Mythic+ Master Class: Freehold (and How to Make Gold with M+)

Mythic+ Master Class: Freehold (and How to Make Gold with M+)

I bet by this stage you’re starting to feel
like children of divorce and unfortunately this weekend you have your least favourite
parent Psybearslat Welcome to another video everybody
This week I want to present dungeon routing in a completely different way. Freehold itself has about 10 different routes
you can take depending on if it’s fortified or tyrannical depending on if you have Eudora
as the Council of Captains or not depending on where the voids are
Instead of doing all that I want to instead present the ways in which you can improve
your personal performance try saying that 10 times fast depending on what route you’re
moving through the dungeon After you kill the first boss Sky Cap’n’Kragg
you can kill the remainder of the 3 bosses in any order you want Most groups will save
bloodlust for the first boss and the second boss – the Council of Captains because they’re
the most hectic of the four however by the time you reach the second boss you have bloodlust
with a 5 minute cooldown still what you want to do is start progressing your way through
to either harlan or the shark boss in my opinion it’s better to kill harlan because once
he reaches 33% or so health he starts to take extra damage anyway and he’s also quite
quick to get to also the shark boss has a lot of roleplay and what you can do is get
your rogue or your druid to start the RP whilst you go kill Harlan then you can kill the second
boss then the shark boss is ready to proceed with You can also start to clear all the trash
around the 2nd boss depending on the level of key you’re doing you’ll probably have
bloodlust off cooldown by the time you’ve killed the last pack surrounding the 2nd boss
so keeping all of that in mind if you know you’re not killing the 2nd boss until bloodlust
is available well then you want to keep using all of your offensive and defensive abilities
up until bloodlust is available again and if you also know you’re going to be killing
a specific amount of trash then you can start to time this and say “well I know we’re
going to have to kill these 4 packs before we pull so if I use a 2 minute cooldown it’s
probably going to take 30-40 seconds per mob pack ba-da bing ba-da boom all your cooldowns
are ready to go again so after you kill the 1st boss and progress across the bridge you’ll
notice there’s going to be again one of three roleplaying events
You either have a dog with keys in his mouth or 2 thugs that are punching some target dummy
or a vulpera trying to get you drunk whichever event this is it means you’ll be partnering
up with that boss which means the boss and his affiliated pirates will no longer be hostile
with you which means you’ll have less potential trash to kill you want to ignore this event
until after you’ve killed all the trash surrounding the 2nd boss that way you don’t
have to kill extra trash to meet your 100% requirement. I wanted to switch the formatting a little
bit this week with this video and I wanted to keep the first few minutes a very basic
overview of how the dungeon works and then the last few minutes are going to be a more
indepth advanced guide The first troublesome mob that you will encounter
is the enforcer you want to look out for the brutal backhand that they will intermittently
cast as it is a wide frontal that will knock you back and at high key levels it can 1 shot
you Also included in the packs with the oarsmen
we have the duelist that will cast a non-interruptible duelist dash you can however stun this or
typhoon or vortex it Next we have the oarsmen who will cast a sea
swirl ability if you don’t manage to interrupt this in time blue swirlies will spawn under
everyone’s feet and it does a lot of damage so you’ll have to move out of them
Between the 2nd boss and the shark boss these mob packs will incorporate a brinescale mob
which has two potential casts the first one isn’t anything to worry about on lower keys
however the frost blast must be interrupted this will do a large AOE ability in a line
in front of the caster and must be interrupted or stunned
Also incorporated in these mob packs are the knuckledusters these mobs themselves aren’t
too dangerous to deal with however they intermittently cast a shattering bellow which must be interrupted
if not it will interrupt any spell casting and silence for a few seconds so it’ll definitely
annoy your healer As you make your way towards the last boss
Harlan you want to look out for these ravager mobs they have a very unique spell cast that
you don’t want to interrupt this will cause surrounding mobs to self-inflict damage and
die very quickly – stack these mobs together The 1st boss sky cap’n’crackle’n’pop
is actually quite a simple boss however on higher level tyrannical keys you actually
incorporate a completely different mechanic that I won’t get into because you only do
it on 20 or higher keys Whilst he remains on his mount he’s not
very scary at all therefore I would advise saving bloodlust until he’s off his mount
at that point all of the ranged classes want to move as far away from the boss as possible
and try and bait out these green swirlies that appear on the floor all of the melee
classes want to position themselves around the boss so that when he does his powder shot
ability two people can’t get hit at once so if you have 4 melee you’re kind of like
a cross this ability hits very hard at higher tyrannical keys even at 18’s and 19’s
you can get 1 shot by it what else and lastly watch out for the damn parrot
On the 2nd boss the council of captains I only want to really talk about Eudora here
because she’s the only scary boss the other two it’s move away from the spinning sword
and don’t stand in front of the big barrel smash however Eudora is quite tricky on higher
keys especially on higher keys you want to look out for her powder shot in which if it
targets you just use a defensive or try and line of sight around a pillar if you can next
you have the grape shot in this scenario Eudora will jump to specific locations and you just
want to get to her as quickly as possible and not get hit by the clockwise ability Once you’re on the 3rd boss you’ll notice
