My Silver Hair / Grey Hair Transition – 1 Year

My Silver Hair / Grey Hair Transition – 1 Year

Hi there my name is Erica, and I decided to make this video for you on my transition so far to going grey I’m just about 11 months into my my journey and It’s been challenging for sure But not as hard as I thought it would be it took me two tries to do this and The second time I was really a hundred percent ready I started going grey when I was 16 and I had just a few silver hairs on top and of course at 16 nobody wants to go gray So I started using I think it was like herbal essences or something some kind of Henna Very light mild and kind of gave me sort of a reddish tint so my hair underneath is Still still dark like this is my natural color under here. I don’t know if you can see it But I had sort of I guess a red sort of wash to it as I got a little bit older it started going silver a lot faster and In my 20s I started having to move from semi-permanent dye to Permanent color and I was dyeing my hair probably every four weeks When I was 24 I I was in the military at the time, and I went on a mission to Afghanistan and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually brought Dye with me hair. Dye so Yeah, it’s not something I’m proud of but in my 20s being gray was really really Not something that I was ready for at all and you know I was in Afghanistan. I didn’t wear any makeup on my off hours, I dressed you know big t-shirts and bulky stuff and But that was the one thing actually two things as I did my eyebrows too. I plucked my eyebrows as well, but I Yeah, I actually remember waking up at 4:00 in the morning because the sun would be up them and There was one other woman I remember her, and I both met in the bathroom at the same time and she was dyeing her hair was way whiter than mine was and Yeah, so not one of my proud of moments. That’s for sure so in my early 30s I Was really getting tired of dyeing my hair every two weeks I just felt like my whole life revolved around dyeing my hair and You know you’d be thinking. Okay? What event do I have coming up and You’d be looking at the calendar, and it just felt like every single thing that I did revolved around dyeing my hair And I know that sounds bizarre to anybody that that Doesn’t but if you’re watching this. I’m pretty sure you you know what I’m talking about I just was tired of that and I just wanted to go be a little bit more Natural and free. I guess free is the word so the person that probably was Had the most difficult time with the idea of me going silver was my husband So we’ve been together for 11 years 12 years this year and Yeah, he said no, not until you’re 40 so I’m 39 right now and Two years ago I said That’s it done I can’t do this any longer and in the summer time I decided to I do weird things with my hair I’ve always done different colors But I decided to Bleach my hair, and I had my hair was probably down to here And I just bleached it all And of course you know the box says that you know, it’ll be blond when you bleach it, but it isn’t blond It’s orange and my hair was was very orange and so I my husband came home to I think the first round he just looked at me like you’re crazy, what are you doing and so the next day I Bleached it again, and I’m lucky I have really strong hair so It basically was a lighter shade of orange. It didn’t fall out Thank goodness, so I did that and then I realized that I needed to do some kind of toning and I decided to go and actually get a permanent dye So I got ash blonde and it was Good, it wasn’t that bad. I actually didn’t mind it, but it was just a huge change from brunette to To that light of a blonde So that was it I thought okay now, I’m going to just transition and I Lasted two months, so I just grew my hair out. I didn’t do anything I didn’t Spray the roots. I I just let it grow and of course. You know I’ve got Dark hairs in here right so that’s what showed up essentially so the dark hairs I I didn’t like it It didn’t look very good, and then of course you got the silver too. It just it just wasn’t me And I wasn’t feeling it. I don’t think I was ready so I Went back to brunette again, and I felt When I did that I felt like I made a huge mistake like I knew that I couldn’t be dyeing my hair brown anymore. I don’t know why but it just just felt really Not right, and I didn’t like it. I I don’t know. I just didn’t it felt matte It didn’t feel I mean obviously I bleached it so much too right so Anyways, I just kept thinking about it and you know wondering and I guess maybe a few months later I decided again. That’s it done. I’m not doing my hair anymore and We were going on a trip To Florida a little family trip to Universal Studios And my husband said oh, why don’t you just dye it? because you know at this point It was the white skunk line right and I said, okay and I got highlights put in this time and they were light. I just I don’t know I and anyway it was that trip that I said Truly this is it so I guess that was kind of that was three times and I I did I let it go, but this time I did something different, so I think this would be My advice to you if you’re thinking of doing the same thing. I got a product L’Oreal root spray and I wish they had have had this years ago because it’s amazing product, but I was using before that the crayon And oh it was just it didn’t work for me anyways Maybe it works for you. Sorry if it does but it doesn’t work for me But the l’oreal root sprays like an airbrush. It’s got. You know tiny little nozzle and so I thought to myself I can do this and actually it was really cool because