Hello everyone my name is Masha Knots
and today I’m going to let you guys over on Instagram choose the bracelet that
I’m making. So I made a small list of questions that I want to ask you guys
and I’m about to post them on my Instagram right now. So follow me on
Instagram if you want to take part in any future activities like this, but also
just you know, to see my cute bracelet pics and stuff. I also do lives on there
sometimes. But the first question that I’m going to ask, because I’m pretty set
on doing a normal bracelet, as you guys know I’m not that great at alphas, I’m
not comfortable enough yet with my alpha skills to do a video like this on that,
but I am pretty comfortable with my normal pattern skills so I’m going to be
doing a normal bracelet and the first question that I’m gonna ask is how long
you want the bracelet to be. And I’m thinking either 10 to 15 strings or 15
to 20 strings, I want to keep it under 20 because otherwise I’m never finishing
this video. So it’s either 10 to 15 or 15 to 20. So I just posted that on my story,
we’re now waiting for responses. But the next question that I’m gonna ask is how
many colors you guys want the bracelet to have. And that is gonna be in a form
of a choice between 2, 3-4, 5-6 and over 7. And of course, because on
Instagram you can only do polls with options of 2, for this I’m using the quiz
feature so you guys are gonna see so the “correct answer”. Hopefully most of you
will understand that you can ignore that. Next up I’m curious if you want me to do
vibrant or chill colors, so let’s see what you guys think. I was also thinking
of how I could describe different pattern types and I thought a good
descriptor for that would be that in some patterns you have a very clear
outline of where sort of the design goes and there’s like a black outline or a
white outline or just you know a different color outline to highlight
some part of the bracelet and in other bracelets like the dovetail, the
chevron, really any other type of bracelet, the colors all work together
and flow together. So I’m gonna ask you guys if you think I should have outlines
in my pattern or if the colors should flow together.
The next question is sort of a follow-up question to this.
So when it comes to an outline, bracelets I usually make them with like a black
outline or a white outline. Sometimes you can also do color outlines, for example
like a light pink in the middle and then a dark pink as the outline or something
like that, but the next question is should the bracelet include black and
white or should it just be other types of colors? For the next question I was
thinking what sort of bracelet features I could use to describe different
patterns. And I came up with three, which are diamonds, arrows or lines. And the
other option is anything else, other. And for now, that is all the questions that
I’ve come up with. Depending on what the answer is going to be, I’m gonna maybe
ask some other questions. So let’s check out the preliminary answers. It has only
been seven minutes and I’ve already got quite a few responses, which is pretty
surprising! And at the moment you guys are really leaning towards me making a
15 to 20 strand bracelet with 92 versus 63 votes for that. So that’s interesting!
I’m gonna wait a little bit longer to see if that will change, but that’s
interesting. Next up, for the amount of colors again, it’s only been about like
six-seven minutes, you guys mostly voted for five to six colors with 66 votes on
that as for the vibrant versus chill vote at
the moment you guys aren’t that sure. There’s 62 votes on one 73 on the other.
It is more leaning towards chill obviously, but that can easily change.
Same with the outlined versus flow situation. You guys can’t really decide.
There’s 53 on one and 60 on the other. Again, very preliminary, it can change, but
still I’m finding it quite interesting to see what like, initial results
are because I have no idea what you guys would be interested in choosing. And for
me as well – I don’t know what I would have chosen if someone had asked me these
question, so it’s kind of interesting to see. Black and white versus color, you
guys want me to include black and white as far as I can tell right now. And for
the features, it’s very early to see yet. Like there’s not many answers at the
moment, but arrows are in the lead right now. The more I’m updating this, the more
you guys are just going crazy. There’s so many of you answering, it’s literally
been like 10 minutes. So it’s been over an hour and
I managed to film a whole entire video because a girl loves to multitask. And if
you want to check it, out it’s a mail opening video, but it’s gonna be linked in the description if you want to see that. I got a bunch of cool letters! I was very happy about that. You guys are not making this video easy to make! You
keep changing what you want me to do and most of the votes are like 50/50 at the
moment. Okay, so I feel like it’s been long enough to get the results for the
first round of polls. So 56 percent of you guys voted for 15 to 20 strings, so
that one. With the quiz feature it doesn’t show percents, it just shows
votes. But by 354 and the closest was 251, so quite a while there, you guys chose the five to six colors
for the bracelet. As for the vibrant and chill thing, it was literally the exact
same with 407 and 407 so I guess I’ll be the one choosing the color palette for
this and we’ll see how that goes in a little bit. 58% of you voted for the
colors to flow rather than have an outline, to which I’m honestly a little
bit disappointed because I do outlines mostly and it’s not like I’m disappointed, but
I’m more like scared because I don’t really know how to make a good pattern
that flows. But we’ll see, it’s just gonna be a little bit more of a challenge for
me than I expected, but that’s fine. This one, I am genuinely disappointed though.
