NBA 2K19 – The Neighborhood | PS4

NBA 2K19 – The Neighborhood | PS4

It starts with a name, a name you fill with power, a name that one day
will be known by all… …right here in
The Neighborhood. A new neighborhood
with new energy and new places to explore. Make a name for yourself at the
Jordan Rec. Center. Or work on your hang time
at the Under Armour cages. Hit up Wheels and cruise
The Neighborhood in style… …because on these streets, something big is
always about to go down. [MUSIC PLAYING] Win free rewards by
spinning the daily prize wheel and playing in community events. As you work to push
your name to the top, earn new badges, VC,
and attributes on your journey
from unknown to icon. Whether you’re going it
alone or rolling with your crew, the competition has never
taken place on a bigger stage. Because on this court, we are nothing but our names
and the legacies we create. NBA 2K19.


  1. the day that the 2k has the possibility of hands in football to be able to create, we will have the best football ever made of all, the career mode of 2k in the nba, knock anyone

  2. I'm grateful that I don't live in the stone ages …are the middle ages ..some the kids need to be happy it's not Oregon trail..on a green and black moniter

  3. All we wanted was a regular realistic basketball game with an authentic feel not Migos and Travis Scott 😂😂😂😂

  4. I hate Basketball but this neigborhood thing managed to catch my eye which is saying something..

    That 2k19 is a joke that even casuals find it interesting

  5. Yesssss, the neighborhood is back baby!……. Oh wait a minute,**remembers last year's 2k neighborhood disaster** nevermind. People are actually going to buy this?

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