I kept the brunette and the Highlights and all that and then I just sprayed you know where you could see and sprayed the roots And I did that for about three months until I had a nice you know kind of bit of growth and then I ended up going to the salon and getting some highlights more highlights kind of pulled through just to Lighten it a little bit more. Just so it wasn’t such a like stark demarcation line and At that point I let I didn’t spray it anymore didn’t spray the roots, so I just let the the silver show at that point and It was funny people Kind of wondered what I was doing. I’m sure like it. It was obvious but I find right now that this day and age that we’re in it’s like all the kids are doing it. You know yes, so You kind of can be funky with your hair do whatever and people don’t really bat an eye So I started growing it out, and then as I got a little further people like I actually I’m a teacher so I actually had little kids come up to me and asked me why I painted my My hair, white and I said no No
That’s my natural and and still to this day nobody believes me people think That I’ve done some kind of like balayage or something like that on my hair Which I find humorous Yeah, so anyway, so this is my hair right now, I I try to style it in different ways like I’ve kept it I’ve kept it short Oh, yeah, that’s right after when I decided to get it to grow it out I had it all chopped off a little like shorter than this But not a pixie cut because I I don’t feel That suits me. It’s just not my personality so I usually go like shoulders or longer so Anyways, I I got a cut and then just sort of growing it out for a while and then I guess that’s sort of the painful process cuz you have those moments where you look at yourself in the mirror and you’re Like what am I doing? This is crazy and All this and I just feel like in our society Grey is sort of synonymous with old and it’s sad you know because I wonder I always wonder how many of us are just Dyeing because we don’t want to look old But I don’t know I’ve actually I feel like I Have had more compliments on my silver hair than I ever did on on brunette So I have a really important piece of advice if you’re if you’re going through your transition right now and I actually got this from a Woman named Annika Von Holdt and she’s got all these pictures on Pinterest and she’s got a blog and all this and I suppose she’s sort of my my silver hair muse if you will and Anyway, she has this great blog post and In it she says do not tone your hair like do not tone your natural hair because It will take like it will stay it will take it will turn it yellow And I when I went to a second time to go get my hair Lightened and then I had him tone it silver it He toned my natural and I was actually really like upset because a lot of this like you can see I don’t know if you can tell but This is all Blonde still and a lot more of it would have grown out Had it not been toned. So that’s my piece of advice is like just get to the point where you just let it grow and So I’m natural to about I can’t really do you can’t tell in this video very much to about here, and then this is basically Just blonde and it has to grow out and it’s still dry and all that kind of stuff so underneath here I’m still pretty dark, but I’ve got lots of gray, but this up here is very very Silver so you’ve probably heard this before But if you’re ready for your transition to gray My advice is to make sure you continue to style your hair nicely and and not to let yourself go I think There’s a lot of rules out there And you know people think oh, you know if you go silver you have to change your makeup and you have to Dress differently and all this kind of stuff. I don’t agree with that. I think that you need to do you and if that means You know continuing to wear the same styles or maybe updating your Styles, I don’t know but You should just be comfortable with with what you’re wearing and how you’re doing your hair alright, so I hope you enjoyed my My video, I just know that I really appreciate it All the women that have posted transitioning to gray videos I mean the pictures are great too, but it’s really nice to hear somebody talking about it and I know myself, too. I also appreciate to hear stories from Women that are a bit younger as well doing it because I don’t see anyone in my Community doing this That’s the same age as me. I had I definitely had a lot of women Think that what I’m doing is bizarre, but I think that a lot of people now are starting to Think it’s okay. You know now that they’re seeing more and more grown out Yeah, I’m just me so anyways I hope that that helped you little bit and Yeah, all right take care bye hi there, I’m adding a little video at the end here It’s been 13 months now since I officially Ditched the dye, and I’m past the one-year mark, so I’m pretty excited It does take a long time I mean, it’s funny because you think about it and It’s life seems to go by so fast But when you’re dyeing or when you’re growing out your hair everything sort of slows down you can’t really see it in this video, but I’ve got some some blonde left, and I’m looking forward to that growing out, and it’s funny you know just Looking at it underneath like how dark how dark it is. It’s gonna. Be really interesting to see if I actually grow my hair out What it looks like so I just wish you wish you well on your decision and Give it a chance if you decide to to grow your hair. Oh because It you’ll have moments definitely where you think what the heck am I doing you have to be really patient and Yeah, so good luck. Bye


