Nate Silver Lets His Bias Show…Again

Nate Silver Lets His Bias Show…Again

>>Nate Silver has referred to Bernie Sanders
supporters as residue. I’m not even kidding. This was through Twitter, and then he proceeded
to double down. Now, this was in response to reports indicating
that Bernie Sanders has among the most diverse group of supporters. And this of course goes against the smears
that Bernie Sanders had to face during the 2016 election, the whole Bernie Bros stereotype. Now if you look at the numbers, and I’ll break
it down for you in just a minute, the majority of his supporters actually tend to be female
and people of color. Now, Nate Silver doesn’t like those results,
and so here’s how he worded things. Silver was discussing Sanders’ recent poll
numbers in Iowa. Warren had 22% in the poll, compared to Biden’s
20% and Sanders’ 11%. Someone on Twitter noted that a positive sign
for Sanders was that his support is more diverse than it was in 2016. And so Nate Silver responded to that tweet,
and here’s what he said. Not sure Bernie should get credit for having
more diverse support than last time, given that he has far less support than last time. A lot of voters have left him. White liberals have been particularly likely
to leave him for Warren, so the residue of what’s left is more diverse. How do you think that that’s okay to tweet
out?>>Yeah, look, guys, I’m not hung up on the
word residue, a lot of people are. I get why you are, and if Trump had said it,
people would be going nuts, like, what do you mean, calling people residue, etc.? I’m more concerned about the-
>>Bias?>>Yeah, the significant bias in terms of
content for Nate Silver. And so the jury’s now officially in. Because we’re dorks, we’ve probably debated
Nate Silver and whether he has a bias more than any other show by an order of magnitude,
okay? And so there’s some hosts here who defend
him to the hilt. There’s some hosts that are in the middle. I considered myself in the middle. I’m not in the middle anymore, because context
matters. When Bernie Sanders was up in the polls, and
he was a solid number two for a long time this year, right, Nate dismissed all of those
as not important, no way, not interesting. And he had 1000 excuses for it. The minute Bernie Sanders goes down, he’s
like, aha, everyone has left him! And it’s the residue of what remains, and
said, Nate, how do you not see it? I mean, you’ve never given him credit for
a positive poll.>>Nope, never.>>And all you’ve ever done is, the minute
there’s that one negative poll. And look, I think the trend is an interesting
one. I talked about the trend, and if you want
to give Warren credit, that makes a ton of sense. But needlessly putting down Bernie on that
poll, given the context of your other statements about how one polls don’t matter, all of a
sudden there’s a poll here in Iowa, which I love and I think is fascinating. But you take that poll and you go, aha, one
poll matters. Come on, get out of here, no. You’re the most biased guy in America, and
you’re supposed to be doing numbers. So that’s why it’s the worst. I mean, it’s one thing if idiot pundits on
TV run off at the mouth with their, Americans believe that the rich should get everything. Who cares what they think, right? But you’re supposed to do stats, and being
biased when it comes to polling like this is unacceptable.>>In some ways, it kind of reminds me of
the incident that we had early on in our race, after the Justice Dems endorsement with Jonathan
Weisman, where the defensiveness when people try to call you out on some of these things
is like, you hold a very influential position. Your context does matter, because people are
interpreting what you say to mean something because you are in these positions of looking
at the numbers and all of that. So all the more reason that we should be holding
them to a higher standard, because they’re the ones that are supposed to be giving us
reliable information.>>Look, there’s this funny, interesting split
between how the media treats Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. I like them both, I think they’re both wonderful
progressives. Morgan, you worked at the Consumer Financial
Protection Bureau->>I did, yeah.>>Which you wouldn’t have been able to do
if it wasn’t for Elizabeth Warren.>>Exactly, yeah.>>Right, so, but they’ve been, and I’m not
saying this in a bad way, I love it. The press has been generally positive about
Elizabeth Warren. And so that goes to show you, we are not biased. If we thought that, with the coverage that
she’s gotten, if we were out here going, the press is biased against Elizabeth Warren. They write negative articles. You’d say, mm, I don’t know about you guys,
right? But no, the articles have been actually really
positive.>>So I have no problem with the positive
articles. But I do have a giant problem in the way the
press treats Bernie versus Elizabeth Warren. I think they see Bernie Sanders as a bigger
threat, and they wanna get rid of him, right? And will the positive media coverage continue
if Bernie is no longer part of the equation, and it’s against Joe Biden or a different
centrist Democrat->>No.>>Versus Elizabeth Warren. Exactly, so I hate the way the media has covered
his campaign. I think that it’s abundantly clear that they
wanna get rid of him and do whatever they can to squash him. And he has proposed, in my opinion, one of
the most important healthcare policies, Medicare for All. And he’s the one who supports it without any
