NBA Finals Game 1 Free Betting Pick – Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors (NBA Predictions)

NBA Finals Game 1 Free Betting Pick – Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors (NBA Predictions)

Despite Golden State being heavily favored
to win the series overall, the spread for Game 1 of the 2019 NBA Finals has the Warriors
and Toronto Raptors as nearly a wash. My pick for Game 1 is to go with Golden State
on the spread. Click on the link in the description below
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up to $3,000. You can also keep on watching this video for
our complete breakdown behind the pick. Hello everyone, I’m Drew Goldfarb, and today
we’re breaking down Game 1 of the 2019 NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and
the Toronto Raptors. Golden State will be the road team for Game
1, as the Raptors had the better record in the Regular Season. Toronto is 8-and-2 at home this postseason,
with a Game 1 loss to Orlando in the first round and a Game 2 loss to Philadelphia in
the second round the only blemishes. Golden State, meanwhile, is 6-and-2 on the
road this postseason. The Warriors are also 6-and-2 at home this
postseason, so they’ve been VERY consistent so far. Kawhi Leonard has been the leader for the
Raptors, averaging over 31 points and nearly 9 rebounds per game while shooting better
than 50% from the field. Golden State’s superstar lineup is led,
of course, by Stephen Curry, whose postseason averages are lower than Leonard’s, but had
averaged 35 points over his last 5 games. The spread for Saturday’s Game 6 is set
at just 1 point, with the Warriors favored. On the moneyline, the Raptors are at even-money,
and the Warriors sit at -120. That 1-point line doesn’t really impact
the favored side, as it just makes a 1-point win a push and doesn’t change any other
outcome compared to the moneyline. If you’re taking Toronto, I’d suggest
just taking them on the moneyline. Pushing on a 1-point loss isn’t worth giving
up even a small percentage on your odds payout, in my opinion. I understand the idea behind picking Toronto
here, and I do think that they’ll win one of the first two games if they’re going
to win any in this series, but I’ve got to take Golden State. Depending on the lines you find, I might take
them on the spread or on the moneyline. The spread payout odds can fluctuate between
-110 and -115 where Golden State is favored. I’m a buyer on them -1 point at -110, or
a bettor on the moneyline if that spread wager is -115. Not only are those odds great value for the
best team in basketball, but there are some websites that I’ve seen posting the Warriors
as 1-point underdogs, and at practically even-money on a moneyline wager. As I’ve said throughout this postseason,
any time you can get a team like Golden State at coin-flip-or-better payout odds, you have
to take them to win, even if you might lean towards their opponents for that game. Be sure to check out our latest individual
game picks here and online at, and be sure to check out all of our other
videos and articles for more picks, tips, and how-to guides. How will Toronto’s home-court advantage
factor into this game? Can the Raptors become the first team to beat
the Warriors in a Game 1 since the 2016 Western Conference Finals? Let us know in the comments below. I’m Drew Goldfarb. Thanks for watching. See you next time!


  1. Take the Raptors in game 1. Warriors 6-2 on the road. Look who they beat, a mirage Portland team, a Clipper team with no star and a discombobulated Rocket team as we all have heard by now between Paul an Harden. Raptors beat Philly 3 of 4 to finish, 4 straight and vs two supperior teams the Warriors faced in Philly and Milwakee, went 6-1 at home. Bet the Raptors on everything. GS may will have rust like Doc Rivers an Magic said from experience. Raptor defense is solid. Raptors 112- Warriors 96. Bet the house. This guy is wrong and I am right, again. Raptors in 5

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