  1. Thank-you for watching my video! Tell me a bit about yourself… How old are you and how far along are you in your transition (or are you just thinking about it?). I'm here for you! -Erica

  2. Hi, very nice to hear other people my age talking about the transition and that turning-point. I'm starting my 'process' this Saturday. Cos mine has been dyed at home black/darkest brown so many times the girl suggested highlights and toner to break that line. I'm 38 and I can't wait any longer. My natural grey is polar white so I think eventually it'll be great with my black eyebrows. Lovely videos, you gorgeous woman!

  3. Great video! Very inspirational. I'm just beginning my "journey" and I suspect I'll be revisiting this video along the way. I'm 49, and like you… my hubby is not exactly thrilled with this, but he has always said I should do whatever I want (I can just see the look in his eye that he's kind of like… wait… what??? lol!) It's going to be a long road, but I love the inspiration you bring! Thanks again!

  4. I started my journey this past Monday. With help from my stylist. She is weaving in blonde, then 8 weeks she will weave again and just keep doing that every three months . Let’s just say I’m buying stock in root spray until it all comes together!

  5. Hello Erica – I am 37 and starting my transition now! I found my first grey hair in my teens. I have dyed my hair since…. I shaved my hair today, and am ready to start afresh! This was very helpful, I love your videos. My hair is salt and pepper, with more pepper on top. But that is only from seeing my roots… I have never seen my hair longer! I love this video, I aim to do me, my quiff will always be there. I want to look after my hair also. I aim to update on my channel throughout the next year. I think what your doing is wonderful and you have the most beautiful hair colour. All the love 💖

  6. Erica, as I was listening your video, I felt good and not alone. Eventhough I am much older than you, inside I am still young and wish to always stay that way. I am in my second month of no dyes and am getting used to it…looking in the mirror at first ??… Finding your new style or look is a bit scary but I must say quite a journey of inner growth. Thank you so much. You look great!

  7. I'm a few months in and it's getting hard .. especially when people aren't supportive. But I can't wait to see it when it grows out

  8. I'm so happy to have found you! I'm 40 and just so sick of trying to make my hair something it isnt. So I decided (with the help of inspirational women like you) to ditch the dye and let my messy curls do what they want. So far, I'm 1 month in and if I had to guess I would say I'm maybe 30% gray, most of it front and center. I'm a little nervous, but so, so excited.

  9. I am just letting it grow mine is also darker in sections I am actually excited 😜 I have gotten sick of my life revolving around Coloring my hair Blonde and not feeling Authentic I also went gray young.I am looking forward to not being a slave to Dying my Hair

  10. Thank you for sharing your Story and also for Protecting our Country.I am a Nurse and I worked at a Brain 🧠 injures Center taking care of Veterans who have been brain 🧠 injured 🤕 and helping regain there Freedom back into Society it is Rewarding,,,,,Thank You ♥️🙏♥️

  11. Hello Erica. Beautiful hair! Your natural wave is also pretty.
    I am now almost all grey. It has taken me less that 6 months but I had a pixie to begin with. I tried in my 40's then in my 50's and I finally went all the way again now that I am 61! I'm loving my natural streaks and this time I will grow it long so I can have more fun with it. I started dyeing when I was about 26 and then it was hard to stop. I come from a very silvery haired family, so I always knew I would be there one day. My aunts got a lot of compliments for their elegant and exotic platinum and black streaks. I will be flaunting it to and fro!!! Cheers!

