My Silver Hair / Grey Hair Transition – Month 18

My Silver Hair / Grey Hair Transition – Month 18

Hey ladies, this is Erica Johnston and welcome back to my channel I decided to film in my backyard today as this is the last official weekend of summer I’m proud to say that I have gone a year and a half without Coloring my hair. So with this transition comes a big change for me I’m going to be 40 in a couple days and I’m actually really excited. Yeah, we’re gonna have a big party. I’m actually extremely excited about turning 40. It’s not as scary I know that for some women it is a tough age And we all have our numbers right whatever that is. So last week. I I posted a video and in it I mentioned that I don’t have any teaching job lined up for September and Sure enough. I got a call literally like I don’t know three hours after that video was posted and A principal from a school close by she said that they’re reorganizing their school And she’d love it if I could come in and set up a grade two classroom now I don’t know whether or not I’ll be able to keep this job because we have a lot of rules and regulations in Ontario right now, but I’ve got pretty good seniority and And I know these kids so fingers crossed. I really would love to have a class So we’ll see but if I do have one it’s definitely gonna be a lot of work a lot of my time So I’m gonna continue doing these Videos regardless as long as there’s interest from you, so don’t worry about that But just some of my other like the other sort of ideas that I had the fitness videos that sort of thing Might take just a bit of a back seat that’s all But no worries. So anyway I’m just I’m very very excited So new chapter in my life Potential job things are things are pretty good. So last week I did a video on a little experiment. I Used hydrogen peroxide to lighten or to try to lighten the yellowing that I have in my hair It actually feels really nice It’s um with the conditioner in it. It doesn’t feel I don’t think this is going to end up being dry I mixed hydrogen peroxide with conditioner and water and made a little spray mixture and put it on my hair and I felt like it did sort of brighten my hair a little bit overall But I didn’t feel like it Got rid of the yellowing. So in case you were sort of thinking about trying it yourself, I Don’t know if it’s necessarily worth it. Like maybe if you’re completely if you’re completely White or silver Nice great. It’ll give you some nice maybe brightening But if you’ve got dark hair as a lot of you have commented to me and you said you know what you have a lot Of dark strands still you might want to stay away from using hydrogen peroxide because it’ll lighten your dark hairs as well Yeah, so I think that I’m just gonna just stop with the experimentation for a while and just let things be I also kind of realized that the yellowing that I have now in my hair is Not from a straightening iron. It’s actually from the Sun which I’m sitting in right now without a hat… You know, it’s Coming to the end of our summer right now here in Canada and I really I’ve been careful like, you know when I sit by the pool, usually I’ll have A straw hat on or something like that, but to be honest with you I’ve gone outside a lot without a hat on and I’m not really a hat person. Like I I like to just be free and You know enjoy the outdoors and all this kind of stuff. So I Guess over time. I’ll have to figure out like You know how much yellowing do I really want to put up with right and it’ll be interesting to see – In the winter months, you know, we start to wear toques and all this outdoors and it’s freezing like – 40 Celsius but it’ll be interesting to see my hair grows out from that point and how silver it is, you know, like how much silver there is and how Much really is caused by the sun because I think that that’s what it is Yeah, so I’m I’m trying to just accept Things like this like, you know, it’s kind of silly to be over-the-top about This blonde. It’s actually kind of blond to be honest. So it’s kind of silly to be over-the-top about it So I just need to just move on and stop talking about the yellow. So I got a comment from one of my subscribers her name is Beth Kawa – I don’t know if I’m pronouncing her name right And she commented on my 17th month update and she said that this would have been her 17th month As well transitioning she said but three months ago. I had a weak moment and colored my hair so while it was great for the first month, I Really regret it now and I’m back to square one. So Ladies if you’re close to giving up think long and hard, it’s no fun starting over so I thought that That might give you a little bit of inspiration because I know it gave me some Some food for thought that’s for sure. Like I’ve I’ve definitely had moments where I think about going back to brunette, so if you’re thinking about Dyeing your hair and getting rid of the silver covering it up Really take the time. Like Don’t rush that decision because it’s a long process that you (laughs) It’s a long process that you’ve already gone through so upcoming videos I’ve got ideas. I want to do a video on hair products. This is a huge topic on This channel like we are all talking about So many different hair products that we use. So what I want to do is sit down kind of figure out What we like what we don’t like and go with that so I think that’ll probably be my video for next week So if you’re interested be sure to If you haven’t already subscribed, be sure to subscribe. So I just want to mention as well that your comments mean a lot to me so keep the comments coming and You know Maybe when you’re writing a comment scroll through and see what some other women have written and respond to them to you because there’s a lot of great questions and inspiration out there, too, so With that being said, I hope that you have an amazing week. Good luck for those of you who are parents with back to school Until next week I gotta stop this for a second. Hey guys, it’s me, Everett Johnston. I’m back here. Today. We’re gonna be doing some good stuff and also the last official Get it a video on Yeah, so I Wow that’s a loud cicada, that’s like literally over my head. Oh, I Know where is the Sun? Big black cloud Is that going to be like a thunder shower or something?


