MY BRACELET COLLECTION || Friendship Bracelets

MY BRACELET COLLECTION || Friendship Bracelets

Get ready for a super long video that I
have no idea how I’m ever gonna find the time to edit Hey everyone my name is
Masha Knots and today I’m going to show you my bracelet collection because some
of you guys asked for that. So I keep my bracelets in this cute little box which
you have to have something on here but it fell off and yeah I think I mentioned in previous videos that I don’t actually wear my bracelets I don’t know
why I even make friendship bracelets honestly I don’t know but I never wear
them I just keep them in a box I just that’s all I do with them: I make them, I
put them in this box and then they stay in here for years doing nothing but I
love the whole process of bracelet making so I do it anyways but it’s
just a hobby of mine which is very strange yeah
also quick disclaimer all of the bracelets that are in here I have had
this collection I started making these bracelets 10 years ago literally in 2009
was the first bracelet that I made that is in here so all of these bracelets I’m
gonna try my best to find the patterns for them and link them down below but
there is no way I can ever find all the patterns for all the bracelets so if you
see a bracelet that you know the pattern to and you see that I haven’t linked it
down below please let me know and I’ll update the description so more people
can make the bracelets that they like so if you see a bracelet that you like
check the description cos I might have found the pattern for it if not I’m
really sorry if someone finds it I’ll definitely update it so without further
ado let’s get right into it Ta-da! It’s not that impressive like there’s a
lot but it’s not as impressive as you maybe thought so yeah let’s just get
right into it! I’m gonna put the box off to the side. Oh my precious babies! Oh I
dropped one. Okay so I have no idea where to start let’s start with my most recent
one which would be this one I made this video just very recently, I posted this on
Tuesday as you guys know now I’m making videos on Tuesdays and Saturdays on
Tuesdays I’m gonna be making more tutorial based content so this was my
most recent Tuesday video whereas on Saturdays I’m gonna be posting more fun
content just stuff that I wanted to do so this bracelet collection video is
going up on Saturday so yeah just subscribe if you want to keep up with
all the videos and you want to see more tutorials and just fun videos so this
one was my Tuesday video I taught you how to make the vertical wave bracelet
and this one I made with just a white color for the one on the right and a
color-changing one on the one on the left with the ones that I made
previously I did them in both the strings being color shifting and to be
honest I don’t really think that I like how these turned out like yeah they
looked really cool well I much prefer it when only one of the color stays color
shifting but yeah what I find interesting is that these two I’ve made
ages ago and this one I made literally a couple of days ago these ones are so
hard like they’re just, the knots are made so tightly together that this one is just
like solid it’s really really hard and so is this one I don’t know why I guess
my style of knotting changed because if you look at one of my first bracelets so
like this one for example this one is a very very early bracelet that I made, I
probably made this in like 2010 2011 you can see that this one is very very
flexible it’s very sort of flimsy you can see that it’s all thread and
it’s very easy to manipulate but then I got these ones I got to like I
think this was like 2013 2014 and I started making them really really hard I
don’t know what changed and now it’s in the middle it’s neither here nor
there it’s not hard it’s not soft it’s just sort of there but yeah these are
some of my most recent bracelets this one obviously is pretty old I actually
really love this one this is one of the first bracelets that I made that was
really thick and then I got tired by the end of it so I just stopped making it
even though it wasn’t the desired length but yeah I’m pretty proud of this one
this one was very difficult to do because it was my first ever attempt
doing like a really thick bracelet yeah this one is actually my most recent one
and a lot of my friends that I’ve shown these to really really like this one and
also the same I mean I love space I love like with solar system and planets and
stuff so this was really fun to make I thought it was a really cute pattern and
also on a lot of you may know I think I mentioned this in previous videos I made
this channel in 2015 and I did a bunch of videos in Russian and then I stopped
just from 2015 to 2018 I didn’t make any bracelets I didn’t make any videos I did
nothing I just completely stopped doing anything and then I don’t know why it
just sort of happened and then in 2018 I just decided to start again so during
that era of not doing anything and when I came back I found out there was so
much more that I didn’t know about bracelets so for example I didn’t know
ever that you could make triangle ends on alphas and you could make triangle
ends on like regular bracelets yeah I didn’t know that was a thing and yet I
learned once I got back into it and which is also why I’m now making videos
about it because I think it’s really cool and I want to share this
information with more people but yeah I started making these triangle ends onto
the newer alpha bracelets that I’m making and also regular patterns as well, yeah I
always love looking at the other side of alphas I think it’s it’s pretty cool and
yeah this one is also I made this one for a video so there’s a video going to
be coming out in like week or two I think where I talk about how to make
alphas and this was what I made for that so yeah I really like this pattern and
it’s a pretty cool bracelet going further into bracelets that I made quite
recently don’t really have much to say about this one I made it for a video
I don’t really particularly like it to be honest like it’s
pattern but I don’t really like the aesthetic of it I prefer more chill