question. He doesn’t have any conversations about equivocating
or conceding things to centrists. He’s strong on it. He has the receipts to prove it. And I just hate the way that he gets smeared
over and over again. There’s no positive reporting on Bernie Sanders.>>Yeah, I just wanna ask the reporters one
thing. Look, I’m thrilled with the coverage that
Elizabeth Warren is getting. I just think it needs to be balanced, right? And do you really, if you’re a mainstream
media reporter, do you really believe that the mainstream media has given fair coverage
to Bernie Sanders, really? I mean, can you say with a straight face that
he’s gotten as much positive coverage as the other candidates? No, no one in their right mind could say that. I mean, you’d have to live in an alternative
fact world to believe that. You know that’s not true. So then I guess your supposition is, well,
Bernie Sanders is so bad, he deserved all those negative articles. And all the other candidates are generally
good, and they deserve the positive coverage. Then how could you not see your bias? You’ve made a presupposition that Bernie Sanders
is bad, and hence must have terrible articles written about him. And yet you say there’s no bias. It’s incredible to me that you can’t see it.>>Well, look, he threatens their power structure,
right, or long-standing American power structure. That is what Bernie Sanders threatens, right? He’s not having a conversation about protecting
the American people. He’s having a conversation about empowering
American people, and power is a zero-sum game. People in positions of power stand to lose
some of that power if the system is made more equal, right? So I think that’s the reason why some of these
individuals have absolutely no interest in covering him positively.>>Well, and at the very least, I think we
should be respectful of people who have views and are supportive of Bernie Sanders. I know a lot of people that I’m meeting in
the 3rd District in Ohio where I’m running that are very enthusiastic about Bernie. And they are good people and really hard-working
people that are putting a lot of their time and energy into supporting him. And just like the people that are supportive
of Elizabeth Warren, they deserve respect. And describing them as residue is not very
respectful.>>I agree.>>And by the way, look, you see it in almost
everything that Nate does. I’ll give you one last tweet from him. He said, you know who had diverse support,
trying to put down Sanders one more time, he said, de Blasio, that’s who. He had a 0% among whites, 0% among blacks,
0% among Hispanics, 0% among men and among women, 0% among college graduates, and it
gets on and on and on. So what is he doing there? Attacking another progressive that was in
the race, de Blasio, and then comparing Sanders to 0% support. So that’s two put-downs of progressives for
the price of one. Now, he could have picked John Delaney. But he wouldn’t do that, cuz John Delaney
is a beloved establishment figure. So I’m not saying that Nate Silver is pretending
that John Delaney has a real chance of winning this race. But it’s interesting that whenever he had
to pick an example of someone who didn’t do well, his gut instinct was, let me put down
another progressive. Instead of John Delaney, who’s been running
for two straight years, and never shows up in any of this polling. But he knows that his establishment friends
will get a chuckle out of the de Blasio comparison. They’ll be like, I do declare, no one likes
de Blasio, right? But if he’d said it about Delaney, he’d get
a sideways glance. Hey, hey, be cool, he’s a fellow Democrat,
unity, unity. What are you doing here? And so look, finally, the reality of that
poll in Iowa is, I think that it is real. So if you’re a Sanders supporter, you should
be concerned. And I was just in Iowa, and a lot of people
have Warren at either number one or at number two. The way that the caucuses work is, if your
candidate doesn’t get 15%, then you go to your number two, in which case Warren will
win even by a larger margin, if the election was held today. Now, do I think Bernie Sanders has a comeback
in him, is it possible? Yes, I definitely believe that, okay? So do I know if Warren or Sanders is gonna
win? I don’t, but the real takeaway from that poll,
and what Nate Silver should have focused on, is Biden’s at number two. And once he slips to number two, ain’t nobody
thinks that Biden can make a comeback. You ask any reporter off air, and they’ll
say, no, of course Biden can’t make a comeback, cuz his support has no energy, it has no enthusiasm. It’s not real support, it’s based on name
recognition. And once he loses that name recognition advantage
and slips to number two, he’s a goner.>>Well, then he can rely on his inspiring
proposals, right?>>Yeah, good luck trying to find them, whereas
Warren and Sanders both have incredible proposals. And so, if you’re in the prognostication game,
which of course I am, well, look, Bernie made a comeback already in some of the national
polling by outflanking Warren on the left. And so I think, my guess would be that he
would do more of that, and that that would be how he rises back up. So we’ll see if I’m right. That’s why I say it ahead of time, and the
rest of the folks never do. So there’s also good news for Bernie Sanders
in the national polling. So it’s a combination of polls, look at it
holistically. But overall, if you’re progressive, this is
a dream come true. I think very soon, the top two candidates
are gonna be both progressive.


