HEADSHOT (lol) HEADSHOT but guess what? What? YOU HAVE TO THROW MOR THING AT ME GEEEEEETTTTTTT DUNKED ON!!! OH-H-H SHOOT OH IT TUCK ME FOREVER TO MAKE THAT!!! I dont care!!!… RRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHH HAHAHAHAHA YOU WUS NO NO NO no no NO!!! NO NO NO i zoomed in on you. WOW…Im just gonna walk away now… Wait what the, WHERE THE HELLHAS IT GONE???!!! YOU GOT IT SERIOUSLY???!!! no i dont know where it is. its in my jacket thanks for telling me!!! im must PROTECT it, I MUST PROTECT YOU!!! you must be tekten i hate tekten you hate your own son? no i dont i dont hate him!!! i hate Chara YOU HATE YOUR OWN DAUGHTER? yep Why do you? Cuz shes a murderer you taught me my ways THIS IS MY LAST CHANCE!!! this is my POKEMON SAVE ME!!! MINE CRAFT CHARACTERS SAVE ME!!! GREEN DAY SAVE ME!!! AAAAHHHHHHH Your not Arnold Schwartznegger right? quick quick quick d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alright show’em it show’em it NO ITS MINE HE HAS MORE MONEY THAT ME!!! wait no he doesnt oh god i have to do this.. i have to gimme back my diamond and ill give you my million dollars. do you know what the problem with that is? what? I HAVE IT!! NYOUH!!! HAHAA SCRABILIPUOSY!!! RIBDIOLAPEEPEEHOLE GITRIDUOLY BEFORE SOMEBODY STOLE IT!!! ill give you your diamond back if you let me keep this. (pant) ok yes my diamond!!! LOOK im right here lets just play some team fortress alright? ok ill just go upstairs and play some team fortress ok, deal ill do that hey dude ya? why you locking the door? why you holding that gun? no reason NOOOOOO reason HES GONNA BEAT ME UP AGAIN and also RRRRRRRRRR NO HELP MEEEEE

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