My dog met SANTA! Luna the Golden Retriever

My dog met SANTA! Luna the Golden Retriever

Today miss Luna and I are heading out on a mommy-daughter date We are heading to salvage Souls Animal Rescue They are having a fundraiser where for $20 you can get holiday photos of your dog done. So I’m super excited We’re gonna go get some Christmas pictures of Luna Good girl So this is one of the first things that Luna and I have done on around without Eric So I’m hoping that today goes smooth and she’s a good girl. But I mean Lunas always good She’s like the best dog ever, aren’t you? So we just got here and it looks like the event is being hosted at a place called Hollywood feed It’s a pet merchandise and food store. So we’re gonna go check it out All right, come on let’s go Mia Santa So it looks like over here they have all of the Christmas decorations Hi, can you say hi to Santa come on baby? Come on? Are you making a friend we have lots of friends here? Oh Good girl, Lena good girl So we’re back in the car now and we’re going to head home Lumina was not a huge fan of Santa Yeah, you were not a fan of Santa But other than that, she was a really good girl and I think some of the pictures are going to come out super cute


  1. Luna & I had the funnest mommy/daughter date! I’m excited to share more glimpses into the life of our Little Luna! 🎅🏼🐶🤗

  2. Have you ever thought about working in private aviation….you have the perfect personality for it….I’ve had two goldens and they are the best. Keep up the vlogs love it.

  3. Awww so sweet 🙂 Hmm I bet Luna isn't too keen on Santa since he prefers those reindeer over dogs for his sleigh! hehe.
    And Julia your hair looks lovely 🙂

  4. My two labradors Jessica and Lucy from Bury in the UK say hi to Luna…she is gorgeous and looks like she has a lovely temperament.

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