  1. The mainstream media are afraid of Bernie because he has given more than a few hints that he will break up the monopoly of big media that five or six companies control who will not expose the corruption of their corporate advertisers, which they refuse to give any negative coverage about them. And Bernie has definitively done this at several of the debates thus far by telling the audience that when there's a break in the debates the insurance and pharmaceutical industries will have ads demeaning the concept of Medicare for all and reigning in the drug companies. And sure enough that was what happened when these co-conspirators of theirs in the media did go to a commercial break. All those media executives and the supposed anchors of these various programs are all rich and you can certainly understand not the first one of them in their heart of hearts want to see their taxes increased even a little bit. None of these people, none of the executives or the talking heads are willing to pay more in their personal taxes even if it means they are less patriotic or even give a shit about the country at large. No everything is about them and everyone else, the country collectively be damned.

  2. Nate Silver still eats Hillary's toe jam while sniffing Bill Clinton socks and his hairline is downright disturbing Silver is cat piss in the flesh. Did I mention Nate's hairline?

  3. I think I figured it out. Cenk wants to do anything possible to take down Biden, even if that means accepting and propping up Warren, the establishment's ace in the hole to defeat Bernie. It's VERY upsetting and a betrayal to the progressive movement, but it is what it is.

  4. Keep fighting Bernie.. TYT Liz is a corporate tool and y'all know it. But yet you guy's continue to prop Warren up. So TYT, The next time any of you get the chance to go on CNN again. Y'all need to call these people out for their smears. Not in a nice way, but with your foot in corporate media's ass. Come on man…

  5. They will instantly jump off her ship if Bernie was out of the race and it was just her and Biden. The coverage Bernie gets is like the coverage the Jets get in N.Y.C. they show the score and stats but will never give them praise as long as the Giants are in town.

  6. Famous quote "Numbers don't lie but they can be skewed to give different results." Thats the slime of Nate Silver. Who btw is Jewish.

  7. Come on Cenk, WarHen is NOT a "wonderful progressive". Ever stop to wonder why she gets such great coverage from the media? She's a fuckin snake in the grass who BTW has very weak moral character as she used her fake native American ancestry to get a leg up in life.

  8. "We are not bias…" – AAHHH HAHAAHAHAHAAHAH….
    Dude, the moment Warren started to catch up to Sanders you guys literally went into full political-hack mode, Ana leading the charge. Ana LITERALLY made an entire show about how you were "openly for Bernie" and did as much reaching as possible to demonize Warren. For an entire show. GTFO with "no bias".

