My First Impressions of LS Tower and Princess Silver, Sun Yi and Jin Dong new dramas

My First Impressions of LS Tower and Princess Silver, Sun Yi and Jin Dong new dramas

Hi guys, Marcus here and welcome to Chinese
Entertainment Update May 26th 2019 edition. I want start this edition by giving my spoiler-free
first impressions of two costume dramas that are trending at the moment – Listening Snow
Towerand Princess Silver. Listening Snow Tower stars Qin Junjie and
Crystal Yuan, and tells the story of the master of the Listening Snow Tower and the woman
he loves also known as the blood demon’s daughter. The drama premiered on May 6th and is available
with English subs on Youtube. Listening Snow Tower is set in the pugilistic
world, or 江湖 in Mandarin, where swordsmen roam and different sects fight for power. And that’s what I love about this drama or
just wuxia dramas in general – it’s themes of tribalism, loyalty, betrayal, that kind
of thing. The actors have a great so far, especially
Qin Junjie. His portrayal as the sickly young master of Listening Snow Tower is very convincing. Then there’s Jessica Hsuan who plays the leader
of the villainous Moon Worshipping Sect. Her character’s a bit one-dimensional but
she does bring that oldschool Hong Kong movie villian feel to it especially when she does
the fight scenes, which I feel are one of the drama’s better
features. Princess Silver stars Sophie Zhang and Aarif
Rahman and tells the story of a princess with amnesia who is sent to marry the prince of
a different kingdom so they can form an alliance. The drama premiered on May 15th and is not
officially on Youtube yet but is available with English subs on unofficial sites like
Dramacool. Unlike Listening Snow Tower which is set in
the pugilistic world, Princess Silver is set in the palaces of different kingdoms. Instead of different sects vying for power,
it’s more a showcase of relationships between the emperor, the princes, princesses and concubines,
that kind of thing. But there’s also plenty of action with assassins
and people trying to wipe other people out so it’s lots of fun as well. And both stars have been great, especially
Sophie Zhang who’s character has to balance between being a delicate princess and a skilled
martial artist. As to which one of these dramas are better,
I think it’s a matter of personal taste. Listening Snow Tower is more of a pure wuxia
drama about different sects vying for power, whereas Princess Silver is more about imperial
family matters with a slightly heavier romance theme. Listening Snow Tower is abit slow at times,
especially when they reminisce about the past, but personally I like them both and I’m jumping
back and forth between them. And on the topic of wuxia dramas, another
quick update on Handsome Siblingsstarring Hu Yitian and Chen Zheyuan. The drama released another trailer recently
and it is available on Youtube, this time by licensed channel Huace Global Fun; just
type in “Handsome Siblings Huace” and it should pop right up. Since it’s from a licensed channel the quality
is pretty good but it is short and does give away some important plot points so be warned
if you don’t want any spoilers at all. Two dramas with legal premises that I just
want to update you guys on. Hello Prosecutoris an upcoming
drama starring Sun Yi as the daughter of a wealthy family who gets appointed as the new
prosecutor and Zhang Haowei as a mysterious but ingenious
lawyer who helps Sun Yi’s character. Sun Yi was recently in Siege in Fog
while Zhang Haowei had a supporting role in Sweet Dreams. Hello Prosecutor wrapped recently and is a
remake of the Korean drama Prosecutor Princess. The Best Partneris an upcoming
legal drama that just started shooting recently and it stars Jin Dong and Lan Yingying. Jin Dong plays a cocky lawyer who will do
anything to win while Lan Yingying plays a rookie lawyer who
eventually wins his heart. Chinese legal dramas don’t really ever make
me scream “I need to watch this!”. Personally, I feel the writing and directing
in so many of them are not well-vetted which in turn makes the drama unconvincing. But that’s just me and not everybody is the
same – there are many people who gobble up legal dramas like they’re candy. I am also a fan of Jin Dong’s work. He was good in Nirvana in Fire
and The First Half of My Lifeso if there’s any reason for me catch any
of these dramas, it’s to watch his performance.


