New clean-eating restaurant opens in Boardman

New clean-eating restaurant opens in Boardman

EATS-VO A new place to eat opens tomorrow in Boardman. Sweet Melissa’s Good Eats offers American comfort, with a healthy twist. The menu has salads, wraps,and sliders. Plus, all the sauces, vinagrettes, and spreads are made in small batches. The restaurant is the idea of Melissa Poland. She believes in making everything by hand, and taking good ingredients to create really good food. 52:03 :19 EVERYTHING WE’RE DOING, WE’RE DOING BY HAND IN THE BACK. THE DAY YOU COME IN, THE VEGETABLES THAT ARE GOING TO BE ON YOUR WRAP, OR ON YOUR SALAD, THOSE VEGETABLES ARE GOING TO BE CHOPPED THAT MORNING. SO THERE’S AN ELEMENT OF FRESHNESS TO THE FOOD THAT YOU’RE GOING TO BE EATING. AND IT’S GOING TO MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD, IT’S CLEAN EATING FOOD. Sweet Melissa’s will be open 10 to 5:30, Monday thru Friday and 10-to 3 on Saturday. A cancer resource center for families in The Valley… is

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