  9. The Young Turks don't seem to get it — a good part of Bernie's support in 2016 was due to him being the alternative to Hillary. I supported Bernie for that exact reason, but wasn't 100% comfortable with the candidate. Now it's almost 2020, and I'm with Warren.

  10. Ok, the bias yes, but you're ignoring the RACISM inherent in calling people of color residue. Not just Bernie supporters. His supporters of COLOR. The ones "left" after white people. THAT is what is so wrong with the word "residue."

  11. I don't understand why and how these politicians have become so bitter, mean spirited, and judgmental over relatively benign statements. I've noticed it even in my own party among the different "flavors" of democrats.
    Professional demeanor … is that a thing anymore?

  12. Cenk you honestly make me sick anymore! Warren is not winning Iowa!! The polls are not accurate & if you did your job you would see that! Bernie has the most donors & volunteers in Iowa & all across the country! Tyt had become MSNBC lite! Love you Ana! You always keep it real! No hypocrisy no lies!

  13. Any person that holds on to beliefs, ideas, conclusions, presumptions, and assumptions is biased and prejudiced in favor of their beliefs, ideas, conclusions, presumptions, and assumptions.

  14. I love how u keep calling out this ass tic for being an ass tic 😂😂😂 u need to do it on other characters like the trash from fox news that put out option pieces like "AOC once again doesn't know what she's talking about"

  15. Sanders support is basically the socialists and those people who voted for him in 2016 and havn't heard of any other candidate other than Biden. His numbers are worse in the early states because there are fewer voters who only know Biden and Sanders. Once voters see and hear Elizabeth Warren, Sanders national numbers will go the same way.

  16. Oh…Jesus Christ. Does this never get old? SOMEONE says SOMETHING that's not just fawning over Bernie and then TYT accuses THEM of being bias.

    Ok….and will you openly admit your bias? No? You can't? They can't even allow themselves to entertain the possibility that Bernie just doesn't have the same support this time….and if you point that out, if the guy who they loved because he was almost 100 pct accurate when Obama was running, if you point out something that they don't like, then…it's on.

    Also, just getting so sick of the intellectual dishonesty. "He called them residue…not even kidding." Yeah, he was referring to the statistical support he has. He wasn't insulting the people who were still supporting him, he was saying-white people have moved over to Warren, so yeah, he may have a more diverse group, but he has a smaller group.

    This is just getting sad….to see TYT melting down like this. This was THE channel to go and watch. Now there are just a few too many cases of them mis-leading, or mis-characterizing what someone has said or did or making these laughable accusations that it's just getting annoying.

  17. Bernie is in the 1%.
    He steals from the middle class and buys lake houses and Audis with the money.
    His wife stole all the money at a college and bankrupted it.

  18. 'He's a flip flopping pennywhistle!!!' 'he couldn't even pay 5¢ for a train ticket!' ' he's a slap dap paddy wap!!!' <– how fucking stupid Nate Silver sounds.

  19. We have only 3 more months to go! Get out there half much as Bernie, and we will get the nomination.
    Anyone here live in a state or within in a city or town that has if not the same or more 2020, Bernie support?!
    I found "older" active , voters for Bernie!
    I live in a red state, and we have both older people and millenials.
    (side note : the older people who are Bernie, are not exactly tired or old at heart.)
    The older ones who voted for Trump – some are now Warren. ( these are things i noticed)

  20. In light of the true and good ways we can restructure our business and home lives to do all the many things we have ready to do in order to turn our environmental problems around then it may not be such a great idea to wildly give credit or especially support Elizabeth Warren. We have a once in a lifetime chance to get the wind at our back with Bernie Sanders. Even with that opportunity we are talking about the massive effort of all. We will need to be able to make real changes. It IS NOT a zero sum game when survival of life on the planet hangs in the balance. Those with power and money will survive as well as the rest of us. By the way liberal, if you think you and yours will be fine because you will be able to afford safety as the environment collapses DO A BIT OF Homework and find out what's really likely to happen. Even if you are in your safe place do you really think your life will prosper as you sit looking out your window as others starve and die horrible desperate deaths in front of your eyes. No, your soul will rot and you will be locked in your quaking safe hell on earth and then you too will die. Warren is not showing the level of creativity and innovation that we will need. The status quo is deeply flawed and she appears to be firmly planted in things staying the same.