bracelets and so yeah I’m gonna put that one away. This one oh yes this is what I mean by
chill bracelets like it’s very it’s very chill, I don’t know how else to describe
it the colors are kind of muted and it’s just the pattern is also very sort of
classic I would say like this is one of the very classic patterns where we’ve
got the diagonals you’ve got like the diamond shapes it’s a very classic
pattern and I think this was the first bracelet that I ever tried with the
triangle end on the normal pattern and I think this was also the first bracelet
that I tried making the teardrop loop in And also this just type of loop in
general if you look at some of my earlier bracelets let’s say this one
which I also really like by the way it’s just green but it uses two different
shades agree I think it’s a really cool pattern I used to make a different type
of loops yeah I used to make a different type of loop like this one and I much
prefer this way and I think this was the first bracelet where I did this kind of
loop also for some reason I have no idea why but when I used to make bracelets
before my break that three-year break I’m talking about
I always put knots after the loop I have no idea why I ever did that but if you
look back at some of my other bracelets as well so like this Christmas bracelet
for example that I made I always put knots before I started making the ties
and after loops why did I do that I have no idea I thought that otherwise if I
don’t put the knot is just gonna untie itself, it doesn’t, you don’t have to put
that knot there it makes no difference it’s just a big ugly knot so you don’t
have to do that I don’t know why I ever did so yeah this is like one of my newer
bracelets and I stopped I learned how to do teardrop loops I learned that you
don’t need to do knots I learned that you can do triangle ends so that’s what
I do now oh yeah this is a Christmas bracelet that I did a while
ago and this one is just green but I think it’s cool I’m gonna put them
away now so yeah going into Christmas bracelets oh this one let’s start with
this one this one was the first ever knot with me video that I did and I am so
excited to do more knot with me videos they don’t get many views nobody really
likes to watch them but I love making them and they’re fun so I’m gonna be
doing a few more knot with me videos in the future
but yeah I again this was like my first Christmas video and I did the triangle
ties with this one as well so yeah let’s go this one I was also a Christmas video
that I did this was also the first ever bracelet that they made where I was
following a pattern that didn’t have all of the knots in it so that is why I’ve
got these just stray strings coming out and some of my friends said that they
really like this pattern and they really like this bracelet and also in the video
that I did on this I said that I really like it but after like sometimes it’s
gone by I realized that I don’t, like I like the look of it I like aesthetic of
it but I don’t think it’s that wearable even though I don’t wear it but whatever
I just I don’t I don’t know I just something doesn’t click for me I thought
I liked it in the beginning but I just I don’t
something doesn’t click, something doesn’t sit right with me but my friends liked it
and say it’s cool so you know this one however is also one of the Christmas
videos I did this year Oh last year I guess because it’s already January but yeah I love this this is so cool this is so great I love the
aesthetic of it I love the color palette and also I love looking at bracelets on
the other side, they’re fun yeah I just there’s not much else I can
say about it I just love it and also love this red color just in general it’s
just a deep red that I love, okay um I don’t know where to go now let’s do this
one this one I made I think this was the first bracelet that I made or the second
bracelet that I made I don’t remember after my giant three-year break and I
loved it so much I did say that I like more chill bracelets but no this one is
an exception I love this this was so fun to make it so colorful and bright and
just it’s so easy to make as well it’s literally just two steps you make the
v-shape you make this row you make the v-shape you make this row, I made a video
on it but yeah I don’t know I just I love it
it’s quick it’s easy and it’s beautiful and I loved it so much that I decided to
make a video on it so I made this bracelet for the video if you look at
the loops just just look at it just look at the loops so the one on the right
okay maybe you can’t actually see maybe I’m being too perfectionist and bizarre
about it I don’t know look at the loop on the left right it’s nice it’s even
it’s symmetrical it’s cool it looks like a teardrop it acts like a teardrop
it’s a beautiful loop look at the one on the right right it’s more round it
doesn’t really look like a teardrop as much as the one on the left it’s not
symmetrical and it has this weird sort of indent to it I don’t like it maybe
I’m being too perfectionist but I don’t like it the difference in it being the
one on the left I made by myself in a comfortable way and the one on the right
I made on camera with a tripod in front of my face and yeah that’s not that’s
not that’s not comfortable whenever I make bracelets on camera there is always
a tripod like right like this is my camera right it’s like right here it’s
right in front of my face and it’s not comfortable whenever I make something on
camera always look at the viewfinder instead of looking at the bracelet and
that’s just not a great way to make bracelets so that’s why some of the
bracelets gonna make on camera turn out wonky whereas if I was just making them
on my own they would’ve turned out much better but yeah
we’re gonna ignore that and continue this one was a recent one that I did I
love this pattern I think it’s really cool yeah there’s not much else I can
say about it this one I made very recently. I didn’t film it I just made it
for myself I thought it was fun I really like the pastel colors and the sort of
chill vibe that it gives off. The pattern itself sort of has a v-shape already
