My Jewelry Collection: Vintage & Trendy | All Things Adrienne

My Jewelry Collection: Vintage & Trendy | All Things Adrienne

– What’s up, you guys? Okay, if you saw my closet tour, you know that I have a jewelry drawer and a lot of you guys were wondering if you could go through it. And I’m like, you know what,
that’s a little personal. Just kidding, absolutely! We’re about to do a jewelry haul. (upbeat music) So I am a collector of
jewelry and vintage pieces like this right here is
actually an Hermes vintage scarf that I haven’t even worn yet. It actually was a birthday
present from my stylist, Grace. Guys, it even smells vintage. Like just heavenly vintage
Grace Kelly moments. So I’m actually just gonna
wear this for the rest of it. So I’m a big collector of pieces like this that I just imagine in my
mind that I would pass down to the next generation like my nieces or if I ever had a daughter, these are the dope pieces
I would want her to have. I got these amazing
vintage Hermes earrings from Julissa Bermudez One of the things I love
about the Hermes brand, one is that it is timeless,
it is classic, it is epic, and the fact that a lot
of their logo is the H, and since I am now a Houghton, I love collecting pieces like this. So I know you guys have
seen these bracelets on me. They are my Cartier collector pieces, which are called The Love Collection, Cartier Love Bracelets, and I’ve got it in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. I’ve collected these over the years, and a lot of people don’t know that love bracelets, you’re never
supposed to take them off – that’s my Cartier speaking
to me right there – and you actually have
to have a screwdriver like this to remove it, so love that. I also have the matching Cartier earrings, love those, and here’s the tragic part. I actually used to have the
interlocking love necklace, and both Israel and I
had gold love rings and, one day while we were in Vegas preparing for the Seller Awards, I put them aside and actually
put them inside of this bag along with toiletries and stuff like that I’d collected to do a quick cleanup, and we threw the bag away. So, for Christmas this year,
I had actually replaced them, and we are currently having them engraved with our names in them. Some of you may also be wondering where my engagement ring is. It’s currently – one of
my stones came out on it, so it’s being repaired, but
this is just a fun fact. You guys, I sometimes
am not wearing my actual engagement ring, and a really wise person, a really wise jeweler told me to insure my real engagement ring and
that, when I travel abroad, to put it in the safe,
and I have a replica of my engagement ring that
I wear when I’m traveling so that if, God forbid,
something happened, it got lost, if I got robbed, have fun
with that ring, it’s not real. Speaking of rings, here is my ring tray. I collect a lot of fun
rings; they’re not expensive. I get some of them from
Forever 21, Aldo, H&M. Some of them are a lot nicer. One of my favorite
brands is Alexis Bittar, and this is one of her
rings; love Alexis Bittar. She has amazing pieces. I like bauble rings. This would probably be
considered a bauble. This is dope, this is like a leaf. Check this out; my fingers
are swollen right now but… How cool is that? And I’ve got two versions of this. So what I like is the idea of wearing things like this together. I’m really into wearing rings
on these two fingers lately, so I almost always, if you watch The Real, I always have a ring on my ring finger and pinky together that kind of match. Even though I love
really big, gaudy pieces like this bauble ring, I
also love dainty things, or funky, I guess this would
be considered more funky, and that is this really
cool two-finger ring. And then there are the
really dainty things that I think are so
pretty, like midi rings, or thumb rings, and I collect these. These are actual little diamond, and they’re in three different golds. One is white gold, yellow
gold, and rose gold. And it just depends on
how I feel that day. I can stack them, I can wear
one here, one on my thumb. And again, these are real
little diamond stackables, but I’ve also gotten the
exact same ones at H&M and so many other really cute places, so those are easy to get. And then I actually do
have my pieces from – I’m pretty sure these are from H&M, Just fun statement little rings. Put them anywhere, love that. What up tho? What up? Now, when you’re traveling,
I always think it’s awesome to go to where the locals
shop, or where they’re doing like street markets, street
