NeoPixel Ring Bangle Bracelet with GEMMA

NeoPixel Ring Bangle Bracelet with GEMMA

Hey everybody, I’m Becky Stern. Today I’m
going to show you how to make a bangle bracelet from NeoPixel rings, perfect for a New Year’s
party or night out on the town. The 64 color-changing LEDs are controlled
by GEMMA, Adafruit’s tiny wearable electronics platform.
To get started, line up your pixel rings face down on a gridded surface like this cutting
mat. Glue on some jewelry findings to make it easier
to link the rings together. Check out the link in the description for a complete list
of parts and where to find them. Jump rings link the rings together, and the
small stranded wires we need to connect the circuit can route through them as well. To
close a jump ring, use two pairs of pliers to twist the wire ends until they meet up.
The power source is this tiny lipoly battery, to which we’ve soldered a small switch.
Add a magnetic clasp to make it easy to take your bracelet on and off. We also added a
little more E6000 craft glue to protect the solder joints in case one of the wires ever
gets snagged. Grab the code for this waveform animation
in the guide on the Adafruit Learning System– you can easily change the color, or even load
up a completely different sketch, say, to light up in reaction to changes in temperature.
We can’t wait to see your electronic jewelry in our weekly show and tell on Google+, and
subscribe for more weekly wearables from Adafruit.


  1. That looks pretty cool. If I were to do that I'd disable or remove the LEDs on the GEMMA though, they clash with the bracelet. 🙂 Or maybe put a dark cloth over the GEMMA so the bare board isn't exposed, unless you want it to be.

  2. NeoPixel Ring Bangle Bracelet with GEMMA- Pixel ring bling #Wearables   #GEMMA

    Wear a bangle of light! Build a charming bracelet from four NeoPixel rings and GEMMA, Adafruit's tiny wearable electronics platform.

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