with the white thread and so that makes it very easy to make the triangles at
the end and the beginning of the bracelet but yeah I thought this was a
really cool pattern I didn’t even change the colors of it I
just used the colors in the pattern so yeah I definitely recommend this one I
think that is it with the bracelets that I made after my break so all of the ones
that are in front of me are either made three years ago or earlier so yeah they’re
worse, let’s get into them this one color shifting string little mustache you know
classic just for fun love it, let’s go next, this one is a
beautiful color I love the pink I love the purple and blue I think it goes
really well with the white as well but oh my god these knots at the end of it I
hate them why did I ever do them I don’t know
and also this would have been such a cool pattern to make the v-shape with
but I didn’t know how to do the triangle ends at that time and also right here I
messed up so I had to move the string across the entire bracelet which is
where there’s like a string sticking out so yeah that’s fun but I really like the
pattern so I’m going to put it off to the side next it goes this one again I
love the pattern I think it’s really cool I love the colors it’s a thicker
bracelet and I like thicker bracelets but oh my god why, why did I make loops
like this? why did I ever put knots on them? They look terrible and then I tried yeah
I kept seeing like in that time it was I think like 3 or 4 years ago I kept
seeing people making the triangle ends to their bracelets and I thought oh my
god that’s so cool but it could not figure out how to do that and I couldn’t
find a tutorial anywhere on how to do that so I tried to thinking and what I
did sort of made it into a triangle like I kind of figured it out but I was doing
it in a completely wrong way and so yeah they didn’t turn up amazing but I mean I
tried, I tried, you learn, you grow you evolve, but again, those knots,
terrible, I’m not gonna comment on those again putting them off to the side uh
yeah I went through this sort of phase where I was making like really black
blue and pink bracelets but I think they’re pretty cool I really like this
one as well I think it’s a cool pattern but again I was trying to learn how to
do the triangle endings I didn’t do them correctly they turned out pretty weird
but you know I was learning also this one I ran out of string mid bracelet and
I was like well great I don’t know what to do now then I figured out that you
could just actually insert the thread you can insert some more thread and like
don’t worry about it it’s fine but yeah you when you insert thread into
the bracelet you end up with these like sort of stubs like in alphas as well
that’s if we look at an alpha that I put off to the side in alphas as well right
you have this thread sticking out wherever you insert more thread and
that’s fine that’s just how it is so you’ve got one side that you can look
at and it’s pretty and then the other side which has like threads sticking out
and it’s not pretty but it annoyed me so much that all the threads were sort of
there and I was worried that they would fray they would untie themselves
whatever so I put nail polish on them and now they’re just hard like yeah they
won’t untie themselves but it’s like a hard-edged nail polish stuck and it will
stab you if you ever try to wear this bracelet and also if you just cut them
and don’t put the nail polish on them they won’t untie themselves, it’s fine,
I don’t know I felt the need to have to do that but whatever this one I made
for video on my channel three years ago when back in my old days when I made the
channel originally I actually quite like this bracelet just purely because it
uses all of your excess string and all the extra string so you sort of don’t
throw away the string that you use you just keep it I might actually show you
how I keep my threads later but I actually have like a specific box for
like threads that I have cut and they’ve got like tiny little bits of for
bracelets like this or for alphas where I just need like one knot so yeah I’d
recommend you don’t throw them out, this one is a pretty cute bracelet I like the gradient
with the red the orange and the yellow and and yeah just I just like this
pattern I thought it cool this one I love it that’s I don’t know why but I
just love it it’s it’s just I love it it’s so great
there’s so many colors and it’s I think it looks like a stained-glass effect I
think that’s why I love it so much but yeah this is like one of my favorite
patterns I have ever made it’s great I love it also this one is sort of a good
combination between the last two I find that kind of funny I just realized that
but yeah it’s sort of also got those diamonds but it has the same color
combination as this one I I really like it I think it’s pretty cool I love the
diamond effects in bracelets and yeah I really like this
one now let’s get into a few tiny ones so this one I think I made very early on
or not I don’t remember when I made this what the hell is this loop? Why did I
make such a giant loop for such a tiny bracelet? I have no idea, also why is
this loop like this? Like why? I don’t even remember making this honestly but I
like the color combination. This one I made for a video on my channel back in
my OG days of when I just created my channel I did this so that’s nice
memories this one I also made for my channel for a st. Valentine’s video it’s
very short because I was lazy and I couldn’t be bothered to finish it to a
normal length but yeah memories memories ooh this one was also for my channel
it’s only a typical bracelet it’s a zipper bracelet I still think it’s a
really cool bracelet I obviously didn’t to finish it because it’s quite short. Usually I make bracelets about 14 centimeters because that’s like the
usual length of what you need it for the arm but yeah I still think this is a
cool effect and a cool bracelet so if you want to check out my old videos that
are in Russian with English subtitles you can always check them out it’s
pretty fun, yeah I don’t there’s not much I can say about this one it’s a bracelet,
