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What is up you guys Have you guys ever wondered if your girlfriend was a gold digger or your mom or your sister or your cousin could your boyfriend be A gold digger or your dad or your brother? Well if you guys want to find out then hit us up We’re gonna pull three Gold digger tests on them if they pass the first one you’ll get 50 bucks if they pass the second one you’ll get an additional 150 and if they pass the third then you’ll get an extra $300 and if they fail one of them or all of them will give you a golden shovel So that you can give to them. I hope you guys enjoy this new series of catching gold diggers I love you guys, and I miss you guys so much and we’re back, baby So I hope you guys have your takis because you guys already know This shit’s gone be good! In this series I placing emoji on all of our targets whether they end up being a gold digger or not in order to be Respectful prevent any defamation and keep you all guessing. Oh, yeah. I also don’t want to get sued What is up guys and welcome back to a new and improved series of catching gold diggers this week I’m chilling here with the homie Diego Who hopes to be the first person to take home $500 from us. Now Diego, who do you hope will help you won the money? Crystal crystal so she like your corporate or something out of history, but we’ve been dating a TV Serious just what we’re only you know it’s here. It’s sort like serious were like she knows. It’s Serious work she told me she wanted to be with me and that the only guys to talk to do But she goes to school and works, and I work full-time and I’m starting up a clothing line They’re both pretty busy right now, so we’re pretty confident than in the fact that she’s gonna pass all three types (yes i am) Why because he’s a hospital she kind she pays for the bills you really independent I have confidence as your past well Diego in front of me. I have here What is known as the golden shovel now in front of all of our viewers right now? I want you to place your left hand on that shovel get it right there and raise that right hand in the air and do so solemnly Sweared so all of us that you haven’t told first so about what we’re about to do right now nor will you tell her that she’s about to be put to the gold digger test. I swear I did not If you lie, or if you do tell her you will be struck by lightning God will strike you with lightning, okay? Guys before we actually recorded all that this deagle actually gave us some basic information on crystal What’s in here is everything including four more to works? What time she goes in one time she gets out what she likes what she likes to do the things? She’s into etc Etc etc now Diego for purposes to not get into suspicious or anything of that you’re even involved in this thing We’re gonna try to keep you out of the scenarios as much as possible And if all goes according to plan and schedule We should be meeting back here with them Like a couple of leaks to show you the results and all bring $500 in my hand – just in case Had the camera how the camera had the camera sir there you go Good luck Danny stay on the phone. Call put it close to your mouth so we can hear So Diego mentioned to us at crystals around her and that she goes for a run every single Saturday moaning so 20 minutes ago I gave him a call and I asked him ioke Do you know where she’s running or what time or what Park? Etc etc and he said I have no idea, but he did say that right now She was currently at Walmart, so that’s where we’re at right now, so since we are pulling three gold-digger tests on Crystal We don’t want her catching on to what we’re doing so we figured we structure every single tests differently so this first test is gonna Be pulled by Danny, and it’s code names. The simple test. Do you think Danny’s gonna do good? Thanks to Diego’s snapchatting her before she came to Walmart We have a pretty good idea of what she’s wearing I mean unless she changed out her clothes But Danny knows what she looks like regardless You know that Brazil in September? You would recognize her with her clothes you would Signature Excuse it we were very beautiful nice to meet you. I’m Danny Is that we’re to be the sages randomly, I just I was just looking at shampoos, and I saw you but uh Yeah, I was just wondering if you could like do the honor of maybe taking you out We could take a ride in my Lamborghini It’s a Lamborghini – we’re just gonna go to lunch. I’ll pay for the food You want to do it you know in the beginning when she first met hi I’m crystal didn’t she sound annoyed she sounded like she was thinking like Oh more guys hitting on me But that was good That was a good thing because I feel like all the other guys who usually hit on her are usually smooth like what something wrong What’s your name, but the fact that Danny’s weird later laughs? And then he brought up the Lamborghini so that got her more into soon that was good that was really really good Danny I am proud of you you did good Danny. This was good Oh No, so she knows that you’re picking her up, right? Yeah, cool, and you told her to wait for you on one of the two benches outside all right All right like I said come 20 minutes late but don’t tell her that you’re gonna be late because then She might wait inside that hotel and we’re pretty much just gonna have two cameras one on each of the benches And then we’re gonna have our other camera person there getting the fountain just in case she sits down there, and yeah That’s pretty much. It. Just feel free to come 20 minutes after 10:00. Okay, all right guys so right now We are currently set up outside of Crystal’s job It’s about 20 minutes before she gets off work And we’ve asked Tigger to pick her up late so that we could pull this test I’ve