  12. I’ve been getting gray since 16 also… I am now 30. I have been wanting to grow out my gray for so long and I’ve been trying to hype myself up for the new year!

  13. Omg you are so inspiring, respectful and beautiful!! Your skin and your smile glows… And I think you've just convinced me😉 a little bit more… Step by step till I'm ready! Thanks

  14. Hi Erica! Do you ever look back in retrospect and wish you had stopped coloring sooner? I realize that maybe you were not prepared to do so, given your young age…………I completely appreciate how scary that would have been, plus your husband not being super keen on it. I suppose my question is: Would you advise women to stop sooner rather than later, so the process is less dramatic? Your skin is glowing, you look flawless. Cheers,

  15. I’m 36 and I’m mentally ready to go gray! I’ve just been researching different ways to transition best for me. I do not want the skunk line but I also don’t want the bleaching. I think I went blonde over the summer 2018 and ruined my hair so I dyed it back dark. I may try color oops to get some of that lightened back up and maybe just use purple shampoo to tone. Might use some clip in extensions to kind of blend the gray down. I’m only about a month in and I go to college every day so it’s going to be a challenge when classes start again. I like hats tho😄

  16. I've decided to transition….letting my silver come out. I was dying it blue black every 5 weeks or so. I'm going on 48. I find myself getting inpatient, I just want to dye it. But I've gone this far. I have to keep going…. You're video helped alot. Thank you.

  17. Hi Erica! I am Priscilla Melton, not Robert, lol. I am 65 and have dyed my hair for 34 years. In the end, it was root touch up every two weeks. I am going cold turkey, and by watching the many supportive women who have YouTube channels, I am feeling more confident in my choice. I am 18 weeks in; my dye color was light golden brown (which was reddish brown on my hair). I loved your video and it just affirms I am doing the right thing. I just got some purple shampoo, because my dye color is getting really brassy. Also picked up some cosmetics, and will have some fun with that. Your hair is just beautiful, by the way! Thank you for sharing your journey.

  18. Thank you for the tips! I don’t think it makes you look older at all…you wear it very well and you look beautiful! I’m getting ready to try it for the first time and I’m actually kind of excited to not have to do root touch ups every 2-3 weeks! 💕

  19. First, you look amazing! You're an inspiration to more people than you know. I'm 52 and suddenly very allergic to hair dye. To work around this, I tried henna. Turns out that tabby-cat orange is not my color. Now I am mostly blonde, with a big section of orangey henna, and dark roots punctured by lots of gray to add contrast. I wish I could color it all one color and begin going gray from that point, buttttttttt, hair dye makes me break out in sores for weeks. sigh I know that this too shall pass, but it was so good to listen to you and glean comfort and advice from your experiences. By the way, I follow #silverdisobedience on instagram, and she is A+.

  20. I’m 9 mos in. Have had a hard time not coloring! I started coloring when my hair went blah during menopause. Definitely lots grayer now! I liked henna during the first 4 -5 mos and I may henna again because it eventually washes out. Gray doesn’t get covered unless you do a 2 step process. Any processed hair really grabs the henna so stopped. I just want my color to look alive when the process is through!

  21. I just turned 55. I’m really thinking of canceling my next color appt and just getting a trim and try the process. My husband likes the color but would be ok if I went gray as he wants me to be happy. I get bumps on my head and just think it’s worse each time I color. Not sure if I’m beginning to react from it or not. Has anyone else had this happen?

  22. I was 12 I found two spots of grey hair . They have spread in forty years so I’m not shocked .grey teenagers run in my family .my dad went white at 17 but he went to Korea in the war . I was told Danes go white early

  23. I have a question – you said to make sure that you don't tone your natural hair if you need to tone the 'still dyed' length. Does that include toning shampoos or are you referring to toning when you are using a developer?

  24. I know its weird,
    but for me ( im 40 y.o with pale grey hair..much more salt and almost no pepper ) I find that dark blue shampoo ( I use Fanola No Orange Shampoo ) works better than purple shampoo. Purple shampoo darken my pale grey hair while dark blue shampoo makes it really icy, crisp white.
    Sooo…if your grey hair looks yellowish/ blonde due to toning or keratin treatment, use dark blue shampoo !