it’s quite simplistic as a ranged or healer you want to kite the sharks into the blood
pools by being the closest player to the sharks as a tank when you see these sharks spawn
try and move the boss to the other side of the room to cause as little disruption as
possible the blood pools themselves will target specific players so you can kind of bait them
into different locations as well I would mention to watch out for the shark tornado because
after the boss finishes casting it he will immediately jump to the 1st shark he put down
of the two sharks so don’t be between the shark and the boss I would also make a special
mention if you have an outlaw rogue or a feral druid they can continue to attack the boss
with their extended range talents So you finally reached the 4th boss…. Or the 2nd or 3rd boss depending on which
order you went in Harlan himself is quite simple he only has a couple of mechanics and
most of them you can mostly ignore he does occasionally spawn an add at the back of the
room in the gold piles just try and CC it with monk paralysis roots blind etc if it
does reach you it will explode and do a lot of AOE damage so try to prevent that as well
there will be a cannon barrage ability now when he’s at above 60% health he will only
target one specific player with this cannon barrage and that player needs to move out
in a line you want to tank this boss in one of the corners of the balcony and then when
this cannon barrage comes out just move over to the other corner however once he gets below
60% health he will start spawning the barrage on every player so you want all of the players
to stack up tight on the tank and then when the barrage happens you slowly move out in
a line all the same and then you move over to the other side of the balcony then rinse
and repeat and as i briefly mentioned earlier in the video once Harlan reaches 33% health
or so he will start to take increased damage so at that point start to use your cooldowns
to quickly finish him off Now that we have a basic overview of the whole
dungeon and how the bosses work I want to take you through a very sped up version of
the whole run and I want to free-talk you through the whole run We start off by shrouding straight to the
1st boss in order to summon the boss we have to pull this 1st pack here which does have
a tides emissary but really it’s no problem because we’re just going to burst everything
down and not get hit by the backhand right? Right then we move onto the first boss and
as I said when he’s on the parrot don’t worry about his attacks too much just don’t
stand in the big swirlies on the ground and dps him down as normal however do be careful
because his shots whilst he’s on the parrot do still hurt and you sometimes can get double
tapped and you die next we all form in a position around the boss we don’t have a ranged dps
so that means our healer is running back and forth trying to kite these green goops around
the room that’s pretty much it for the first boss we quickly take him down no problems
there great dps everybody good job well played Next we want our rogue to pull that thug away
from the rest of the group as we then move across the bridge and then he can then vanish
or if you’re alliance and have a shadowmeld you can use that that way we don’t have
to waste time killing a 1 mob pack when we can combine 2 or 3 packs together so that’s
exactly what we do here now we do have a bolstering affix we have bolstering tyrannical explosive
so we don’t want to pull too many mobs because we will get smacked down by too many explosives
so we have to be very careful luckily we have 3 melee that can deal with anything within
range then you can see we double pull these packs we do assign interrupt markers for some
of these mobs to watch out for these frost blasts there are abilities like these going
bananas which isn’t too much of a problem to deal with you can always move out as a
group and not get hit by the whirlwind or you can just stun them there’s also a blind
rage that certain mobs will do and they will fixate on people unless they are soothed or
stunned or typhooned they will just chase after someone and hit them real hard so you
want to try and soothe it anything you can to rid yourself of that
In this dungeon most of the time the tides emissaries and the enchanted emissaries aren’t
much of an issue you’ll start to notice that whenever that’s the case normally we
burst everything down together rather than ccing mobs and killing separately it’s really
only the void emissaries that are the problem but if your dps is strong enough you should
be able to kill them in 2 casts if it does get to a 3rd cast your dps probably weren’t
focusing specifically on the void so there’s probably some trouble here We do end up having a few deaths here and
pulling the enforcer apparently stealth wasn’t quite as effective as it should have been
we kill it down and move onto the 2nd boss so what we did was kill a lot of trash until
bloodlust was off cooldown now you’ll notice that our healer here is doing a really cool
strategy he’s standing up on the roof of this building so he doesn’t get hit by the
whirlwind blades when targeted with them the blades just disappear and they get redirected
you’ll also notice all of our dps are standing in the brown barrel on the ground that gives
us +15% damage we then shroud through to the shark boss and immediately start all of the
RP and then whilst we wait we pull packs of trash so that we’re being efficient with
our timing so we’re still killing trash whilst we’re waiting for the roleplaying
to go on so if you’re a tank and you want to think of what an effective route in this
dungeon is this is what you want to be doing making every second count always attacking
something but still getting through ya know if you’re at 100% trash at this point and
then just sitting here you’ve wasted time because you spent a lot of time killing trash
elsewhere when there was no need we end up pulling quite a scary pack especially at this
speed where we have all of these shells flying around just avoid them don’t get smacked