  1. i'm watching only listening snow tower. palace intrigue is not my cup of tea unless it's full of humor like 'being king is not easy.'

  2. I personally feel Listening Snow Tower is really… β€œdead”.
    The cinematography and costumes are beautiful, the fight scenes are gorgeous but when there aren’t any fight scenes, they just… stand there and deliver lines like if they’re reading from an invisible script

  3. I wish they chose a different female main lead on snow tower she's quite dry ! I"ve seen her several drama but she does not drama in the camera yes she's pretty but she doesn't have that it thing the camera!

  4. Thanks very much for the video Marcus
    Drama LISTENING SNOW TOWER consisted of many drama plot developments
    It is one drama plot when finishes to be followed by another plot with new supporting characters and organisations
    But the overall is still the battle between bai yue clan and listening snow clan

    The drama princess silver (seen to 26) consists of only one main drama plot developments xin qi to take over bai ling coupled with many unseen mysteries and truth to be revealed later as seen in the preview
    Enjoy both dramas very much
    Current ones watching
    The legend of chong er(episode 66/72)
    Investitures of the God(episode 46/65)
    Listening snow tower(episode 33/56)
    Princess silver(episode 26/58)

    Yet to start
    The legend of Phoenix 28 May
    Lord critical world 27 May


  5. A big THANKS again to you, at this time I’m watching listening snow tower in VIKI/YouTube I hope princess silver will be good to watch, exciting πŸ₯° I started to watch the Legends late epi 17 thank you πŸ™

  6. Dearest Marcus, I am in complete agreement with you, I'm loving my life right now, 2 great costumes drama for me to enjoy, savoring it very much. Looking forward to everyday… Costume drama is my life essence🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 between Listening snow tower and Princess silver there is no choice, I love them both equally and the actors too. Let's cheers to thatπŸ₯‚

  7. I’m going to start watching princess silver today I hope 🀞 is Worth for the time I’m going to spend .

    I really like snow tower specially the fighting scene

  8. I am too jumping between these two dramas. I think I am watching just to watch! I found myself fast forwarding through most of the eps. I don't have that feeling of "woo I need to wait for the next eps" its just okay, nice the next eps are out. The CPs are not to exciting to me either, funny watching SOphy Hang grow up, and now leading in series, hehe man…. I am old!

  9. While Listening Snow Tower is a great "production", I'm still waiting for a more complete Hong Kong style wuxia drama. While elements of revenge and sect conflicts are present, there's not enough focus on lore building for the martial arts being used, heroes acquiring many legacies of ancient masters, or maybe legendary weapons that all of Jianghu are chasing.

    Yes, we periodically get remakes of Jin Yong classics from the TVB era, but there's little "new material" attempting to create their own wuxia mythologies. Nowadays we mostly get "give these characters some random martial arts and set them off to kill each other".

  10. True! With the LST , but I’m jumping watching it with another one very nice story the Dragon Saber & Heavenly Sword story , also about sects full of action and love story too

  11. i dnt like the female lead in listening snow tower ….its just so boring …her character there is weak idiot watever

  12. Drama princess silver
    Seen to episode 30
    The plot is getting more exciting and dramatic as General fu instigated the crown Prince to stage a rebellion to take over the throne
    Also rong le sent her assistant out of jiang jun fu to pass details of General fu's secret meeting with the imperial armies with a map showing the positions to cover

    An exciting and heart thumping episode

  13. unless they change the plot of Handsome Siblings a lot if not the story is quite well known to those who watch wuxia dramas. I always felt Gulong is not as well known just because he died early, his novels are good.