  25. I'm 53 years old and want to go natural. I stopped dyeing my hair 3 months ago, and I feel sloppy, lazy, depress and old,but when I saw your video it encouraged me to continue because I'm tired of dying my hair. Thank you

  26. Thank you, this was very helpful! I am 49 (soon to be 50 with long hair and going grey at the temples and top. Not much other places, but I can so identify with life revolving around hair appointments. Not to mention the time and expense! Will keep watching and enjoying your videos.

  27. Thank you for sharing your video and excellent commentary! I am now at the one inch mark of 99 % pure white hair. The remaining 16 inches from that, is very expensive colour treated locks. My last hair colour was on Dec 24th 2018. I have honestly been considering this "freedom" for decades. The reason for going natural now, is because of my newly diagnosed serious (late-onset) asthma. I am taking maximum steroid therapy just to keep my breathing at bay, but I am in no way clear or safe from sudden attacks. The hairsprays and perfumes in the salon make me ill, along with other respiratory irritants (smoke, smog, BBQ's, frying foods, cleaning products etc). I was completely medication and allergy free all my life before this. So it's a complete shock to me and my family! At 54 yrs of age, stopping the hair-dying process is one step towards a healthier life. 🙂

    YOU are a BEAUTIFUL woman and an amazing INSPIRATION! I Salute You! Donna

  28. Thank you for sharing your story. So encouraging. I'm 48 now and I've been coloring my roots since I've turned 30. Enough! I am DONE coloring my hair every 2 weeks. I feel like a slave to my roots. I've just bleached my hair twice to get the dark brown out, so now I'm a strawberry blond. EXACTLY like you were in your pictures, lol. I'll give my scalp a rest for a month and then go to a salon to get platinum blond highlights to help the transition of letting the gray grow out naturally. I'm on my way to freedom!

  29. Hey Erica so I’m going to try the grey transition, inspired by you, you are rocking it. I hope I am as successful as you. I’ll keep you posted

  30. From São Paulo/Brasil. Thank you, Erica, you describe the my way in this journey to many colors, now I decide go to grey hair. Little kisses for you.

  31. Omgosh, I do know what that is like always thinking about when to color. What's coming up and where is my hair at. Im in transition now. Thank you so much for sharing this link with me from your other video. This is super helpful.

    THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for your service!! Whether we are in the same country or not. It's a beautiful gift you give to the people.

    I can't recall what I shared in the last video but as per your asking in your pinned post, Im 52. I've been dying now for about as long as you. 22 years or so. I began dying somewhere in my thirties. Im nearly all white now. I have more than 2 inches of growth. Approaching probably about 3 inches and have been at it now for about 3 plus months. My hair grows pretty fast. I have always had very long hair.

    I was recently told that it is going to take a "REALLLY LONG TIME" for my hair to grow out and I should cut it b/c long gray hair doesn't look good and "I won't like it". Not sure how that person knows how I will feel about it but I am not sure how I will feel about it. I think long gray hair is quite beautiful on some women. I AM worried about it making me look older. At 52, I do look my age even WITH dyed hair so I know… going gray may age me more. I agree with you that at least for myself, keeping it styled will help me look less old if I go full on gray. I am considering cutting it to just below shoulder length if I continue on the path to gray. Im not ready to cut b/c I have not yet fully decided what I will do. The good thing is that it's hair and I can change it at any time. 🙂 Thanks so much for your videos. xo They are super helpful and supportive. I thnk you look gorgeous. xo

  32. Hi Erika,

    Although I’m a bit older at 48, I’ve enjoyed watching you and other women share their journey to letting go of the fight with going grey. I was a natural red head. As I transition to white I was surprised how much I identified with my red. That was hard to let go of way more than this concept of age. I’ve chosen to do partial high and low lights while I grow out to the natural me. It has also helped that I cut my hair in a funky pixie do. Altogether, it has been a good experience. It’s a wonder more women don’t allow this natural change. I’m certainly happy I did. Take care.

