NBA – Golden State Warriors vs Phoenix Suns, February 8, 2019

NBA – Golden State Warriors vs Phoenix Suns, February 8, 2019

[music playing] BEAU ESTES: Kevin
Durant and the Golden State warriors looking to win
their third game in a row. Tyler Johnson’s taking
his Phoenix Suns debut. And, well, the guy doing
well for the Suns early on was the number one overall pick
in the draft, DeAndre Ayton. This guy can score. Watch the turnaround
jumper there. That’s money. Then in the second half,
working in the post on DeMarcus Cousins. And he’s just to big down
there– throws that one down. Then Ayton with the
steal and finishing with the jam at the other end. And look at the numbers– 23 points, 12 rebounds. He will put up those numbers. Kelly Oubre at the line. Watch this. End of the third quarter. Nobody boxes him out, so he
goes in and gets the rebound and throws it down. Phoenix up by three at
the end of the third. Steph Curry was only 2
of 12 with just 10 points through three quarters. In the fourth, Steph
Curry also had 10 points. It got hot in
quarter number four. Three there. How about another
three from Steph? That’s six points for you. We got a floater as well. He knocks that one down. Curry finished with 20
points on 6 of 17 shooting. GSW gets the win. Your final score 117 to 107. [music playing]

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