  21. I like Bernie a lot. I have zero respect for this commentator who smears by selective news and quotes. But don't worry – she will land her job with MSNBC or CNN soon with her skilful , out of context smear jobs.

  22. How can Elizabeth Warren be called a progressive? Isn't the definition of a progressive, or Justice Democrat a candidate that doesn't take corporate Pac money? She is going to take corporate Pac money in the general election which by definition will mean she is not a progressive. Bernie is the only real Progressive in the race it has become abundantly clear.

  23. Bernie is the whole package for the progressive movement. Warren is a two faced back stabber who's in bed with the establishment and votes with them on critical issues. Make no mistake, for 2020, it's Bernie or bust.

  24. When Trump tries to maintain relations with Russia, the commies want to impeach him.
    When Trump gives military aid to Ukraine to fight Russia, the commies want to impeach him.

  25. Bernie all the way, know where his loyalty lies. Warren only if in the general. Warren is not a real progressive that's why the media coverage they know about her secret meetings the establishment. Plus she's getting praised for plans Bernie has been about for years! She will be taking dark money, guess that's okay with Cenk, the hypocrite. .

  26. Bernie's still number two in the polls. Those state polls heavily over-sampled old (50+) voters via landline. Useless polls meant to give a useless result.

  27. They want to take support away from Bernie and also know they can control Warren… The reason is Bernie is the threat Warren is weak and will be controlled..

  28. Ana is 100% right. The media is showing more support for Warren at the moment because she is more likely than Sanders to “play ball”, and if they had to accept a progressive, they would prefer Warren over Sanders. If Sanders was not running, the mainstream media would NOT be showing positive coverage of Warren the least bit.

  29. Gtfo Warren, Yang, Gabbard they're going to ruin everything and risk the future of country for their own personal gain. Bernie earned his second shot at establishment get out of his way plz

  30. Bernie is an easy target but his support goes directly to Warren and is making the "moderate" corporate candidate look weak, Warren knows exactly how to play this so she famously declared herself a CAPITALIST when any real political scientist would roll their eyes.

    She is not going to play into the "socialist trap" by trying to correctly define "socialist" and correctly assert that she, Bernie, Trump and everyone else in America is a socialist because we have the biggest government with the most enormous budget in the world and collecting taxes for public use is pretty much socialism.

    Warren appears gentle and reasonable compared to Bernie but he will fight the good battle and lose while she will win the battle without a fight because it happens behind the scenes where writing beats fighting every time. Warren is the President who doesn't scare corporations like the hunter doesn't scare the deer before she shoots it, be quiet until it gets in range…

  31. Silver you predicted Clinton was going to beat Trump and you wrong were then so quit while your ahead. You need to apologise to the voters that you just maligned with your stupid comments.

  32. Hahahaha
    2016: bernie has only bros and white liberals! Hes a racist sexist candidate.
    2019:white liberals are fleeing bernie! Without them hes unelectable!

  33. Nate Silver is a coporate hack what do you expect. TYT is not that far off ever since they took that 20 million its MSNBC light on TYT, coverage like this is prob the only thing that makes you better than MSNC, that you dont shit on Bernie, but the Warren ballwashing after she said on your show that shes going to take big money is pathetic when thats SUPPOSEDLY your number one issue CENK and yeah I can see its mostly CENK who sold out, anna and john still have ther integrity still. of course cenk likes warren, their both just former republicans that didnt mind capitalism they just felt repubs went too right especially socially, but they arent on the left in reality. only in americas far right overton window are cenk and warren on the left.