fair, and there’s always great pieces that you can get there, and you can actually haggle
for the price and be like, nah, fam, I know I’m a
tourist, but I’m not dumb. I got this really cool
feather ring when we were on the Italian Riviera, and I love it. Again, this looks really fancy, but this is actually from H&M. It’s dope. Okay, so that is my rings. I’m actually gonna put this aside so that we can see a
little bit more clearly. Okay, now onto the fun
stuff, my collector’s items, my vintage pieces from Chanel. So, we’ve got my Chanel necklace. Do you see this? Yas, yas. Love this piece, one of my favorites. Actually, I just got it back because my mom had it for like three years. Thanks, mommy. She came to visit me
and had it on her neck, and I was like, “Looks familiar to me; I think I’ll be taking
that back, love you.” Don’t front; when you see
your pieces on other people, why do they always look better? Comment below if you’ve ever seen somebody rock one of your own clothing items, and then suddenly, you
never paid attention to it, they’re wearing it, and you’re like, “I always loved that piece.” Lies! So, that is my Chanel necklace. I also, my husband has helped me collect really awesome Chanel earrings. These actually were a
gift from Julissa as well. Wow, Julie’s been hooking me
up with the vintage jewelry. Israel bought me these
pearl Chanel earrings that kinda looked like this,
but they had pearls on top, and those are currently being repaired. One of the pearls actually came out, so that’s being repaired. It’s important to make sure that your vintage pieces are authentic. So, two of my favorite places
to shop for vintage Chanel, Hermes, and all that good
stuff, even Versace, is… (drumroll) Two places, one is called The RealReal, and they actually have an Instagram. You can check them out;
they’re amazing, and again, they actually will have
the certificates that prove that they are the original,
authentic vintage pieces. And the other is What
Goes Around Comes Around, which they have one in New York, and also one here in Beverly
Hills, and a few other, and that’s where my husband got me those Chanel earrings and
also this Chanel broach. What I love about pieces like this is, I honestly put this Chanel broach on so many Forever 21 pieces,
and it totally elevates it. It’s literally like, oh this
broach was really expensive. It’s hanging now on a 13 dollar coat, and suddenly it looks
like a million bucks. And I think I really
started loving Chanel pieces when I played the character
Chanel on Cheetah Girls. I don’t know, I would constantly notice the brand everywhere I went. I was like, oh my god,
that’s my character’s name. Until this day, I’m
like, Choochie lives on forever every time I wear Chanel. Go Cheetah Girls. Moving right along, so that’s actually why I love this Chanel duster is, while this also is
vintage, it is stunning, and I wish you could feel
it through the camera. This belonged to my mom
from way back in the day. She was doing it up in the ’70s. So fly, so fabulous. Okay, so those are the kinds of things that I want to pass down to my kids. Chanel earrings, vintage pieces. One of the things I don’t wanna pass down to my daughter is my grills. I wore them to a Jay-Z concert
once, and I think that’s it, but I do love them, and they do fit. So gangsta. (bling) Okay, other things that
I have in here are cuffs. I do collect cuffs; I love
these Alexis Bittar cuffs. Those are awesome, more cuffs. These dainty versions of those cuffs. This is so fly; seriously, look at this. One of my favorite pieces, rose gold. What else do we have? My watches. Okay, love my Rolex. This is what you guys mainly
see me wear all the time. So, the story with the Rolex is that I grew up listening to Biggie. Throw your Rollies in the sky,
and wave ’em side to side. You know, I just wanted to
be a part of that movement. It was always my dream to have a gold Rolex with a diamond face, a diamond bezel, and it is my favorite, and I love it very very much. I am definitely way more of a gold and rose gold kinda girl these days. I barely ever wear silver or white gold. It’s a very rare occasion,
but I do have some of it. Like these earrings;
how amazing are these? More Alexis Bittar; she’s
clearly my favorite. Oh, and these hoop earrings as well. I’m always wearing these hoops. And this is, again, mixed metals. This is, like, silver and gold. But back to my watch collection. I also have a Cartier rose gold watch that was a gift from my husband, which I love, and it’s got a pearl face. I know you guys have
heard me talk on The Real about the fact that I’m