  14. Princesses Silver is good too. I am going to loose a lot of sleep watching listen snow tower and princess silver

  15. Drama princess silver
    Episode 32
    A quick change of drama plot developments and events
    The bai lin king was poisoned by the FAKE General fu who took his imperial army seal to control the imperial armies.
    Wu you was framed as the murderer.
    Rong le saw the whole incident while she was kept hidden.The dying king asked her to go nanjing to get wu you back to the imperial palace.unfortunately she was attacked by the tien chi men whom General fu was the Xiao zhu
    The imperial palace is in chaos COS General fu took control.The crown Prince realised mistake to trust General fu and xiang er.
    But the crown Prince can't do anything cos he needed the support of General fu and his men
    The imperial armies now under general fu
    Highly dramatic with QUICK INTERCHANGES OF SCENES

  16. For fans of drama listening snow tower
    Episode 34
    New developments

    The "wind rain" clan is an organisation who does any deed as long as being paid
    From snow listening clan-kao huan,qing yu and xiao Tai to check on this organisation
    New characters in this episode-ren gong zhi,feng sai ,chew wo yu and Shi ming yin
    Shi ming yin is the girl who escaped from the brothel saved by pei Ruo's shi Mei.The earnings from the brothel goes to "FENG YU CLAN"
    Bai the sect wanted pei ruo to join forces against listening snow clan but was rejected

    Yi qing and jing rong
    Physician qing min suggested to Jing rong to assassinate yi qing cos needed to catch him unaware so the heart would be opened.using jing rong's inner strength and medicine they managed to revive yi qing
    They brought him to a icy pool using"poison against poison" to get rid of the poison from his body cos he had "Han qi"
    This poison was from the cup of wine from pei Ruo which yi qing drank on behalf of xiao Tai who killed pei ruo's lover xiao ling intentionally after she met min he whom they conspired
    Before going to the icy pool Jing reminded yi to think of his mother whom he has yet to rescue and listening snow clan to encourage him to succed whereas yi qing 's mind it is for jing rong

    Jing ring-seow yi qing
    Yi qing. – awake already?
    Jing rong-your wound is better
    Why don't you sleep more?
    Yi qing -here only have such a small bed
    You took more than half the space
    How to let me sleep?
    Such humorous scene

    Overall a new organisations with new characters for a new drama plot developments

  17. Obrigada marcus pelos lindos videos estou apaixonada pelas series chinesas muito lindos bjs.

  18. Despite what some people may say I actually enjoy watching Listening Snow Tower. It’s been a really long time since I’ve watched a wuxia drama that I really like. I know that one of the biggest complaints is too slow, but I watch extremely lengthy dramas all the time so I’m fine with it, but it’s understandable why some may not like it. I recommend that you try it, you might actually really like it. I’ve also seen around 10 episodes of Princess Silver and I also think it’s really good. However the subs are coming out slower than listening snow tower, so I’m going to wait til everything is subbed before I continue so I won’t lose interest from waiting

  19. Drama listening snow tower
    Episode 35
    Yi qing had recovered from the poison except "xiang shi" poison
    Physician qing ming told jing rong to get the herbal flower which could be found in the icy mountains.jing rong found it but encounters avalanche.lei household the young master whom jing rong disguised as courtesan to gain entry to lei household in earlier episodes is now part of the feng yue clan.he saved jing.yi qing met master lei and won the fight.Jing protected him from being killed by yi qing.bai yue sect members attacked with poisonous needles which master lei escaped.yi qing accused jing rong of breaking house rules by venturing alone that he had to put aside all his work to look for her and the conspiracy with feng yue clan.Jing was speechless that she vomited blood and was unconscious.holding her in his arms yi apologised to her
    Listening snow clan saved bei ruo and his Shi me yue feng sai
    But unfortunately they found the family members of Shi ming yin the young girl who escaped from the brothel killed by feng yue clan

    Ren fei yang and kao huan swored as brothers and exchanged their swords "wen qing Jian" is from ren and "lei Heng Joan" from kao huan.From scene looked like kao huan put something into the wine he offered to ren fei yang.
    This scene is where they buried the family members of shi ming yin killed by feng yue clan

    End of summary
    No new episode upload yet for the 4 dramas now watching
    To watch now lord critical world episode one
    Later to episode one of new drama the legend of the phoenix