  1. I was pregnant at age 40. LOL 😏And I just turned 50 with solid grey hair! Haha! ❤️ My 10-year-old and 8 year old went to school today!

    I use Aveda Cherry Almond softening shampoo & conditioner. They recommended it at the salon to reduce yellow.

  2. Hi I’m seriously thinking about letting my grey hair grow out. I’m 46 and just sick of colouring and my hair so unhealthy.

  3. Erica, your boys are adorable – so loving and sweet. Congratulations on the teaching job. I pray you will have a class of your own soon. Also, you really do look better with silver hair. Gosh, your body is amazing (so toned)!

  4. Lovely chill video…your family is super cute…and wohooo on turning 40 😃 they are the best years of wisdom and grace!!!!

  5. What??? 40?? I thought you were in your early 30's. You look amazing!! Your boys are adorable! Cherish them everyday. They grow so fast! I can't wait for my hair to look like yours!! Good luck with your teaching job.

  6. I agree with the others you do look so good with the gray hair, the brown dulls your face. Also, my thought if I ever get that weak moment and feel like I want to go back to coloring, I’m going to possibly lowlight my hair that way should I regret it…I’m not starting all over again as the lowlights will only be scattered throughout my hair not covering it.

  7. Erica, you can use sprays that have sun protection in them for your hair.  I use one by Infusion and love it!  Happy 40th!!

  8. You look fabulous at 40! Love your suit too (I live at the beach!). Have you considered doing the "Nikol Johnson Gray Hair Tag"? Would love to hear some of your responses(even if you've already done some of the answers). As for your "yellowing" hair, I always have to assume it's something only YOU see in natural light or something, because on camera, your hair looks as silvery as the gal on Game of Thrones (who I think spurred that "granny hair" movement in young women a few years ago). Honestly, I cannot see any yellowing! It's beautiful! I'm on transition month 7 myself, and I think I'm through the "second thoughts" period, and at the "hurry up and get rid of the dyed parts" phase – Lol! Doing that snipping here and there thing (like you – Ha!) but I have curls, so I think it doesn't show up quite so much! Anyway … Sorry to write a book! Lastly … LOVE your sweet boys who OBVIOUSLY love their mom a lot – They are GREAT co-stars!

  9. Happy Birthday Erica , congratulations on turning 40; sooo do not look it, also the offer of setting up a class, I think we know what your wish over the candles when you blow them out will be 😂. I am taking it you are training for the marathon still, you do seem to have some weight loss, you do look great still. Please put your energy into your projects, I am sure we are happy to wait , I love your boys, they are so affectionate 🇬🇧❤️xx

  10. Happy birthday to you Your boys are precious. Congratulations on teaching position. Good luck and enjoy your forties! I will be 46 on Sunday. I’m still embracing the gray and six months in!

  11. Your boys are so cute! When I stopped coloring my hair it was so freeing. I just completed my 2yr journey. I'll never go back! It's so wonderful to have healthy hair again.

  12. Congrats on the job prospect! You remind me of a sporty Grace Kelly here. So striking with your dark eyebrows and silver hair. I know you're a mom, but I love glamour so was envisioning you wearing a silver or white bikini. haha Anyway, your son's affection was very sweet. I've become addicted to your videos.

  13. U wook marvelous. When you get older and older numbers mean nothing as long as you stay healthy and keep doing whatever’s it takes to stay that way. Cool. Love your hair.👍😎

  14. Cool video! Thanks for continuing to share your silver journey; Have an awesome birthday and I wish U the best with the teaching position…thumb up!

