Naughty Dog – Platinum Wireless Headset: 3D Audio Dev Diary | PS4

Naughty Dog – Platinum Wireless Headset: 3D Audio Dev Diary | PS4

[♪♪♪] ROGERS:
Here at Naughty Dog,
we firmly believe that fifty percent of
the experience for the gamer is gonna be our job. Which is audio. And so the team is all-aboard
in the effort of getting us into the project
at the beginning. So that we can make this
the most immersive experience that you can have in a game. With games,
I think for a long time, the picture has always been
in the forefront of where you see
the advances as we go from
generation to generation. But audio has been having
these same leaps and bounds. The last few games
we did in 7.1, which is a great format
and it sounds amazing, 3D audio is completely
different. ROGERS:
You can know hear things
that are around you, above, and below. So it’s this
spherical nature. This is, like,
adding a whole ‘nother dimension to the sounds game. [CRASHING]
[FIRE CRACKLING] So we were approached
by our partners at Sony to help take the experience
of the 3D audio from not just VR, but more into
the traditional game experience. And here at Naughty Dog,
we really pride ourselves on the immersion
of the audio for our games, so it was a really great
partnership with them. The very first time
we got to experiment with the 3D technology was when
Sony sent us down a prototype and at that point,
we were hooked. We’re, like, “We have to do
this, this sounds awesome.” We really need to make
this game work on 3D. DRUCKMANN:
We have all this technology of
creating this incredible 3D audio sound
that really engulfs you in the spaces we want
to put you in. But if you’re listening
through your TV speakers, it would be like
taking the graphics, amazing look of Uncharted,
and watching it through black and white television. So now with these
new headphones, we can actually take all
that positional information that we were already calculating
and we can feed it into the headphones that allow us to
have the player hear things, not only around them,
but above them and below them. And that’s something that
you couldn’t do before. Like Nate is in his attic, and then you hear Elena
calling you from downstairs, and you actually hear the sound
coming from below you. And it helps you connect
on an emotional level. MAN:
Thanks! KREKEL:
When you’re in those gunfights, and you have guys shooting you
from above and below, like, you can pinpoint where
they are without even looking. It just takes it to
another level, and it really just sucks you in,
it’s pretty amazing. [WOOD SPLINTERING] [GRUNTS] LANIER:
So it’s not just a trick, it’s not just a fancy filter, or some hokey special effect, it’s actual 3D positional
audio processing. It’s real, and you can hear
the difference. These headsets actually give
better clarity than a 5.1 setup, especially for
multi-player gaming. KREKEL:
3D audio is totally something
that can be used in any game. And it’s gonna make it
more immersive. It’s just an incredible
piece of technology. I can’t wait to see what other
games are going to do with this technology.
I’m really excited to see what the future holds
for 3D audio. COMPUTER:
PlayStation. Closed Captions:
Katie Radford

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