My older sister is gold and I am worthless [Hello Counselor / 2017.02.13]

My older sister is gold and I am worthless [Hello Counselor / 2017.02.13]

“She’s Gold, I’m Poop.”. That’s the title of this story. Hello. I am Choi Gahye, a fourth grader who resents her grandmother so much. She treats my elder sister like gold and me like poop. This winter, she bought my sister a 287-dollar orange winter coat and a 50-dollar jacket. She bought me three pairs of socks. That’s too different. Whenever she has the slightest symptoms of cold, she goes, “My poor puppy, you’re burning with fever.” “Let’s go see a doctor.” But when I got hospitalized, she didn’t even visit me. She said, “My goodness, you mischievous girl.” When my mom tries to scold us for fighting, she says to my mom, “How dare you scold my sweetie?” “You should only scold the little one.” She yells like that. It hurts me the most when she says this. “Goodness. You should’ve only had one child.” “The second one is too naughty.” “She will just waste her father’s hard-earned money.” – Oh, dear. / – I feel hurt when she says that. Do I not deserve any love? Why does she treat me so badly? I want to ask my grandmother. (Please cherish me too Grandma!) It’s a sad story. Esther seems upset. Yes. Among five girls, I’m the third one in my family. So my sisters used to pass down their clothes to me. It gets passed down to me after my two sisters. And the clothes always ripped when it got to me. My mom always scolded me for being rough. – That’s unfair. / – She blamed me for ripping them. Your younger sister didn’t get any clothes. – Right. So she wore new clothes. / – She got new ones. When my dad bought me a nice European style piggy bank on his business trip, I saved my money every day. But my elder sisters spent all my money and I was too foolish to know it. When you start talking, you never stop. – Yes. / – She’s desperate to get more screen time. – That’s not it. / – She’s frustrating. Is this one of the menopausal symptoms? He had everything growing up, so he doesn’t know. (This couple’s life is like a comedy.) Let’s meet the girl who sent us the story. Please come on out. (Who’s worried about her discriminating grandmother?) (Choi Gahye) She’s so cute. She’s so adorable. – You should take off your shoes here. / – She’s cute. Do you think your grandmother discriminates against you? Yes. When she calls my sister, she says, “Come here, my lovely puppy.” But she swears whenever she talks to me. – Why is she unfair to her? / – So… – You must feel hurt. / – Her house is near ours. – I see. / – So we visit her often. But she says only my sister should visit her. – Really? / – Does she tell you not to come? When I go with her, Grandma asks why I came along. I can’t believe this. That is too harsh. Grandmothers are normally… Why do you think she treats you unfairly? I don’t know. She just doesn’t like me. You wouldn’t have come here if you knew. Can you tell us about one upsetting incident? I wanted my grandmother to love me, so I helped my sister with the dishes. Good girl. My sister made a mess in the sink but she blamed me for it. – “Did you do this?” / – She always blames you. One time, soup got spilled on the table. My sister spilled it but Grandma blamed me. I told her my sister was the one who did it but she told me I was lying. – That’s so sad. / – Are there more? – I once gave her a massage. / – Did you? With these tiny hands. When my sister does it, Grandma tells her to stop. But when I do it, she tells me to massage harder. – “Harder!” / – Whenever we argue, she sides with my sister without knowing the situation. – She’s unfair. / – She sides with your sister. Doesn’t your sister stop your grandmother when she does that? Most of the time she’s evil. – Is your sister evil? / – Yes. She uses Grandma as a shield. – She protects your sister. / – She’s got her back. When she gets scolded by Mom, she threatens to tell on her to Grandma and Mom can’t scold her. When she does scold my sister, my sister tells on my mom and my mom gets scolded. You seem to resent your grandmother a lot and I don’t know why she is like this. She’s sitting over there and she resembles Lee Hongryol a lot. I thought Hongryol was here. – Hello. / – Hello. – Hello. / – Hello, I am Gahye’s grandmother. Hello. You just heard your granddaughter’s story. How do you feel about it? The two girls have a very different personality. – Personality. / – Gahye is bad-tempered. (Is she laughing at her granddaughter?) – And? / – The first one is innocent and very sensitive. Then do you admit that you treat them differently? I do treat them differently. Even if I want to treat Gahye nicely, she asks for me to treat her