  33. Loved your video. A few of my hair strands have lost there color. They are silver and few, making them not that noticeable in my dark brownish black hair. This video was encouraging. In my parents' culture all women dye their hair especially after they have reached a certain age in order to look younger. I haven't dyed my hair since those early days in college when you did crazy colors, and never thought about really dyeing it. But did not know if I had the confidence to try and go silver. I am only 31 and the idea of maybe not dyeing my hair as my hair transitions really interests me and seems liberating. Thank you for talking about your journey in this. I think you look younger than your age silver. You are beautiful. Thanks again.

  34. You look absolutely beautiful! I'm doing the transition right now…. I'm 52 and I'm sure it does make me look older, but I've decided….WTH! I'm tired of the skunk streak and I'm ready to embrace the next stage of my life. I wish my face was as wrinkle free as yours…..but I've got a few years on you. HA!

  35. This was a great talk…. I have a salon and the ladies who decide to transition find it hard… We tend to air towards the foils in say 3 shades just to help with the demarcation line sometimes just through the top is enough… It just breaks up that scunk line… It does take a lot of patience and many fall by the wayside…. But you have persivered… Pat yourself on the back 👍

  36. This is such a sweet video, thank you! I'm 57 and saw my first gray hair at 10. My mom was all white at 30 (but dyed it til about my current age), so I grew up thinking I'd probably also gray early. However, even tho over my ears has been white since 30, & some silver strands here and there, I have only recently turned almost fully white on top. I've been dying it brown all these years but now finally am at the transition point mentally to go ahead & stop the constant dying (yes, as you said, everything revolves around if my hair needs "browning" lol!).. I've been looking at so many videos, trying to decide how to proceed, but yours tops them off. I've watched how-to videos on all sorts of color lifting, cuts for gray, you name it, but yours just relates so well to my own journey, although I'm quite a bit older, I've hung on to the box color for lots longer than you did. It was the fear of looking old, and my longish brunette hair suited me as far as I was concerned haha. Anyway, thanks for the encouragement, I'm going to try stripping the box color with Vitamin C powder & shampoo this weekend (hoping to minimize damage), then treat it with Olaplex to mend what I can. I just want to see what I'm really working with! I fully expect to be bright orange but I hope not. Anyway…. 💖

  37. I'm 45 and so ready to start this coming week since I'll be done with nursing school semester and can go and sit down at hair salon for the entire day. I'm naturally red headed but my hair is not as red as it used to be when I was younger. I do color it a level 7 but I do have gray where I part my hair. That's the only white I have but it bothers the constant coloring every other week.

  38. Your hair looks good. I have silver hair too. I catch a lot people looking at me, probably wondering what is wrong with me but that’s what makes me feel special. I am me! P.s and yes, it was an annoying transition haa

  39. I’m 40 and on my 6th month of not having my hair dyed. I’ve decided to just age naturally ‘coz having it colored is just time consuming and expensive.

  40. I am having the same issue but let me tell you that you don't look 39 AT ALL. I thought you were in your late 20s/early 30s… I hope I will look as young as young later. I am 20 by the way

  41. You said that you had your hair highlighted twice: just before your family trip to Florida & then after you stopped coloring your roots. The picture at 7:57 makes it look like your whole head was dyed blonde, but I'm assuming you had quite a bit of highlighting done. I recently had my hair highlighted – I've got about 4 inches of gray at this point – but there isn't a significant difference in appearance. I plan to have more work done & was just wondering what your stylist did.

  42. Thank you so much, I think you're naturally beautiful at all times, sometimes you may think your hair is not flattering it's beautiful as it naturally is, even so it is bold to just accept it.
    I share your story and I have now decided to grow out mine. Thank you for helping me to see how beautiful it is….to be young and naturally grey…

  43. Hi Erica! You are stunning!!! If my hair was as white and silver as yours I’d go gray. I’m 40 now and only 50% gray, dyed dark brown. I can’t seem to imagine how I would look, and that’s what stops me

  44. I love your hair! I am 45 and am also in my second try to let it grow out too with blonde high and low lites and now toning it grey. I am 5 months in and loving it!

  45. I am almost 50, /Also started greying at 16 and have colored since. I have tried going grey once and chickened out at 8 weeks. I'm at 6 weeks post die this time and I still don't know if I'm truely ready. I am currently using the Loreal root spray, but I hate the 'stiff' feeling of it. How did you deal with that? I'm not one to shampoo everyday, usually only twice per week, but using that spray for a week now, I cannot stand that stiff feeling and feel the need to shampoo more often. Help?!