next, I like this one I like the color combination of it I have no idea when I
made this though yeah fun, I also have this one which has sort
of a zigzag effect, this one I really like the colors of this one it’s sort of
a jungle tropical colors yeah I don’t even know just different weird color
combinations I think this one’s pretty cool oh this is one of my favorites I
cannot find the pattern to it though I spent ages I really hope I find it
this time but this is one of my favorite bracelets ever also I love the color
combination of brown and light brown I don’t know I just I really love this
this is so chill and so me, I don’t know it’s just great
Oh another one of my zipper bracelets this is the two-minute twisted bracelet
that I never actually this is what I use for my ties now this is how I tie my
bracelets I make this two-minute twisted bracelet but as bracelet ties not as the
bracelet I never actually filmed a video on this but I did make a photo
tutorial so I’m gonna link that in the description if you want to make this we
are getting into some pretty old bracelets now so that’s fun I don’t
remember making this, also this was probably like years and years ago when I
didn’t know that you can make ties so this is the tie situation pretty pretty
sad this is probably like 2009-2010 we’ve got a little braided bracelet down
here oh one point I thought I was gonna make bracelets for each color but then I
only made this one and I dropped that idea so that was fun oh I remember making
this one this was 2010 when I was in the US visiting my family oh this brings
back so many memories I hate this now I hate this now honestly I think the
pattern is pretty sad the color choices are really really bad like it’s just a
mess but it brings back so many memories and it’s so cute and also the ties, my
god the ties, they are disgusting but memories memories okay I know I said
that I don’t wear bracelets and that is still true but I don’t wear bracelets
but back in the day about like five ish maybe maybe less maybe like three-four
years ago I used to this bracelet I wore for a while and I don’t know I thought
it was cool so I thought I was a Gryffindor I used to think that I was a
Gryffindor which is why the red and the yellow that represents Gryffindor in
some capacity not really but whatever I used to think I was a Gryffindor until I
realized that no I’m actually a Ravenclaw
so yeah shout out to all my Ravenclaws out there I’m one of you! This bracelet
is made terribly it really is there’s so many mistakes in it and the ties are
disgusting yeah they’re just really bad but I
really love this bracelet and I should film a video on it so yeah if you want a
video on how to make this bracelet let me know
I’m gonna film it anyway but I just want to see who wants it so let me know oh
there’s another variation of the same one, the zigzag bracelet, it’s pretty cool
I mean it’s kind of annoying because it twists itself but it’s pretty cool. Now
we’re getting into my favourites that I really want to talk about this one oh
this one I remember it so so well this is 2010 and I was making it at school in
class as like a 12 year old I think I was 12 in 2010 but yeah I remember
making this as a 12 year old in school and yeah this is also what I was saying
like this one is so soft and you can see that you can see you can see in it. This
is how I used to tie my knots and then I started tying them really closely
together and they became like really hard I don’t know why. This is a fun bracelet
this one I started making it and I made it up to here and then I left it for
like two or three years and then I finished it and you can very clearly see
that because again it was that period where the way that I tied my knots
changed and you can see that this bracelet is this the beginning of the bracelet is
sort of soft and you can mould it and the end of the bracelet you can still do
that but it’s much more difficult because it’s much harder and you can see
that this part of it is really thick whereas this one is much thinner because
I would tie my knots harder and I couldn’t control it I don’t know what
really changed because I I don’t realize it but I just it changed and so that’s
why part of its thicker part of its thinner but yeah this is pretty cool
this was me finishing an unfinished bracelet that I had I had this bracelet
unfinished for like three years and I was like one day you know what I’m gonna
finish it today so I did so that was fun I still have a ton of unfinished
bracelets so I’m gonna film a video completely separate on that, going into
the oldies this one is an XO bracelet that I made probably in 2009-2010 look
how bad it is it’s
so bad, there are so many mistakes you can see that I didn’t finish the zeroes
the O’s you can see the pink string coming out in the blue areas you can see
how poorly I made the knots and just how generally poorly structured it is but my
god it does this bring back nice memories it’s just so cute you know what
I would wear this it doesn’t matter that it looks terrible in there’s so many
mistakes it’s cute it was like one of my first ever attempts making a bracelet
via a pattern I didn’t know how to read patterns I was trying my best and it’s
cute I love it so much and the ties yeah the ties are just terrible I didn’t
know that you could make ties so yeah I just I love looking back at these it
just shows how much I’ve progressed like from this I went to this you know like
just I love it it’s great now going to these this and this were like one of the
first ever bracelets that I made I never used a pattern for these I just sort of, so how I learned to make friendship bracelets was actually one of
my friends taught me how to make the candy stripe and then I found out that
you could also make this one so I did and I made these and I wore them for
years they are disgusting this one especially it is pretty gross so I’m
just gonna put it off to the side I have worked them for years I don’t wanna I
don’t want to talk about it ooh now we’ve got to the goodies, keyrings, let’s
start with this one this one is a pattern that I designed myself I did two