badly. Let us get to the bottom of this. It was the eldest who made the mess. Why did you blame Gahye for it? It’s been such a long time that I forgot about that. – Did you forget about it? / – When did it happen? Then why did you say that Gahye shouldn’t visit your house? I never told her not to come. – Is this a hearing? / – That’s what she thought. – “I don’t know. I don’t remember.” / – When I… When I talk to her, she gets really upset. She doesn’t listen when I ask her to run errands. Then let me ask you this. You call your elder granddaughter “My lovely puppy”. I’ve never done that in front of Gahye. Then who called her that? How do you call Gahye? What? How do you call Gahye? Little puppy? What? – She’s adorable! / – Grandma! What’s wrong? – What? / – How do you call Gahye? I call her by her name of course. Is there a reason why you adore and cherish your first granddaughter more? I do adore her more. – Why? / – I admit that. When she was five, she had a big surgery. – Goodness. / – I see. She had a big surgery on her face. And her body is imbalanced, so she used to fall all the time when she was little. So I have a soft spot for her. That’s why I favor her. I am nicer to my elder granddaughter. She says she favors your sister because your sister was weak when she was little. Can’t you understand her? I can understand her loving my sister more. But I can’t understand why she would hate me. Right. – She’s right. / – According to your grandmother, you don’t help her when she asks you for help. – You act up. / – You talk back to her. She always yells at me. When she tells me that I’m a bad girl, I get upset. Right. You didn’t do anything wrong. That’s why I got upset and yelled at her. – And she thinks I’m bad-tempered. / – Right. But you’re such a lovely girl. She’s just a fourth grader but she logically explained herself. She understands her grandma for loving her sister more. But she doesn’t understand why she hates her. Maybe she’s being considerate of your unwell sister. But my sister is healthy. (What are you talking about?) What does she know? (She’s so lovely.) She says she’s favoring your sister for being weak – but you think it’s not true. / – She’s smart. She’s strong now. My sister watches TV when Grandma asks me to run errands for her. – You hate that. / – I wanted to do it with my sister, so I told Granny that. And she told me I couldn’t do that. – Did she tell you to go alone? / – Yes. – You can’t do anything about that. / – That’s… That’s something – we all went through. / – I went through it too. – Me too. / – I was the youngest. – But… / – All my sisters were watching TV. that’s just how it is for the youngest child. You wish she’d do it once in five times. Even if I do it ten times, she wouldn’t do it once. That’s why I’m trying to make it once in five times. (Chanwoo is trying to cut a deal for her.) I’m trying. That’s what you want, isn’t it? – Yes. / – Right. When I was in second grade, I was once ill-treated by my teacher. She suddenly asked me what was the capital of the US. I said Washington and my rival said New York. – I was right. / – Right. But she said New York was the real capital. What is that? – That’s nonsense. / – She hated me. – So… / – Listen. – What’s important is that / – She’s interrupting. it happened exactly 43 years ago. I still remember that teacher’s name. – I remember how she treated me. / – Right. – It was so unfair. So I understand her. / – Right. (You can’t forget about being maltreated.) Since when did you think that she resents you? One time, I left school early and went to Grandma’s house. She said I was pretending to be sick. – Did she think you were lying? / – Yes. Was there another one? A couple of months ago, I went to ride see-saw with my sister and her friends. She suddenly got off the seesaw. – You dropped suddenly. / – You dropped. Yes. So I bumped my tummy into the handle – and I got hospitalized for a week. / – Goodness. But my grandma didn’t visit me and she said I got hurt because I’m naughty. Why didn’t you visit her in the hospital? – She was in the hospital for a week. / – Yes. – She stayed for a week. / – Please use the mic. – Please talk to the mic. / – I don’t remember it. (I don’t need the mic because I don’t remember.) This is not a hearing, madam. Why do you keep avoiding every question? – I was sick recently. / – Stop avoiding my questions. (You’re too mean!) Let’s forget about the time when she was hospitalized. Then why did you tell her to stop pretending to be sick when she was actually sick? I don’t remember that either. – Goodness! / – Gosh. – She’s unbelievable. / – Goodness. What’s wrong with you? What? Let’s talk to her sister at this point.