  46. Super glad I found you!  I am just starting my journey after coloring my hair various shades of red with black combo.  My white is very stark against those colors.  Last night my first session with my stylist and we put on a demi-permanent color.  Now I kind of wish I just used the root spray bc the white outgrowth is now a lighter shade of brown.  Your comments about the toner really scared me…..hmmmm.  I am 46 years old and I've had gray in my hair since I was a teenager.  Never really desired to transition to my natural silver until this year.  Thank you for sharing and any tips you can give I'd appreciate.

  47. When you held your hair back it looked so pretty
    Then end vid is super cool
    People pay sooooo much to get that look
    When I had brown hair I coloured then when I started going grey I stopped I love my grey and would love silver to – we'll see what happens with that but in the meantime I like my grey
    Yours is really pretty and very becoming

  48. Well you sure are beautiful! Your face is young and gorgeous! Inspirational maybe I’ll go natural… got me thinking 🤔

  49. I feel it’s better to grow it out when you are young like you did – because your hair grows faster and it’s healthier over all – once you hit menopause your hair grows at a slower pace and it starts to fall out – any way you are beautiful and your hair looks amazing 🙂

    Oh I’m 51 and I have just started – in like December but I feel like I used overtone purple for coverage of grey but it stayed – like you said don’t tone your hair – just leave it go – so I’m not sure how much I will get done when I get to the year mark –

    Plus my hair is growing slower and it’s falling out so … I dunno – cutting it any more than past shoulder length not an option for me – but I will
    Press on with my transition – most of my grey is around my face – some up top but not full on white hair so … we shall see

  50. Hello thank You 🙏🏼 for sharing your journey… I’ll be fifty next Friday 8/31 and I started seeing strands of grey at age 46 now I’m at that point that I’m tried of dying my hair I love dark hair … so this Friday I went to my hair dresser and just told her to wash and trim my hair and a little cut framing my face … I see grey patches on my right and left side near my temples I keep looking at and questioning myself

  51. I’m making this transition and seeing how great the grey looks on you is inspiration to keep going and embrace my natural colour!

  52. OMG Erica, you are a beautiful woman. Your natural hair looks shiny and pretty as opposed to dyed, block colour, no shine, coated, nasty yellow hair. Your thick, glossy, multi faceted hair is so pretty, Look in the mirror girl, Ravishing x

  53. That's it. I'm jumping in ditching the bleach and color my roots. My hair was naturally dark and curly. Not damaged from all the bleaching. Going grey.

  54. I grew mine out, after two years some saying I looked older, I coloured it. BUT I will go natural again soon. Dying my hair every few weeks is for the birds.

  55. I’m 55 and am only 4 months due free, I’m so scared of having white hair, hairdresser says I have salt and pepper but who knows, I’m not as gorgeous as you!! Scary but I gotta do it

  56. I went through chemo a few yrs ago it came back orange,Brown ,grey, white and Curly! It kept falling out for yrs so fine & thin! I will say once You have had "No hair!" You will Never have a bad hair day again once You get hair no matter how it comes back! lol However after 2 yrs it strated coming in Pure white, I'm 59 but I'm dealing with it, husband passed & stopped dying my hair after his death, it is health , shiny and my kids & grand kids say I have Angel hair! I get lots of compliments from People! But the Secert is I love God, I have lived a full life, in fact Everyday is a gift from God that I am still here. My hair is my Crown of Glory of Years of Suffering and Years of Love! Every stran is for God's Glory! You look Beautiful, Remember what God gives You is perfect in his eyes! Keep Smiling & doing good & encouraging! God is Good!

  57. Going grey is not bad but "not having to colour every two or four weeks" as the reason behind going grey is something I dont find quite enough for somebody to go grey, esp as 40s is still too young to have grandma hair. We anyway spend time on ourselves, on hair like oiling once a week at least, hair mask, styling them and other stuff and dyeing hair is just 20-30 minutes so what the fuss anyway. Its not that big commitment.

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