NEVER GET ARRESTED Entering Jewelry Store | Myth Busting Roblox Jailbreak

NEVER GET ARRESTED Entering Jewelry Store | Myth Busting Roblox Jailbreak

Hey everyone Myusernamesthis and today I’m gonna be doing some more busting jailbreak myths if you haven’t watched one of these videos basically I take your suggestions for Myths. Ideas facts whatever things that you want me to prove true or false, so First one. I’m gonna. Do is: The bugatti doesn’t fit in the fire station forwards, but driving it backwards in is fine so to do this I’m gonna go ahead and grab this helicopter fly out of the prison Get into a Bugatti go to the gas station or mean fire station Which is the longer way to the gas station by the way or go there and See if I can fit up a bugatti into the fire station So got myself a Bugatti here. We can go ahead and facing forwards it does not fit but they say that facing backwards will so let’s see if that’s actually true by going in Reverse and okay, so we might actually have a chance if we Turn down our suspension. Maybe it’s your low and Okay, let’s see We’re still not fitting it in and we’re suspension is that low this is strange suspension it low, okay, let’s get in here Again, you know what I’m gonna try something different gonna go and Ram it in here and looks like it still does not fit so This myth is false you cannot fit the Bugatti into the fire station no matter which way it’s pointed Now this next myth is I am after Harman whatever this person’s name is can you be a prisoner and get a cop’s dress And Here we go just like that we got herself a police uniform as a prisoner so this myth is true It is possible to get a police dress, but only under the method I shows you right There as a prisoner this next myth is here by a car lover, dude Can you fit a motorcycle inside of the middle garage of the fire station to do this? I’m gonna go what you get herself on a motorcycle so no snow man sliding obviously because I’m not in the Snowman outfit I’m gonna get into this vehicle so here with a motorcycle and go ahead get in here And I might have it set um low suspension setting I’m gonna go ahead and go through the fire station and see if we can Squeeze this thing in there so here we go. We’re here at the middle fire station area So our head looks like it’s a little bit too big. I don’t think that’s gonna be a problem so I’m just go ahead and Okay, um press B and There we go. We’ve made it in here on a motorcycle into the fire station So this myth is true It is possible to make it into the middle fire station with a motorcycle Now this next myth here is by um Parker Hall of Fame can a monster truck run over another monster truck so Go ahead and a head over to the monster truck dealership by that mr.. Broke Cece broke man over there You go ahead and go to that dealership. Got ourselves a monster truck and see If we can get two of them at once to drive over One of them with the other one so over here at the monster truck dealership, we’re gonna Go ahead get you the first one, and I just drive it out here. See if another one is gonna spawn Hopefully it will so got ourselves two monster truck here Go ahead and see if this won’t drive over that one and looks like no we just bullies it over so This myth is not true. You cannot just bully over another monster truck well You just push it out of the way you can’t drive over it So yeah this myth is not true now the next here is by mr. Bacon hair Bacon hair you can go inside the cracks inside the criminal base the volcano one So I know that you can go into the crates not the other criminal base by the jewelry store area But I’ve actually never tried it out on this one, so we’re gonna go ahead and come over here inside this criminal base, and I believe there are some crates in here so wait for these bars to lift and Okay, you’ll find some crates. I believe they’re talking about them this sting on the roof, and they say you can go inside This is gonna be interesting Can we go inside these things? So let’s go on the top of the monster truck end looks like I can’t go through this one at all So this one we can’t go through can go through this one over here by the default car No we can’t go through it either so so far two out of three of them are not true And what about this one over here the red one? Let’s go to this side and looks like our Character is not gonna go through so this myth is not true. Sorry bacon hair I know bacon lifes do matter, but your myth is not true You cannot go inside any of the crates now this next appearance by a kitty meow Can you open the safe while robbing the gas station or donut store, so let’s go over to mr. Badcc store because it’s like right next to the criminal base I do have like a ton of say so we can open so I’m here at the gas station I mean donut store either one should work technically you can go ahead and have a safe open and Let’s go ahead and kill me