery. With its attractive high streets, once lined
with metal workshops, and at the epicentre of busy trade routes, the Jewellery Quarter
is fast becoming the hub where creative businesses are flourishing. The Jewellery Quarter is home to the School
of Jewellery and many independent studios that are involved in artisanal craftsmanship
that have now opened their doors to the general public. If you look out closely there’s public artworks
old and new on display, in and around this area. The Jewellery Quarter is Europe’s largest
concentration of businesses involved in the jewellery trade. There’s loads to see and do, several free
museums, art galleries, great independent shops, auction houses, cafes and restaurants
– it’s perfect for hanging out with friends. And this isn’t the only lively part of town. I hope I’ve encouraged you to step outside
and explore it for yourself.


  1. Great film. Make the next one looonger!!!!
    l know the jewellery quarter well, since 1983. It still looks the same. Some of the same shops, Along Vyse St and Warstone lane.

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