Nespresso Aguila – Golden rules

Nespresso Aguila – Golden rules

Welcome to this Nespresso User Guide video on the four golden Rules of your professional Aguila machine. ALWAYS KEEP FRIDGE CLOSE We recommend to leave your machine in full energy saving mode for the night and close the fridge door. To check if the machine is in full energy saving mode, press any button. In full energy saving mode there is no light on the machine, but the fridge is working, therefore DON’T leave the fridge open, when the machine is in full energy saving mode. CLEANING THE SURFACE The outer parts of your machine should be cleaned with a soft tissue and water. Only very mild cleaning agents can be used from time to time. The metal surface is sensitive to aggressive substances and abrasives. Therefore DON’T use and avoid contact with abrasives, acids like lemon juice, orange juice and harsh chemicals CHOICE OF MILK We strongly recommend to use full-fat or semi-skimmed milk, UHT. Pasteurized is an option, but the foam quality will be less stable. DON’T use non-pasteurized milk. The foam will not be good, and it is not safe for your customer in terms of bacteria. DON’T use milk that had been frozen before. The Milk should be stored in a fridge before putting it into Aguila milk tank. It should not be warmer than 5°C. DON’T store milk at room temperature before putting it into Aguila milk tank. Good foam quality may not be achieved at temperatures above 5°C. Follow these simple rules daily to enjoy the perfect Aguila result in cup. END OF DAY CLEANING WITH THERMOPLAN TABLETS For the daily cleaning of your Aguila only use the special Thermoplan tablets. Don’t use any other substances. The machine does not initiate the Cleaning process without tablets or with one tablet only, therefore always make sure that you have enough tablets handy! You can order tablets online or via telephone.


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