Rob. Okay, let’s rob this open up a safe, and I could got one safe open and I got another safe open and got another safe open, and we did get ourselves our money from mr. badcc so I believe We it is possible to rob mr. badcc with while you’re opening up safes so this myth is true. It is possible to rob mr.. Bad CC or mr. Brokeimo mo 3089 even though you’re opening some safes as you can see he’s broke, so yeah So this next myth here’s my eren yeager if you have the zombie animation path with them headless head You can get into a jewelry store without crouching So there’s no need to get some weapons as I’m the only person in here. We don’t have to worry about any camping cops So it’s getting our vehicle and head over to this area by the jewelry store gonna start not even started robbery We’re just gonna see if we can fit inside So we have a zombie animation pack as you can see right here a headless head and Wow hey You don’t need a Crouch going in here like this wow this is amazing so yeah I believe them doesn’t work with snowman or like those other big packages, but like a default blocky character 1.0 Whatever you want to call it. It should work, so this myth is true You can in fact go through the jewelry store entrance without crouching now this next up Here is by a Vox inity. You can see above the clouds in the tall apartment, so I’m pretty sure that is the 25000 or at least the once was that just show us how long time ago I have not used the apartments at all pretty sure no one really has so it’s raining right now And they say you can like see above the clouds in that apartment up there so we’re gonna put that to the test we’re gonna get a helicopter over here to the apartment and Here we go 15,000 for jailbreak day let’s go ahead come inside here You can Wow holy cow you can actually see above the clouds. This is amazing even at the lowest floor You’re still above the clouds, so yeah, I’m like why is it a default car no I don’t like default cars come on Joe, but you know that already I don’t like default card so this myth is true You can see above the clouds in the tallest apartment now this next myth is by here’s via xaviar Can you be copped and go to gas station and dance and you get money? I do not know if this even sounds true This sounds like some kind of weird just like some lie where rumor that’s been going around, but we’re a cop We’re in a helicopter we can go to the gas station We haven’t robbed it so go ahead come over here into the gas station and says just go into the gas station and dance II Dance, so we’re gonna be dancing here. I’m gonna wait a few minutes. Maybe see if it gets me any money And it does not look like Dancing inside the gas station does give you any money at all so this myth is obviously not true You cannot get money as a cop from the gas station Dancing or no dancing that doesn’t matter and the snacks have here’s my a Suraj Can you put a taser in the drawers in the cells can prisoners grab it and taste people? So I’m a police officer. I have a Taser let’s go ahead and come into the cell area over here and Let’s go ahead and put our Taser inside one of the cells over here, so it’s the one right in front over here Let’s go ahead put a sir in here. Let’s um switch team To become a prisoner and now we are in the prison. Let’s go over here and see if we can grab a chaser And here we go we do have a Taser and Can you taste people I believe you cannot because the last time I tried it did not work, so This myth is um busted you cannot taste people well because um you can grab a taser I’ll say it’s true This myth is true you can grab a Taser From the drawers if a police officer has put theirs in there now the final myth for today will be by stealth Gekko, you can fling a monster-truck by squashing off the helicopter, so I’m in a heli right now We’re gonna go over to the monster truck dealership drive the monster truck outside and see if we can fling it just anywhere by squishing it with from a Helicopter so monster truck over here, and now it’s getting to our helicopter lock it and squish the monster truck And I believe this is kind of flinging it a little and just go on top and Squish it and yeah there We go kind of flung it so I guess this myth will be true because we did kind of get the monster trucks Slinging there’s no distance requirement in the comments so I’ll go ahead and assume that the Distance requirement is at least like just get it out of the helicopters bottom so which the helicopter did so this myth is true you can fling a monster truck although even though by a small distance by squishing off the helicopter so If you guys enjoy this myth-busting video be sure to LIKE comment subscribe Suggest your myths or the next episode and comments of this one at the first pin to comment up over there That’s the only one that I will read and I’ll see you guys next time


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