Nautical LED Friendship Bracelet

Summer is friendship bracelet season, and
when I saw this tutorial for a nautical paracord one on Etsy last week, I couldn’t help but
add some LED sequins. This simple circuit hides two batteries within
the decorative knot, and uses a magnetic clasp as a switch. First make the knot, then add conductive thread
to build up some stitches that will touch each side of the battery. Check out the guide
on the Adafruit Learning System for a circuit diagram and step by step instructions for
your own soft battery holder. Let the connecting threads dangle free while
you add the clasp, then wrap the ends with embroidery floss. Start near the knot, covering
the conductive thread for a bit, then fold it back and continue wrapping down towards
the clasp. Pick up a thread tail and start stitching
to one LED sequin. Bury and trim the tail and use the remaining piece to stitch the
other side of the sequin to the metal clasp. Repeat on the other side of the bracelet. CR1220s aren’t the most optimal battery for
LEDs, but they sure are tiny. You’ll have better results with brighter LEDs like white
and blue, but your milage may vary with red and green. These pink ones are pretty blinding
when they’re at full brightness, so I don’t mind the more subtle brightness. It’s kinda magic to have something light up
when you put it on. I hope you enjoy making this project and if you do, show it off on
our weekly show and tell on Google+. Thanks so much for watching and don’t forget to like,
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