  1. why do they not actually take the grandmother seriously? she keeps avoiding things and it's really getting me irritated and even if it's the stupid hierarchy, that's not ok!!!!!!!!!! poor girl wasn't taken seriously and everyone treats it like a comedy

    and also the younger girl is a ton more prettier, nicer, and more beautiful and stunning than her older sister. her unnie just takes things for granted, what if her grandmother passes? the eldest won't have a backup anymore and she will finally learn her lesson hopefully. the mom is straight up a sucker to her mom, that irritates me a lot and she even throws her youngest under the bus! i mean i understand koreans have this strict hierarchy, but does that have to involve inhumanity? that's straight up messed up, i hope that grandmother's family shames her for treating her granddaughter like that!

  2. When it comes to elder people, i totally respected them but this was in another level. She's really trying to cover up her lies by saying she doesn't remember, fuck that! Mostly, grandparents are the good ones who loves their grandchildren much, and treated them gently and equally. I'm really thankful that i did have the best and real good heart grandmother ever. Not this kind of old woman. Tsk. She's getting old and so she should start to change her attitude, her life is becoming too short already, or else she'll not end up on what she expected peaceful place to.

  3. Honestly the grandmother is a bitch. She’s cleverly avoiding everything by saying I don’t remember

  4. Can't believe they would laugh at such a serious situation, the grandma is obviously lying about not remembering.

  5. The grandma? Claims to not remember shit even though she remembers an event that happened 5 years ago to that “lovely puppy” of hers. The “lovely puppy”? Someone who takes advantage of her grandmother’s love against her sister. These two are literally just— ugh I can’t even right now. The younger sister is so lovely and wise

  6. At many times (like 10:12 , for example) you can see the older sister low key being entertained with the situation. Gosh, she is that kind of trash that pretends to be a saint in front of some people… Disgusting…

  7. you can’t use “i don’t remember” for every question. i get it if you say i don’t remember for one or two questions, but the grandma said that as her answer all the questions that was asked. if you can’t remember stuff that happened a few months ago, a day ago, etc. but you remember something happening to the oldest whenever she was 5? thats messed up, dude.

  8. what a hateful sister and grandma the mother should be ashamed for not standing up for her daughter and the poor girl will defiantly carry this for the rest of her life so sad

  9. I truly hate that old lady , i have a grandmother worst than her, to be precise she is literally worst grandma in the world… I can't even begin to talk about it… Gosh so frustrating… They should have shouted right in front of her ears to make her remember and listen

  10. Don't get me wrong, i always respect older people especially grandmother and grandfather i know it's hard to be a grandparent but the grandmother is so rude, like she should Not be like this to her granddaughter who is a CHILD, she is an adult, she is old enough to understand her comportement is bad, even if she is old, i don't see it as an excuse to be mean and disrespectful

  11. Good god, I clearly understand what this little girl means. I've been through this as well. My grandma was so biased, and it was just the worst. Both my sister and I suffered and dreaded to go to her house. She favored the boys more and gave them special treatment which included sleeping in a room on a bed while us girls slept on the floor on a piece of old bedding. Thankfully we grew up super close, so we didn't butt heads too often about the maltreatment. You do in fact remember the person for how they treat you. I hope the girl is doing okay too.

  12. Brooo I relate so much!

    There was this one Christmas where my grandmother bought my sister (older) TWO animal shaped crystals that were over $100 and she gave me a $5 Build-A-Bear in a mini cereal box. Also, when my sister gets temporarily sick, my grandmother insists on taking her to the hospital but when I was hospitalized for a week having blood transfusions, she didn’t even ask if I was okay. She just insisted I take better care for myself.

  13. So no one gonna talk about her big sister bitchy attitude? The one who is a BIG LOSER and also need a big slap in that household should be her older sister who take an advantage of her grandmother protective love…Honestly,This is aggravating me so much this is serious matter to be just brush off as a laughing matter , I can relate to this precious little girl…I never been closed to my grandma because she also treated me badly than her other grandchild, i ignore it because why should i care to be her loving grandchild? and i think i'm more lucky than this little girl cause i don't have a big sister who like a bitch playing innocent and take advantage of her grandma love so she can act whatever she want…..OOff…just hearing how she treated her little sister and blaming her meanwhile she sit there like she has no business at all and look pity…that's disgusting me…..I believe there's special place in the hell for that big sister and her grandma

  14. I understand that she’s old but that grandma only said she didn’t remember on questions that straight away proved she was in the wrong and I was getting so annoyed with her throughout the video

  15. Old hag you know you remember some of what she’s saying you just don’t care, don’t try to front… you don’t have much time left you should be acting better 🌚🤧

  16. grandma, did you know there will be a special place for liar and evil person after this world put to its end.. right?

  17. I don’t mean to be a bitch, but I feel like the elder sister is acting all shy and meek. Just my opinion. The younger sister seemed like a good kid and was really sensitive. She didn’t seem mean spirited at all.

  18. The grandmother is just like the witch in fairytales. Treating beautiful ones harshly whereas the not so beautiful ones sweetly … Hmmm. THIS IS WRONG!!!

  19. "That's just how it is for the youngest" bro no I'm the youngest at home and my family would never favor kids above others

  20. I hope the best for this pretty young girl and she should grow to be a better lady in the future. She doesn’t owe her grandma anything.

  21. That granny is so savage to her youngest Granddaughter 😅,and I’m like that girl’s older sister because I’m a only child but I have 5 cousins that lives in the USA 🇺🇸 and I live in the Philippines 🇵🇭, my Lolo (Grandpa In Filipino) always say I’m his number 1 or his favourite.