different patterns for each side the S is supposed to represent the name of my
is then boyfriend now husband we didn’t break up he’s just my husband now and
not my boyfriend and this M is obviously for my name which
is Maria and Masha is the Russian version of it which is why I call myself
Masha Knots but whatever and the purple is supposed to represent him and
the yellow is supposed to represent me so in our relationship we would
represent ourselves as purple and yellow I don’t know where that came from honestly I don’t remember we’ve been together for so long now that I don’t
remember how that happened but yeah I designed this pattern myself and I made
it to represent like us in our relationship so yeah this one is very
dear to me now this one is incredibly gross like you can actually see that the
white string has become like brown it’s disgusting and you know why because it’s
loved its disgusting because it’s loved I made this for my mum I don’t remember
what for I think it was like international women’s day or something
but yeah I made this for my mum and she would wear it on her keyring and that’s
why it’s so disgusting but then she gave it back to me I don’t remember that to
be honest why she gave it back to me I can’t remember context, my memory isn’t
that great I realized in this video but whatever
I have it now and yeah I have to wash it I should film a video on how to
wash bracelets huh that’s a good realization that I just had interesting
let me know if you’ll be interested in that but you know I have to wash this
maybe I’ll film a video while washing it also I should film a video on how
to make earrings because yeah I haven’t made a keyring in a while I should yeah
I really like this pattern I like the heart I made it from red to purple here
and from purple to red yeah that was fun now if you’ve watched this video to this
point honestly you’re a saint this video is so long I can’t believe
I’m even filming it so long I’m gonna hate myself in editing but these are my
three most treasured bracelets so well done to making it to the end
because this is the best part this one let’s start with this one this is my
most favorite pattern that I ever made I love this pattern it’s so cute the
little dinosaur with the little volcano it’s just I don’t know I can’t describe it
but I love it so so so so much and it was so fun to make I love bracelets that
depict a scene this is like a picture this is a whole scene it tells a story
of a little dinosaur baby that is in front of a volcano in this earth I don’t
know what the story is but it tells a story and I loved it it was so fun to
make it was the best and I made it into a keyring and I want to make more like
this so if anyone knows of any patterns that are similar to this one please
please let me know I loved it so much and it is my favorite and it’s been in
my collection for years and yeah it’s just the best now these two these two
are actually very special to me it’s not that I love these patterns more than
anything there are definitely patterns in my collection that I love more than
these ones but just these bracelets are very special to me let’s start with this
one as you can see it is pretty badly damaged on the side you can see that threads are coming out and it’s very sad and here it sort of started to rip the
ties have started to rip and it’s just in a very very sad sad state this is
because this is the bracelet that I made for my then boyfriend, now husband I think I made this for him in like 2013
I think it was about then because it wasn’t in the very beginning of our
relationship because you know at the beginning of your relationship you’re in
the beginning of your relationship you don’t really wear matching stuff, plus
we were like babies I started dating him when I was 14 but I think this was
about a year into our relationship so I’d say 2013 yeah we I made us matching
bracelets so this one was his and my one is I think in Russia right now which is
why I don’t have it here and I can’t show you that mine is in a pretty bad
state as well it’s pretty pretty pretty bad but yeah we wore these for I think
about a year or maybe two maybe even three I honestly can’t remember how long
we wore these for but we wore these for a while and they started ripping and I
was really sad but yeah when you wear a bracelet for that long and you have to
wash it constantly because you know it’s disgusting if you don’t they break, it
happens you know there’s nothing you can really do about it but yeah so because
that won’t broke I made us new ones And this is the second bracelet
that we wore for a while together I can’t remember whose this is if it’s
mine or his I honestly don’t I also don’t know where the second one is which
is pretty sad but I can’t remember but yeah this one also started breaking
after a while we wore this for a couple of years as well and I started all the
ties completely broke off you can see but yeah we really loved these bracelets
like we wore them all the time so after I wore these bracelets like I stopped
and I didn’t wear bracelets at all but yeah these just these two have a very
special place in my heart and very sentimental they’re really very
sentimental valueable to me because we wore them for such a long time and it
sort of represented our relationship and our bond and that’s great but now we
have rings for that so we don’t wear bracelets anymore, we have rings for that
so yeah that’s my entire bracelet collection I need to figure out a
different way of storing my bracelets cos storing it in that tiny box is not
comfortable it’s not great so yeah thank you guys for watching let me know how
you store your bracelets cos I’m genuinely interested I have no idea how
to store these because I never wear them and they the box is overflowing so
genuinely interested leave me your ideas leave me a suggestions for how you store
your bracelets yeah if you made it this far into the video thank you like
honestly I really appreciate it whenever anybody watches my video but especially
ones this long and making it to the end that’s just great but yeah thank you
guys for watching and I shall see you on Tuesday for my next video bye