  20. To all wuxia drama
    Drama lord critical world
    Review episode one

    This is one drama which has so many scenes of supernatural power and special effects
    Starting with the immortal world being attacked by the strange looking creatures.The purpose is the revival of the "TIEN YAO"
    Yin chen sent by his shifu to fu Zhen(a town) to assist.
    He asked qi ling a waiter there to get the list of names of lin su shi names.there qi ling acquainted with one of the lin su shi a lady ,shen yin.She explained that for their kind they do not need any weapon in combat but depended on how strong is each "lin li" inner strength
    Drama plot moved to that white strange creature Zhang xun zhi yan which turned the whole of fu Zhen covered in ice
    Overall our main lead qi ling has no martial fighting skills yet But according to preview he will become yin chen's disciple later on

    This drama has quick interchanges of scenes
    Cheers drama time

  21. @marcussim, I would LOVE to know what your top 10 must watch costume, modern, historical dramas are πŸ€—

    Pretty please consider making a video on these 😊

    Thanks again for the update Markypooh!

  22. I like Listening Snow Tower, the actors and actress are pretty good, I just hope the subtitles comes faster i'm always excited to watch new episodes

  23. Hello! Marcus Sim.., Thanks so much for your wonderful insights on Chinese Drama!!!. I have to say, I wish the writers, directors, producers would shorten the " starring love me & repeat memories scenes." If you notice most of the ending scenes on these drama's tend to cut/leave out the other characters. It's like…what happened to them or that material object!. Most of the Actors & Actresses are starting to look like animated characters in a video game. Don't get me wrong, but most of the Asian Actors & Actresses are talented in their craft. The Chinese Actors are starting to look buff, and totally ripped in their absπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌLove it!. Most of the Chinese Actresses are starting to look thin almost anorexic!. Which makes me wonder…maybe they are forced to be a certain weight. . Their beautiful, but to thin and when their acting In a certain scene their voice sounds like a little girl almost to irritating to listen. SORRY! πŸ™‰
    I love watching " Snow Tower !" But, the producers should of gotten a better actress to play the mainlead. The rest of the cast is Fantastic. " Cruel Romance & Destined to Love !" Are great dramas to watch. Love your channel MarcusπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  24. Marcus! 😭😭😭 I've 🐝 watching Princess Silver here on YouTube (with English subs) and I was only 5 episodes in. Absolutely love it!
    Then suddenly it got deleted 😭. YouTube account is gone.
    I tried drama cool but the site is too wonky, keeps redirecting to ads etc and won't load.
    Please let me know if you know of where else to watch.

  25. i had to drop listening snow tower at episode 6. it didn't capture me.
    currently watching princess silver. i love it so far. although i never like Li Zhi Ting

    edit: i also dropped Princess Silver. i couldnt stand to have to see Li Zi Ting!!!! 😣😣😣

  26. Hi! πŸ™‹πŸ» Marcus….

    I gotta say this, for some reason I thought you lived in California🌞. Your actually my neighbor I live here in Seattle Wa. Here's my imput on " Princess Silver !" I really enjoyed watching it even though I had to fast forward some of the love starring scenes. Finally a Film crew who actually took the time to " write, direct, and produce a sensible ending!. Believe me I was shocked😳, and I know you probably watched a lot of series and movies that dont even make sense!. The actress Zhang Xueying is pretty, but I wish she would of gotten dental work on her teeth!. Because everytime she would smile I would look at her double toothπŸ™ˆπŸ˜β˜ΊοΈ This is very obvious for the actor ( Aarif Rahman ) who played the Prince and this was a give away on her part trying to disguise as the owner of the Tea House!. Another thing I notice actor Aarif Rahman didn't kiss Zhang Xueying on her lips, I guess it's because of his religion. Lou Yunxi was amazing playing Zhang brother and I thought their relationship was not blood related because of the way he treated her! To much AFFECTION!!! Now… Jing Chao, loving his black clothes and his Kung fu on the bridge trying to save Zhang from the assassins. I was hoping for him to live at the end and I really felt sorry for him as a child!. It seems like all 3 main characters got played when they were children, this is really heart broken!.

    Thank you!πŸ™πŸΌ Marcus for your Wonderful channel I really enjoy all your updates on everything!.
    Stay Bless Neighbor
    Tamara 🌺

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