chosen to stay a good distance away from The hotel that way, I don’t jeopardize getting seen because I am gonna be pulling test number three But for this test number two we are getting help from our friend the whole food moon Who is a hip hop recording artist and he will be getting help by Leslie? And KO bida dog to see if they can get crystals number Hi are you Leslie No, oh man. I’m trying to find the Leslie I found her dog a few days ago when I’m centimeter here, and I that went around a couple times And she said a meter in the front, and I I thought it was you. I’m sorry That’s actually a really good idea I didn’t even think about asking for her last name You know what? I’m sure. She’ll find me eventually can I just sit here wait for Okay, no. Thank you appreciate. It just a bit tired of walking around Joey has now sat down And that was actually the signal that he was supposed to give to Leslie that way Leslie can make her entrance today by the way Hey, Krystal nice to meet you. I’m Joey. What are you doing here? And I think that’s Leslie Leslie No problem I had a blast with this little guy. I took very good care of him. He was a awesome to have around oh You’re very welcome Oh my god, well, thank you All right Colby was great hanging out with you man, all right. Have a good one hold these snaps like $2,000 Dollars yeah, I think there’s a job to be had in finding finding dogs All right, so she’s met Joey she knows he’s an honest guy because he’s returning kovita Leslie, but now will she give him her number If you don’t mind maybe I’m good not been to 40, but uh I have some extra money here And I kind of would like to do something nice with it, and I would rather not do something nice by myself Would you be interested in going out? We could do a pretty nice elegant date? out of the ordinary Would you be interested maybe tomorrow? Oh man, I’m a little disappointed in Joey mostly. I think he could’ve done better, but it’s his first time he did what he could Wasn’t bad, but wasn’t good, so We really really really gotta kill it Chris house cleaning on the side of guys and a couple days ago We found his Craigslist post and asked her to come clean our apartment, so that’s why right now I’m on my way down to go wait for her till she gets here We’ve set up security cameras in there, which aren’t the best of quality? But they still get the job done and in the middle of the room we have a table with invoices receipts two very expensive places and big checks made out to me of $50,000 which are gonna be your main source of baked Crisp up see the apartment. I tell her exactly what it is that I want her to clean I’m gonna ask her if she could organize all the papers on the table And then I prepared extra that wish you could see the closer look at the receipts and the checks and realize that I’m rich and since I already have Her number there’s no need for me to ask for her number again, so instead I’m gonna be asking her out on a date, but the thing is I’m not gonna be asking her in person I’m gonna be asking her With this little letter here and letting her check yes or no and to make sure that she reads this letter I’m gonna slip the money that I’m gonna be paying here for cleaning my apartment right here and close it up, and yeah She’s gonna read it and I forgot to press the button Come on Serves me then Pretty much just dusting off everything for example like the paintings a TV by the computer definitely dishes They’re here the cops go right over here And the plates go here you don’t got to worry about throwing out the trash so I can do that when I get back because I’m actually going out and Then just pretty much the Superman No, so there’s a bathroom in there if you have to use it, but you don’t use it because that’s already pretty Let’s clean the rooms already pretty much clean. It’s just this right now Ian if you want to do this Basically all I would need you to do is just sort of like Organize the receipts and then have a bunch of like paperwork to be you just organize that in a pile, and then I have checks Somewhere in here as well. You just put them on like a pile as well, and I can You want me to like separate them by? Dave Dave, so it’s all the same month It’s all it’s all one month expense report So you just got to separate there seems quite dates like for this one I can pay you I don’t know if you like 50 bucks. Maybe because they will take like an hour or something about an hour That’s yeah, that’s good. Yeah, yeah 60 bucks 60 okay, that’s right this favorite. I like it. Yeah, that’s mine. I love it money’s in here Thank you, thank you Chris well, I hope to talk to you soon again appreciate crystal. Uh-huh All right, so we’re currently in the underground structure of our apartment upstairs in Jesus Christ. It is freaking hot down here Have you guys stayed here for it? It was cold outside when? Chris was currently upstairs cleaning Danny’s Dishes What are you talking about Geddes he’s the one who always makes food at night and doesn’t want Leslie. No you A.m.. P.m.. And it comes back Daddy that is you that is all you that is your mess so that is your hands as he’s clean edge the plus you don’t Sweep, when you’re supposed to sweep, and you don’t want when you’re supposed to MA Just kidding guys we didn’t really have a big mess upstairs because we don’t want her thinking in our head Oh my god, sir Just such a pig you want her in step to get to that table and start organizing the receipts start organizing the paperwork and start getting to the checks seeing the $50,000 written to me and be like oh my god stereos bottling Thinks he’s gonna shake yes, no You shouldn’t even consider checking. Yeah, she’s already in seriously no Yeah, I agree, but like that’s the point like we’re just living it up to earth Sorry Sears is gonna