not one of those girls that can tell time at a glance, like, “Oh, it’s 3:42 in the afternoon.” I see people do that all the time, and I’m like, how are they doing that? I still low key have to count. That’s terrible and embarrassing, but you know, I’m too
honest for my own good, so I just tell you like it is. Good, bad, corny, dumb. It’s hard for me to tell time at a glance. That being said, as a joke,
the girls have gotten me every year for my birthday, a watch. Last year it was digital and, this year, from The RealReal, that
store I was telling you about that’s true, authentic vintage pieces, the girls got me this sick Versace watch, and I’m obsessed with
it, and it just fell off. How dope is that? And again, what’s really
cool about collecting vintage is that most likely they are
not making these pieces anymore like, you cannot find
this anymore in a store. How sick is this vintage watch? Versace, Versace, Versace, yeah. Voila. Love that. So that is my watch collection. I’ve got three watches, people. So as you can see, I
absolutely do keep the boxes. I think that’s part of being a collector, especially with really cool vintage pieces from Chanel, or vintage Hermes pieces. I think that’s really special to save the boxes, and especially for Cartier. You can never have too many red boxes. Just putting it out there. If ya man rolls up on you wit a red box, it’s a special moment. Another really cool
thing that I would wanna hand down to my daughter,
cause at this point, they’ll be super vintage, are my Louis Vuitton bangles that
are so ratchet, in my opinion. But at some point I actually
used to hit the beach and the pool with all of these on and be like, yeah girl, wassup? Why I thought this was cute at some point, I have no idea, but I’m certainly not throwing it away
cause I spent money on it. And at some point, you know,
these big bangles might come back into style, and my daughter will have them, ready and handy. I also really love great costume jewelry. Everything doesn’t always have to be real, but sometimes you need a
little shine in your life. From these, I know you guys have probably seen me wear these a couple of times. More Alexis Bittar, how
shiny and stunning is that? I love these emerald vintage earrings. They’re absolutely beautiful,
and I wear them all the time. I actually just recently wore them in one of my All Things Adrienne videos. Which one is it? Comment below. Which video is it; do you know? Well I’m gonna tell you right now. Tell me if you go it right. It was the holiday fashion video. We’ve got actually some sneak peek of some new XIXI that’s coming out. You guys want a sneak peek? Yeah? Do you love these? This is part of our
tortoiseshell collection. Yeah, I have a lot of my
XIXI jewelry in here as well, and that’s kind of taking up
all this area of my drawer. So we’ve got Diamante necklaces from the Faith and Familia collection. You know, I have multiples of these. These are two just stacked in there. But what a lot of you may not
know is that this collection was based off of the
everyday jewelry that I wear and my personal pieces, my
signature pieces that I wear, and I kinda wanna show you the
originals of this necklace. So, for my first anniversary with Israel, he knew that I wanted diamond
chokers, and so these are the original diamond
chokers that Israel got me. So these are real diamonds, my XIXI. I’m not gonna lie, I low key
think my XIXI ones shine more. The other pieces from XIXI
are the cross hoop earrings. Every girl needs a good
pair of hoops in her life. Along with that, we’ve got our
Faith and Familia necklace. You guys know I wear these all the time in every single video, and
this is the praying hands. So, I love all of these pieces so much. I think it’s important to
keep your jewelry organized. You definitely want to take
good care of your pieces. You can recreate this
in any dresser drawer, ’cause now, there’s places like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Ross, Dress for Less, Container Store, or just online shopping. They all now have jewelry organizers that you can create this exact same look, and I love the idea of
just, you know, hey, voila. What do I think I want to wear today? It’s all out here; I can
sometimes even get inspired to wear an entire outfit just based off of a pair of earrings I want to wear. Let me know how you organize your jewelry. What are some of your favorite
pieces to wear all the time, your signature pieces, and maybe some of your collectible pieces as well? Let me know in the comments below. Make sure you subscribe,
and I’ll see you next time.


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