54% of you wanted only other colors so no black and whites, which I’m sad about
because I love having black and white in my patterns. But that’s fine, I’ll figure
something out. And with this one you guys couldn’t decide between diamonds or
arrows. There’s 235 on diamonds and 237 on
arrows, so I guess I’m going to try and find a pattern where both diamonds and
arrows are present. So I’m probably gonna be doing another round of votes in a
little bit, but for now I’m gonna take my laptop and I’m gonna try and find some
patterns that qualify to these criteria. So I’m gonna go on this website and as
always, everything is linked in the description. And before I start, may I
just let you know that I have a bunch of friend requests here and also a
bunch of messages. I cannot accept friends anymore because every time I
need to click on a friend the whole entire thing refreshes and I’m literally –
I just cannot accept any more friends at the moment, so I’m sorry if I haven’t
accepted you, please don’t be offended, it’s just really difficult to do. As for
messages – I try to go through them every once in a while, but the best way
to reach me is Instagram because I tend to go through my messages there more
often. Anyway, back from that sort of tangent,
let’s go from 15 to 20 strings and the colors from 5 to 6. We’re also going only by normal patterns and the keywords should include the word
diamond. So let’s order them by the latest and have a look at what this comes up
with. So, looking at stuff that doesn’t really have outlines. This one looks
pretty interesting, but I am also kind of making a bracelet like that so I don’t
want to make the exact same thing again. This one looks really cool, but that has
outlines, I’m gonna save that for later though, just because I might want to do
that for myself. Ah, this one! So many people have been asking me for this
pattern. I’m gonna save that as well, nothing to do with this sort of video,
but a lot of people have been asking me for this pattern. So this is the pattern
number, you can find that for yourself, the website is linked in the description.
Maybe that would work because that does have diamonds and arrows, but I don’t
know how I would do that with not using black and white because that has a black
in it. So maybe not. This one could work with not using black as a background. So
it has blacks or whites I could maybe use that, so I’m gonna save that one to
see if I can think of something later. See, most of these patterns have sort of
outlines and that’s what I was saying, like a lot of the patterns that I use
have outlines, I don’t really know how to find one that doesn’t use outlines. Oh,
this one has both diamonds and arrows. This one sort of looks like the dovetail but like a smaller version of it.
It also really sort of looks 3D which I think is pretty
cool. And you can do sort of gradient with it. It doesn’t have to be the black
here. So maybe I’ll end up doing this, I don’t know what options we have. This is
one of the options as well. Okay, okay. What if I remove the word diamond and
just look at patterns that are here? And what if I don’t order by latest, but I
order by say, the number of photos. This one could work, yeah. This one could work,
that’s pretty cute, I like this one. Maybe something like this as well? Maybe like
if I’m not allowed to use back and white, maybe I could use just like a light
color in the background and then some sort of color for something else
here. Or this one, that’s literally the same thing, but with less strings. Yes, so
this one has twenty strings. This one has fifteen strings, so I’m gonna
save this one with fifteen because it has less strings. This I think would
definitely work, but I don’t want to do the dovetail again because I’ve already
done the dovetail, I have a tutorial on it if you didn’t know and that’ll be linked
in the card and in the description if you want to check it out. But I don’t
feel like doing something that I’ve already done, so I’m gonna keep looking.
Ah, this one has come back to haunt me, not doing that again!
I did this pattern for the random colors challenge where I got a color
combination that I really didn’t like and I created a bracelet that I really
didn’t like. If you want to see that that, will also be linked in the card and the
description for you to watch later. I actually sent this out to someone.
