Never Buy Ground Beef At Wal-Mart And Here’s Why

Never Buy Ground Beef At Wal-Mart And Here’s Why

Although Walmart is probably your best bet
for those times when you’ve just got to pick up a cremation urn, a Halloween costume or
a pile of groceries twice your bodyweight, there are still a few things you should really
shop for elsewhere. Funnily enough, ground beef is one of them. “But why can’t we just buy our beef where
we want?” You may ask, and you’d be forgiven for getting
a little frustrated at the idea of having to go out of your way. Well, one reason is its comparatively high
price. When Kiplinger did a price check on various
Walmart items as compared to other retailers, they found that Walmart’s ground beef was
selling for more than $1 per pound higher than that sold at discount grocer Aldi. The Kitchn did their own price comparison,
this time Walmart versus Costco, and found that, while the price of Walmart’s regular
ground beef was only a few cents higher than that of Costco, Walmart’s organic ground beef
cost a whole dollar per pound more. Of course, it shouldn’t be a surprise that
the organic stuff is going to set you back a little more, but that’s still a heavy price
to pay — especially considering this next point. Not only is Walmart’s ground beef not the
cheapest, but it can also tend to be lower quality than the fresh stuff you get elsewhere. All the meat sold at Walmart is what is known
as case-ready. This means that it is prepared and packaged
at a meat packing plant rather than by an in-store butcher department. While case-ready meat may have a longer shelf
life than meat prepared onsite, it owes this stability to treatments involving carbon dioxide
and saline solution… which doesn’t sound so tasty. And if that’s not off-putting enough, the
consumer reviews on Walmart’s website tend to be pretty negative, too. One customer who purchased the five-pound
roll of 80 percent lean beef found gristle and rubbery pieces in the meat, as well as: “…a huge 5 ounce chunk of fat the size of
my palm.” Although they did give the beef a two-star
rating because their dog enjoys it, which is at least something. Another reviewer noted that: “…the meat had so much gristle in it that
it was hard to choke down.” Yet another said it was too fatty, leading
her to suspect it was filled with water — or, more likely, a saline solution, which, as
you know, is often used in the preparation of case-ready meat. And it’s not only the 80 percent lean beef
that draws criticism. The five-pound roll of 73 percent lean beef
was said by one purchaser to contain “an intact artery” along with “an abnormal amount of
white chunks.” “Oh, that’s so gross.” But that isn’t even the worst of it — another
consumer reported finding chopped arteries and hard pieces that may have been bone fragments
on more than one occasion, and even found a piece of hay in it. Rustic? Sure. Delicious? Not so much. Walmart announced in April 2019 that they
were looking to create a dedicated end-to-end supply chain of Angus beef. While Scott Neal, senior vice president at
Walmart U.S. Meat, announced in a press release that this will allow the retailer to, quote,
“deliver consistent quality and value,” this system is not yet in place and it may take
them some time to work out all the kinks. In an interview with Reuters, Jeremy Scott,
an analyst at Mizuho Financial Group, praised this approach, but warned that it comes with
“plenty of risk and new variables.” Chief amongst these seems to be the fact that
the supply chain won’t actually be able to cover all of Walmart’s beef needs, so some
products will still need to be sourced from former supplier Tyson Foods. Sounds like it might be a while yet before
Walmart achieves its goal of farm-to-table transparency with its beef supply. In the meantime, you might want to find your
ground beef at a different grocer. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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  1. I've drove truck for walmart for 7 years and it was disgusting to see what they do to claims next to receiving docks so I left that account and driving coke truck now.

  2. If you want good meat of any kind get to know your local farmers. In Arkansas I can go to the ranch or farm and pick out a cow or pig or whatever I want and have it custom cut at a local butcher any way I want it. Most farmers have a really good product and they know where to have it processed. If you don’t like big box stores don’t support them.

  3. I find all of Walmart's food is higher than any other place other than the higher name brand store that almost cooks your food for you.

  4. I won’t ever buy meat from wallmart the ground beef is watery and allother meat is gross, I started buying my meat either at save on foods or thrifty foods there ground beef is not watery and actually tastes like beef, wallmart chicken is gross. I will pay more for my meat someplace else. If anyone buys meat from there beware because you don’t know where there meat is coming from. Wallmart is looking for the cheapest price and they don’t care who they buy from. They don’t have staff going to those farms to see how clean they are, they do have health inspectors checking but the slaughter house already knows there coming to inspect so they clean up before they come.