by them and then look out for the ground pounds don’t get hit by any of the swirlies we
then move on and pull more trash whilst we wait for the rest of the roleplaying to go
on then it’s back to the shark boss and it’s kill kill kill now there are a few
problems on this one I don’t want to make excuses for myself but I do end up dying because
a shark spawns on me right as there is an explosive on the ridge and you have to be
careful because if you move out of the arena then the spectators will hit you with a bunch
of damage so you have to be careful of that so I end up dying there but it’s not too
much of a problem again our tank is being really efficient here by pulling mobs one
at a time to get extra percent whilst we kill this boss it’s easily cleaved down and doesn’t
detract from us focusing the boss here and like I said the boss isn’t too much of an
issue you can see we’re all dpsing during that tornado phase anyway a lot of times groups
will say we need a ranged class there’s no way we’re going to do this dungeon without
a ranged and then you go and do it with 3 melee on and 18 anyway
We then shroud up to the last boss we sap or cage sap cc sap blind whatever you want
to do and then shroud up to the next boss and we just kill Harlan you’ll notice we
still have a little bit of trash left to do so what we end up doing taking benefit of
the painful motivation and we kill a bunch of mobs together with painful motivation which
is very efficient especially on bolstering where if you pull too many mob packs and they
bolster each other you’re going to have problems I will mention on bolstering a really
good way to handle it is obviously you can’t chain pull but just pull a bunch of mobs together
and make sure your dps are constantly checking and pursuing the highest health mobs it doesn’t
mean you can’t pull two packs of mobs it just means don’t go and burst all of the
non-elite mobs so you end up bolstering an elite mob and it has 4 million health For this week’s tips I want to show you
how you can make money doing mythic+ currently I’d say there are 2 main ways you can make
this gold 1 being boosting people through the dungeons themselves so if you and 3 other
people maybe you’ve got a group of friends to play with if you all boost 1 person through
the dungeon I’ve seen people boosting from +10-15 keys and normally you make around 150-250k
gold on the higher end I’ve even seen people boost +20 keys in which case I think they
make 500k gold so obviously this is quite a lucrative way to make money but obviously
it involves a buyer now in patch 8.3 blizzard are making changes to a lot of how mythic+
operates if you complete every dungeon at a +10 you gain a new title and if you complete
all the dungeons at a +15 you get a new mount they’re also making changes to how the gearing
works in mythic+ currently if you complete a +10 key you get a 430 base ilvl piece of
loot now it can obviously still titanforge but even if you up to a +15 or a +20 etc you
still only get a 430 base ilvl piece of loot however in 8.3 they’re upping this to a
+15 key so gear will continue to scale that much further therefore I anticipate that m+
boosting communities will become a lot more lucrative as many more people are trying to
get boosted through these dungeons so from achievement hunters, mount farmers even just
people trying to gear up a bit quicker or catch up to the game so that’s the 1st way
in which you can make gold in mythic+ now it is a little bit more hard work you do have
to have a buyer and a group to play with however there are a lot of boosting communities out
there so you can hop in whenever you’re available so it’s not as much effort as
you might think There’s also a 2nd method in which you can
make a lot of gold in mythic+ it’s not quite as lucrative as the first method but it’s
independent and all you need is crafting professions a lot of people in dungeons will go through
a lot of different consumables i’m sure you’re aware of flasks and food and different
potions but I want to really get into the nitty gritty of all the ways you can make
a lot of money here so some of these lesser known items I like to call the mimic buffs
or the attack power scroll stamina scroll and intellect scroll if you don’t have a
priest mage or warrior in your group which often times you won’t these get used in
excess because any time anyone dies you have to re-use all of these buffs now you also
have lightfoot potion which tanks like to use to move swiftly through the dungeon to
gather up a lot of mobs you also have invisibility pots in case you don’t have access to a
rogue shroud you also have bloodlust or drums – fury or of the mountain – either of those
are fine they work in the same manner lastly you have access to repair bots for any of
those unmountable dungeons in case you’ve had a few deaths so whilst many of you may
have known about those consumables I want to stress just how often they’re used if
you buff each time you enter the dungeon there’s 3 scrolls there plus any time anyone dies
there’s roughly 3 more scrolls you also have 3 or 4 uses of bloodlust so there’s
3 or 4 drums you also have repair bot in case of more than a handful of deaths if you don’t
have a rogue shroud there’s 5 potions of invisibility for the one dungeon also anytime
your tank is using lightfoot which is probably on cooldown you have 1 flask per player plus
anytime anyone dies a lot of people are using the fish feasts and then you also have unbridled
fury I probably use per dungeon I’m using them on cooldown so anywhere from 20-30 per
dungeon so there is a lot of money to be made from all of these consumables especially if
you look on the method dungeon tool you look on week 6 which is currently this week right
now then you will notice that it’s a really good week for people to be pushing so there
are going to be a lot more people doing dungeons this week therefore consumables are going
to be very lucrative this week Alright everybody I think it’s time for
me and Bob Ross to get the darn heck out of here but thanks again for watching if you
do have any comments please leave them down below or you can check me out live on
thanks again!


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