  15. Happy Birthday! Sorry to be a downer, but I was so discouraged today. My mom said she didn't recognize me at her door because of the grey hair..I'm 6 months in..thought it COULDN'T be me, and a cashier rang me in and gave me a senior's discount without even asking me and I'm only 53! I felt so old. I thought, "Do I really need to get dressed up with makeup, jewelry, and everything every day to look younger. I don't want to have to do that. I like makeup, just not every day. Have you come across this? How did you deal with it if you did?

  16. Your kids crack me up. Thanks for the inspiration. I am SO sick of having half/half hair (grey/brunette). I had my hair cut into a bob last month. It's good for me to see images like yourself. I'm almost at 11 months. I think I'll go for a big chop in 6 months.

  17. Happy Birthday Erica!. You look fabulous. Congratulations on your job. You are such an inspiration thank you so much. Your hair is beautiful! Wonderful family.

  18. Happy Birthday! You are young! I’ve listened to others and they said a particular purple shampoo is suppose to help brighten up the silver. So glad you mentioned the comment about the women who colored and regretted that she did! I’m in my 8 month of going gray. It is a challenge. Love to you and your beautiful family.

  19. Happy Early Birthday! 🤗 I’m a September baby too. You look great! I hate that I cannot get products for gray hair in a regular store and have to go to a beauty supply store. Booo.

  20. Wahooo!!!!! Same we are amazing!!! Happy birthday 40 is a wonderful year…I really came into myself on my 40 th year……I'm 49 soon in October well done Erica……your the Hostess with the Mostess…….

  21. Great stopping with the experiments…lol……I've just had my hair cut……first time since last may and I look great I'm truly salt and pepper but hey I love silver but time will tell

  22. Hi Erica. 40 is prime of your life, I know, being 54 now! But I still feel young! You have a kind demeanor, obviously raising sweet young boys who love their pretty mama. My boys are 24 and 21, and are my pride and joy. Good luck with the new teaching assignment.

  23. Happy Birthday Erica!! I celebrated my birthday in July visiting my son who lives in Sweden, the best birthday ever…and I turned 57 xo

  24. Love how sweet and affectionate your boys are! Thanks for the videos. They are so encouraging. I’m on my 4th month now of no coloring I’ve had a few weak moments but just put my hair in a ponytail and a cap to cover it up😉

  25. Your kids are so stinking cute! Like little fish in the pool and I love that they are so affectionate with you. It’s obvious they live their mama. Also the bloopers are perfect! I love it! Congratulations on starting your new school year. How exciting! So happy for you. Lastly, your hair is absolutely perfect on you! Don’t worry about the blonde hints in there. They will eventually go away. My mother had the same issue. My hair is growing out and I’m loving it but I have so much pepper still. It will be a while before I see the yellowing or blonde spots. Yours is perfect! Looking forward to the product videos. I love my oribe products personally. Can be a bit pricey but they last me a long time as I don’t wash but once every 5-7 days unless it gets oily for some reason which is very unlikely as I tend to be dry. I also prefer the purple shampoo Fonola No Yellow.
    Just one more thing I want to add as I keep forgetting to mention to you. You mentioned in a previous video that you were looking for a good sunblock. I will never use anything but Elta MD skincare UB Facial broad spectrum spf 30. My dermatologoist turned me onto this stuff several years ago and I have never looked back. Goes well with or without makeup. I use on my neck chest and even hands and arms when I’m going to be out and driving it feels so good. No smell at all. Doesn’t break your skin out. Very flattering. Blends into the skin and gives the effect of a moisturizer. I love it! Let me know if you need anymore info on these products. I don’t sell but I sure do buy them. They are worth every penny. 😘❤️ see you in your next video!

  26. I'm watching your videos from Athens,Greece!! I'm 37 years old and I definitely have a lot of gray hair that I'm covering up. I also got a divorce last year and since I'm on my own I decided to give my hair a break. Everyone,from my mother to my employer went crazy over that,they found it awful idea.My hairdresser who is also a good friend of mine forced me to dye them again.Now I have that blorange color and I don't like it at all.I think that I'll have to move to Canada in order to be myself. Everybody wants me remarried so how am I supposed to find a new man being a gray hair lady?? Lol…. I'm thinking at least to bleach them all and see what happens. Thank you for your inspiration and support,dear Erica!! Ps. I'm also working out and I have a fit body so they think the combination is confusing but I say that it's the bomb!!