  34. even this women from justice dems, which i guarantee is going to endorse warren cause theyre professional class bougie people. i stopped donating to them a while ago cause i saw the change, unless working class people are running these orgs its gonna be the warrens over the bernies always, ironically since im not too high on cenk lately, i stopped donating after the ousted cenk and in effect kyle (whos an actual leftist) for some very , for lack of a better term, SJW reasons, I dont want the dems to be the party of whiny bougie liberals, thats why we lose ! these people dont know how to fight and theyre class biased, they want the professor lawyer in warren or the lawyer harvard grad just like warren in Obama, they see someone with bad posture, a brooklyn jewish accent , hair not combed and their skin crawls cause theyre bougie elitits and dont think its only white people. theres bougie of every class, theres just less of them but theres a significant chunk of bougie blacks and hispanics, the hispanics in cuba who hate castro cause their family was wealthy under batista. these people will never give true power to the working class, they need to be purged from the party if you ever want real change and theyre just as big of an enemy as republicans in my mind to the movement and Bernie is the only candidate that would defy them, warren would never defy them and everyone knows it, and thats why its sad that Cenk is ballwashing her every segment

  35. Maybe he meant residual and not residue? Either way, vote your conscience and don't worry about what the pundits or pollsters are promoting….

  36. Warren is tons better then HRC was, is she as good a Bernie for me? no. But I can see why people would like Warren. Heck there are good qualities about many of the other democrats in the race. Even if you like Klobuchar I am sure there are some good reasons to like her. It would be tough for me to vote for Klobuchar, but against Donald Tiny Hands keeping Kids in Cages Trump, I will do it.
    But that is another reason I vote for Sanders, I feel he has the best chance against Trump. He brings a lot of voters who have given up on the DNC back into the voting pool.

  37. If Warren is the winner she will not hold up to all the things she been saying. When the media starts to back you that means you agreed to play ball. Watch.

  38. I love how this video is about a media figure biased against one particular candidate on the left, and then the video right above it is Ana Kasparian talking about Tulsi Gabbard.

  39. I'm a POC who supported Bernie Sanders in 2016 and I'm currently undecided but leaning towards him for 2020. I didn't find the word "residue" offensive; it was obvious to me that Nate Silver was using the word in an analytical way and wasn't trying to cast non-white people in a dirty and derisive light. I do wonder if Silver has any actual evidence for what he's saying or if it's just conjecture. I say this because I saw something about how many, if not most, of Sanders's donors this time around are first-time donors to him. Of course that's different from respondents in a poll and it's possible these first-time donors supported Sanders last time but didn't donate to him, but it would seem to suggest that a whole lot of Sanders's support is new, which would contradict what Silver is saying.

  40. Everyone seems to be missing the story where Nate Silver tried to “make the case” that we now have a top 2, not a top 3 (suggesting, based on cherry picking of polling, that Bernie has no chance anymore).

  41. no cenk. warren is not a dream come true. she's decent AT BEST. she has full blown flopped on medicare for all calling it "only framework" thats code for "im doing my own thing and it will bear passing resemblance to medicare for all but it isnt medicare for all but im only doing it after i leach all of bernie's support"

  42. When Tulsi kneecaps Biden by asking what qualifications Hunter had for 50k a month other then daddy being vp Bernie will soar in the polls! He is already Biden supporters 2nd choice

  43. You all seriously need to talk to the people voting on these landline polls, because they are using LAND LINE, and NOT keeping up with the internet. They NEED to be informed! Warren and Biden are NOT good period.

  44. I think Sanders has a much better shot at beating Trump than Warren. Sanders is a little bit more progressive than her and he has stronger support in battleground states than she does when including Independents and non traditional voters.

  45. Bernie has more of a rainbow coalition than Liz! The whole of MSM is puffing up Liz because they know that she will not upset the corporatist apple cart ! Bernie 2020!
    And Cenk enough about the false equivalency between Liz and Bernie
    And Cenk You ARE biased !!

  46. Silver used to tell the truth but 10 years of working with the Democratic establishment has corrupted him. He's become their shill. He's no longer credible.

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