My Golden Life | 황금빛 내인생 – Ep.1 [SUB : ENG,CHN,IND /2017.09.09]

My Golden Life | 황금빛 내인생 – Ep.1 [SUB : ENG,CHN,IND /2017.09.09]


  1. Hope this is better than The secret of my love cuz that main actor couldnt even talk without widening her eyes. The second girl is so pretty eee

  2. Shin hye sun , i love you in "30 but 17", "Angel last mission love" and now i see "my golden life", because you're one of the best actress! <3

  3. Please help me that how can I get the English subtitles of this?
    I saw the message that " click the caption button " but I didn't see such a button… Damn it

  4. omg its my 1st time too see a video without a pop up ads . thank you kbs i really apriciate it

    sry bad english

  5. Even k drama's are predictable, you can easily predict what will be next, you can see similar kind of characters and story line in othr drama's..

  6. Қазақстанда телеарнадан көрсетіп жатыр.Осы кино қатты ұнады рахмет(thank you)😙👍👌 kumao saranghe ❤ Мне очень понравилось этот дорама спасибо ❤

  7. I hope these slavery act shown in this drama is a fictional and not the reality in the country. Anyway, good drama.Bravo!!

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