  27. I LOVE you hair colour. I'm 38 and starting to get grey faster then I would have liked 😉 haven't coloured it for a year. 🙂 btw ur boys r sooo sweet xoxo. I had no idea ur in Ontario. We r in Muskoka

  28. Happy birthday,i turned 38 on sep 11th and my gray hair is coming in very fast,my hair dye last about 2 weeks and i am thinking of just letting it take its course but iam too pale to have white hair.🙁

  29. I have to share this. Last night I went out. I was in a group of people. I was explaining to 2 women and 2 men (single) acouple years younger that I had stopped dying my hair, shaved it off and have gone completely white. When suddenly one guy said, "and it's sexy AF" (he had been drinking, LOL) so I rolled with the cuss words. 😏 Anyway, I don't care what anyone says, it's natural and if you carry yourself with class and dignity, wearing clothing that flatters, grey hair can be a really cool thing! 🤗 Embrace it! 😘❤️

  30. Not only the sun, but silver hair can pick up pollutants from the air, and water, and that includes swimming pool water. Who knew?

  31. Love your videos. You are so refined, articulate, and beautiful. You could be IVANKA's sister! I too am letting it grow out. Rough road but wearing wigs has helped along the way! Take care and best of luck.

  32. Tienes una familia maravillosa y me pareces una persona muy dulce que me transmite calma y serenidad. Disfruta mucho tus 40! Abrazos desde Madrid!!!

  33. Happy Belated Birthday! I turned 45 in June & that's the last time I dyed my hair. So now, I'm 5 months (this month) into my transition…..scared the Holidays will set me back. If I can get through that I can get through till summer. In June 2019 it'll be a full year at that time I'll cut it ear or chin length. I have about 2 inches of grey so far and I'm looking like a calico cat. I have white, silver, grey, highlighted bleached parts and my natural dark brown brunette hair. I'm going to go cold turkey. My stylist recommended the highlights and low lights but honestly I'm tired of spending $300 to highlight and waste 3+ hours in a chair. Fingers crossed, I think I'll be able to do this. I know I can but judgement of others especially close Friends & Family can be harsh. These videos really do help. Thank you!
    P.S. Your boys are too adorable 💜💖

  34. Hello Erica. I found your channel on one of our early winter days in Ontario – ironic. Congratulations on turning 40. Truly, 40s is the best decade for women. We come into our prime. I’m 66 and here to encourage you and you followers to embrace your forties. Congratulations on your teaching offer. I hope it has worked out for you. Congratulations on the growth of your channel. Keep it going and perhaps move forward with the theme of how great your 40s will be. My channel is in its early days. I interview women on the joy of working after 60 and plus. I know it’s decades off for you and your followers, but check it out. We are all vibrant women and making the most of our wisdom years. My purpose is to validate women’s choice to work and give them a voice. We want to encourage younger women (like you) to make choices that are best for them. My next video project is “The Joyful Entrepreneur”.

  35. Mrs Johnston you look 28 with darker hair, you have a young face, and slim body, I like the grey too, but you surprised me with darker hair, I use to die my hair platinum untill I got sick of every 6 weeks retouching it again, k so now I am ash grey, and sometimes it looks dark and dirty ash, I cannot put a water rinse in my hair , due to the grey, so I just put up with it, love your boys god bless
    ann from planet earth , in the milky way galaxy ;


  36. What does the chlorine do to your hair? I am entering my 3rd month dye free!!! I am not as grey as I thought…a true salt and pepper so far. Yes! I am thinking I will be missing my darker color. My true feeling is…I don't want to be invisible….lumped into "that" group. Do you ever fell like that? Yours looks great and you look young and vibrant . My biggest fear would be braking my leg and needing a cane !!!!! lolololo

  37. 39 years old here and I just have like 50 gray hairs ( just for saying a number) and I dont want to color my hair. I color my hair in my late 20s and my scalp hurt so much. I am afraid so I think I will use some henna o leave my gray hair alone

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