  1. I just thought I'd mention that these are not ALL of the bracelets I've made over the years but rather a portion of them. A lot of my bracelets have been given to other people as gifts or simply lost. But these are the ones I currently have 🙂

  2. I love your channel this is my fave bracelet making video ever especially since all the bracelets are in the bio 🙂

  3. Reserve a key ring or keys clip just for bracelets. I remember making the chevrons (v) type. Brown#30 and couples#47, love them. Subscribed.

  4. can you please please please do a tutorial for the dinosaur keychain? they don’t have any anywhere and the pattern is really confusing me. but i want to make it for my moms bday and i can’t figure it out

  5. can u please make a tutorial on how to make the normal friendship bracelet patterns? I’m struggling because I want to come up with my own ideas for bracelets, but can’t quite do so!! Thanks

  6. I watched the whole thing and I loved it! Your channel is great, Maria! 😆 I can't wait to get started making bracelets. 😆♥️♥️ Also we're pretty close in age. That's cool! I'm 18.

  7. I wish I could have one of your bracelets but I could make them myself, but I have to ask my mom and dad to buy some more embroidery floss for me. But…I still don’t get how to read the bracelet maker chart or whatever even if I watch a video about it. At least I made a chevron and fishtail bracelet by myself…but I like masha’s bracelets because they are way more complicated than the ones I have

  8. I would keep them in a box, and I'll sell some of the bracelets, and I'll keep the ones that I like… Maybe sell them for $2-$5 depending on how hard it was, and the quality.

  9. I recently started making these bracelets bc I was bored but I don’t use them as bracelets either bc I use them as bookmarks

  10. Not trying to be rude but its kinda annoying when u call how u made ur bracelets disgusting cuz some of us still make our knots like that

  11. These are so pretty!! I saw one comment that said “you should pass them down as a family tradition,” I thought that was a great idea!!!

  12. i’m so late to this video but it was in my recommenced and bracelet book is confusing to me, so does anybody know the name of the bracelet #13

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