  22. If i was the kid I wldnt listen to that old hag if she treats her like that! Its obvious she knows but keeps pretending she dsnt remmber the fuck?!

  23. but still tho the older sister is old enough to take care of her now she's literally making me angry right now. Trying to avoid all the questions… like her older sister got hospitalized when she was five! but like her lil sis got sick months ago how can she not remember that?!😠 I just wanna like swear at that grandma right now😅 either way u have to treat them equally!

  24. If.i was her i would do whtever her grandma wants. U dont want me near u?.okay i dont need u as well because u already old and soon to die i have my life u dont want me in ur life anyway i dont care abt u then. My family hates and treat me unfairly? Its ok its ok do it i dont care

  25. this is so horrible to go through at a young age?? like what is wrong with this grandma? what is wrong with this sister of hers?

  26. My mother does that with me and when I question her all she says is "I don't remember when it happened". I can feel the little girl.

  27. “I do understand if she loves my sister more, i just don’t get why she hates me”
    Girlll, she’s on point! Damn i hate the grandma, and how some of the panel laugh and thought that the grandma is funny

  28. Why is no one talking about the mother?
    If my mother would be like that, I wouldnt let my children visit her.
    The first child gets everything she wants, bc of the hierarchy.
    Just break it for just an unrespectful person.

  29. I think the reason the people didn't go after the old lady was because she is an elderly (in asian culture, elderly are respected)and it's bad for their reputation if they go off on her on TV. The fact that the kid goes through that and she's fairly young, it will really impact her mentally in the future. And i don't like how the other people keep saying " is just because you're the youngest we all do it" this i believe will tend to lead bullying in school where the bully goes after the smallest, and unsocialized left out person in the class.

  30. It happened to me too but in my case, it was both of my parents. I grew up with an inferiority complex and social anxiety, and had to go to the psychiatrist every week. I send love to that beautiful little girl, she does not deserve how her grandma treats her!!😡

  31. OMG I can relate to this. My grandma is exactly like this just that she does hate my sister too but she treat her better than me and my brother. 🥺😡

  32. I really dont like how she treated her own grand daughter like that, she even laughs?! Seriously?

    I was treated like this too but not in home but in school I was always hurt thats why I know whats the feeling being treated unfair. I wish she get other grandma not her shes just as stupid and evil as ever.

  33. this makes me so emotional since my grandma is also like this to me, one time my mom told me to buy some rice so i went out when i came back.. my grandma said "u should just be a hostess since u like being a slut outside" i was shocked..

    my parents didn't even bother to defend me.. so i really feel bad for her.

  34. This boiled my blood some people are just heartless and don’t care and laugh about it all. I could see the elder sister was a brat before she said anything, stop lying! Poor girl.

  35. this is the first episode of hello counselor i couldn't finish… this show makes me so fucking mad. korea is so behind and this situation isn't funny at all. i've dealt with this situation my entire life with my family, and it seriously fucks you up. i feel for that little girl. the older sister and grandmother like what's coming their way.

  36. she's already self harming for attention from her family since she lacks attention and validation from her grandmother… this isn't a laughing matter. this show doesn't understand how serious this is. i've been in her situation my whole life and now i have borderline personality disorder and an eating disorder because of it. the grandmother is a manipulative, shitty person. i hope the little sister gets help as soon as possible.

  37. This is just a conspiracy theory but maybe the grandma dislikes the girl cause she's not a legitimate daughter? Either she was a daughter from another mom or another dad that's why the grandma rejects her.

    At the end of the day even if it's not true it's still shitty. And if it were true you shouldn't love the kid any less, since they were not at fault and they did not ask to be born in this world.

  38. To those who says that the concerns in this show always get laughed at , whats Is wrong with u ?? If it's is really a serious problem , people would go and see professionals to solve their concerns or problems .. the people who come to this show knows how it works on the show , it's on their will .. they come here to seek help and the show must be funny because they do not want a serious , intense vibe or mood .. they wanted it to be a happy , smooth and I think most of the problems are solved properly here ..

  39. Why is it that in every episode, every time they describe the person in an evil or cruel way, the person’s face turns out to be cute and adorable🙄💔

  40. So she remember a "mayor surgery" from years ago but doesn't remember a recent hospitalization? She sucks all kind of ass

  41. I remember why I stopped watching this show now because some of the situations such as this one or so SO serious and should be addressed by professionals but all that happens is the hosts laugh and ultimately damage the scenario more than assist in making it better. Honestly I forgot how mad I get watching this show sometimes

  42. Am I the only one that noticed that the guy with the red shirt kept grabbing the women (he’s wife?) next to him with such force?

  43. she remembers how the elder daughter being weak and shit but doesn't remember a single thing, even when the younger one was hospital

    toTalLy bElIeVaBlE

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