#MyFaveElement: Copper

#MyFaveElement: Copper

My favorite element is copper, because
it’s extremely versatile and it’s ubiquitous. As a mechanical engineer
research scientist studying thermal sciences, I use copper every day because
of its high thermal and electrical conductivity. It’s frequently used in my
experiments in the electronics, the motors, the thermocouples and the heat
exchangers I use in my experiments. For everyone else, copper is used for jewelry,
for coins and even for building materials such as roofing or siding. Copper is also one of the few metals to occur naturally. Growing up in Utah, one
of the local attractions is the Bingham Canyon Mine. This mine is the largest
man-made excavation site and all of the world is about two and a half miles wide,
two-thirds of a mile deep and produces more than 19 million tons of copper.
Copper is also essential to living organisms, as it is a trace dietary
mineral. Overall copper really is an amazing element, as it not only supports
our very existence, as well as help us create and advance new and clean and
efficient technologies.

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