She really enjoyed it when she got it so I’m happy that that bracelet has found a
new home. Maybe something like this could work as well, although I also did a
similar bracelet like this, so I don’t know if I want to do it again. But this
is kind of cute as well. Okay, I just realized I completely forgot about the
diamond and arrow type of thing. This is neither a diamond or an arrow, so this
has to go. This one is kind of a diamond, but also it’s more of a rectangle. I’m
sad, I don’t wanna let it go. I’m just gonna add it to my to do list. I don’t
think this works because I completely forgot about the diamond and everything.
This one has an arrow, this one has diamonds, this one has both diamonds and
arrows. And this one has diamonds and sort of arrows on this
right here. So I think I would agree with these four. I’m gonna ask you guys
which one you’d like to me to make and then we’re gonna head over to you color
combinations. So it’s been about an hour and you guys overwhelmingly chose this
pattern, which funnily enough is the one that I predicted I’m gonna end up making.
So that’s kind of cool! Now it’s time to choose some colors.
Now there are five colors in this pattern. And you guys didn’t want me to
use black or white and I feel like this is the perfect pattern to use a gradient.
Now if you’ve watched my thread organization video, you would have seen
these already. This is my box of the Pllieay brand. You guys always ask me where
I get my thread. I got this on Amazon. It’s not sponsored, it’s just something I
got and I have run out of some of this string but I still have quite a lot left
over and I think I’m gonna choose some sort of gradient for this. So five colors.
We have one sort of dominant color and I want to choose about four different
color options so you guys can choose. Let’s maybe start with the green, I
feel like I never go with green. Okay, so I have a green color combination, so this
is gonna be the first color option. Next let’s choose something from the pink
maybe. So five, there’s exactly five here. So this is gonna be color option number
two. I’m thinking maybe something with the deep reds as well and maybe
something like this this would be the third option. So we have a green, a pink
and a red. I’m debating a yellow or blue, because the original pattern is in blue,
maybe I could go with a blue as well. Yeah, let’s try making a blue gradient.
Let’s go with this for the last color option. So for the colors we’ve got a
green gradient, a pink gradient, a red gradient and a blue gradient. So I’m
gonna ask you guys and see what you think.
Hello again, so it’s the next day and that’s because you guys could not decide
between the pink and the blue. I kept checking back until like 2 am and it
kept changing between who was in the lead, but when I checked back in the
morning the blue was in the lead with 696 votes
versus 572 for the pink. So I guess I’m going to be doing a blue gradient like
the one in the original pattern. So that concludes the voting process, now it’s
just up to me to actually make the bracelet, so let’s get on that. So the
pattern itself has a very clear arrow going here so I’m thinking I’m gonna do
a teardrop loop at this point and then a triangle end for the end of the bracelet
at this point as well. And there we have it! I am done with the
bracelet! Here is how it turned out, I think it looks really really beautiful, I
love the gradient and I really like the pattern. I really enjoyed the dovetail
when I did it and this really reminds me of it because it’s kind of the same
thing really if you think about it. But I love the way how all the colors interact
with one another to create this beautiful design and I think it turned
out really well. So thank you guys for choosing this bracelet for me to make,
this was definitely a really fun experience for me and I hope we can do
it again sometime. And once again, if you didn’t get a chance to vote, make sure
that you follow me on Instagram so that next time I do one of these, your voice
gets heard. I will leave the pattern for this down in the description if you want
to make one of these for yourself, it is a really really cute bracelet and I’m
really happy with how it turned out. Before I go, I want to give a quick shout
out to all of my patrons but especially my top supporters who are Sunshine, Tia,
Izzy, Lisa, Jane, Zoe, Madz and Stephanie. Thank
you all very much for your support, you really do help me out with making my
videos. And if you also want to become a patron, there is a link in the
description where you can sign up. Everything that has donated goes towards
supporting the channel and every month I send out thank you cards too so my patrons
detailing exactly how the money was used. But of course you don’t have to, I
appreciate you either way. This option is just there if you want to take part. Once
again, thank you to everybody who voted, I hope you enjoyed today’s video. I post
videos on Wednesdays and Sundays and sometimes I also post bonus videos so
keep your eyes up for that and I will see you next time, bye!


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