  5. Wall marts groceries are way over priced on everything but the sale items I don't trust wall marts stuff the bread and all the baked stuff the fruits go bad one day later after you buy it

  6. I've used the beef that comes in a black styrofoam container and plastic wrapped, usually it's fine. HOWEVER, the pre-made hamburger patties are DISGUSTING! As they cooked, they were super bloody and slimy, then there were weird chunks of God knows what inside of it.

    We got them for a camping trip and I just ended up fasting that night haha

  7. Looks like Mashed is desperate for video content. They need there advertising dollars. If you agree thumbs down the video

  8. I always buy cheap meat, assuming that groceries always
    Try to cheat me every time.
    Organic is a cheap way to jack up the price , with no proofs of its
    Claimed organic origins.

  9. I ate at red robins once…spit out bone fraggments in every bite! And grizzle…i complained. Showed them the bits n pieces…didnt have to pay for that burger.

  10. I'd rather get my hamburger meat at Walmart than I would at Aldi's….Aldi's hamburger meat has Horse meat in it !!!!!!¡

  11. Its true I have nothing against Walmart products . I due buy an up to date pack of hamburger meat and god home and open it up and it was absolute rotten. And I told my self no more meats ..not only their hamburger meat . also all of their meats they say fresh but we all know that's not true . and some people will still buy it . for I don't think they seem to care about their health ….just thought I would share this with you all god bless 💙💚💙💚💙💙💗💚💙

  12. In the 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s part of 80s peaple eat a product call lard is animal fat, now is in rest other products ,why the stop making the metal can

  13. With out the animal fat food never tasted good ,thats why peaple dont eat vegeis,only old school cooks knows the treak

  14. I’ve never ever run into this problem at all. Not saying it isn’t true but I do find this info not to be credible. My opinion only

  15. I never buy meats at Walmart, only beer, gatorade, n side dishes. But for the hell of it I was looking at chix n decided to polk the package n the sink that came out of it was disgusting. I brought it over to an employee n he just took it n walked away. Who knows what he did with it.
    That goes to show you DONT BUY MEAT FROM WALMART.
    I usually go to the butcher.
    Might cost more but I know what I'm buying.

  16. The one and only time I purchased ground beef from Walmart (due to “emergency” situation) I was appalled at the way it cooked so horribly compared to my usual grass fed ground beef!!! It was greasy and tasted horrible! I’m glad Walmart is NOT my regular supermarket and I will never (no matter what the “emergency” situation) ever again purchase meat from them! Ugh! You get what you pay for, folks!

  17. Just walking into a Walmart makes my skin crawl, it is just a bad consumer experience, the staff is rarely helpful, the products are hit and miss in quality and the check out experience is dreadful.

  18. Thats bs! Our meat is effed way before walass! I make lipton meatloafs outta them 5lb rolls n there DELICIOUS lol! No chicken teeth found either 😆


  20. Instead of talking about the meat at Wally World let’s talk about the lack of customer service. The workers have the shittiest attitudes. They hate their jobs and they take it out on you. No help. No class. 30 registers but 1 is open. Oh you want me to check myself out while you stand there and watch me? Please. Don’t get off your phone. Keep chewing your gum like a cow. Oh you need to take another break? Thanks for your help. Fat pig

  21. This is true. I never buy any meat whatsoever from wal mart. But i did buy two prime rib roasts from there last year. I must say they were both magnifico😎

  22. The problem with ground beef is it is basically a mystery meat and they can alter what they put in it based on their meat supply and sometimes this is for the better if they have too much left over meat, they just throw it in the ground beef.

  23. Ppl will buy their food where they want all foods comes from the same providers in alot of cases… butcher shops gets delivered meats the same place Walmart's do .. ask some truck drivers

  24. La comidas de WalMart son viejas y vencidas 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  25. Ive always bought walmart 93 /7 beef and I have never had a problem with it and there is truly very little fat rendered in the pan after cooking which is what I want. Perfect for me. And, its like a Chef on tv I once heard say, "beef really has no taste until you actually put and add the spices and seasonings you want to make the dish you are preparing", that I find is actually true. Just saying….

  26. I'll just take a greyhound 85 miles to Costco, then… No one will put one over on me..! Chopped arteries….. Charteries..?

  27. Walmart’s 93% extra lean is excellent, way less fat and water left in the pan after cooking than all others I’ve tried …

  28. It's old cows that are sold after there breed out, ya can buy um cheap plus it's all machines that strip the cow down, home butchers can be more fussy

  29. Hate to break it to you but I seen hooves, arteries, plastic, bones, and God knows what else in Taco Bells ground beef. Most ground beef has gross things in it.

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