quit here until he’s done Glynnie like are we gonna be like on this yeah, the camera’s gonna die and they’re like we’re gonna be Let’s go get something to eat yeah Alright guys So let me just refresh her guys this memory a bit about three weeks ago me and Diego met up of this exact same table along with this exact same file over here We then use the information in this file to come up with three gold digger tests to put crystal to the test still in Santa confidence Pretty high In front of us in this laptop over here, we have the results to those three gold of your tests which Diego Just like you guys will be watching for the very first time and I also brought my checkbook Because for every single scenario Diego that crystal passes you’re gonna be receiving some money so you Nervous all right really and ready you you want you wanna. Copy you wanna be Ready scenario one so this scenario is what we call the simple scenario in this scenario basically Danny. Just went up to your girl He didn’t flash any money. He didn’t have any cars. He just went up by himself Just so we could get like a taste and a feel for your growth. What do you think he’s gonna say say no I was just wondering if you could like do the honor of maybe taking you out Make you take a ride in my Lamborghini It’s a Lamborghini. I’ll pay for the food You want to do it What does your boyfriend have a Lamborghini, No Talking I knew she was gonna say. Yeah, don’t get too excited Diego We still got two more scenarios to go But you did earn 50 dollars by the way So in this scenario our friend the – it is going in with Koki acting as if he’s a lost dog that he just found And he’s coming to return him So he’s gonna go up to a girlfriend and be like excuse me are you Leslie moments later? Leslie is actually gonna walk in and be like oh my God. Thank you so much for finding my dog here’s $2,000 so just two thousand dollars. What do you think she’s gonna say? I think he’s gonna say no She’s gonna say that well here. We go. Do you got this is what she said all right? Have a good one Hold these snaps like $2,000 She gave me $2,000 Minim did not mention 40, but uh I have some extra money here And I kind of would like to do something nice with it, and I would rather not do something nice by myself Would you be interested in going out could do a pretty nice elegant dates something out of the ordinary? Something she’s gonna say there To a five-star restaurant three-course dinner maybe some dessert after something fancy something different Okay, yeah, yeah, let me get your number down that way I can contact you tomorrow. We can set it up. Yeah Okay, okay, Wednesday go ahead sure number in there crystal So what do you think? I’m kind of obsessed she gave her number out, but I said thank you that gold digger You don’t think she’s a building her from this and your eyes, then you think she passed the test so In this scenario how he made it different from the other tools that we took out one key factor in that key factor was pressure Meaning that I wasn’t there physically to look her in the eyes and say yo you want to go on a date with me so in this scenario vistacool What happens I responds to her ad on Craigslist for the house cleaning because she came over she gave me a quote for how much He charged me for the apartment But then they also had like this table actually in the middle full of like a bunch of papers a bunch of receipts and then I asked her if she could organize it and I hid in like some checks that I had right now That’s at like 50,000 20,000 like to my names, so I’m pretty sure she felt like this guy’s ballin this Punk you know she said cleaning I took off and I told that I was gonna leave her money in like a little bin that I Put right there And her money was wrapped around a note that I had handwritten kind of like some junior high stuff Saying yo you want to go on a date with me Chucky’s ask for techno, and then yeah So I love to completely up to her so check. Yes. I’m checking it all right. No pressure. No nada here the results She walks over to the bin he pulls out With her money. She’s reading in Yeah, looks like she smiles or something right there She walks, that’s it she didn’t work here. She passed she’s not a gold-digger Why do you think she passed so this one because uh she didn’t respond to you She didn’t need that what am I going there? What if I told you there was more? What do you mean? There’s more what? I’m gonna bummed out that Christopher didn’t leave the note So I’m gonna call her and I know she wasn’t Hey Chris no sir Jim I’m doing good thinking. I just got home and I saw the apartment and it looked super super clean, and I loved it Thank you so much for everything that you did we did a great job I was also calling cuz of the note that I left you with the money I Wanted I wanted to I wanted to apologize for it because it was probably awkward and weird and dumb and It was cute Okay, well, I mean you do I know you like what did you think it with you you throw it away? Okay, I would love to take you out on a beautiful date because I like you a lot So what do you think – you do you agree she’s a gold digger? Yeah, you know honestly, it’s just not fair that you’re taking her serious, but she’s not taking you serious And it’s obvious she’s not taking you serious you got me So I’m gonna write you a check for 50 bucks or even enjoy it. You’re gonna go out your And you could buy me beers all day with it, okay What is up guys I hope you guys are enjoying this new series, we actually showed Diego crystals results about two weeks ago I actually just got off the phone with him before uploading this and I asked him how he was doing he’s currently single Currently still grinding on his clothing line and here’s his Instagram guys if you guys just want to go show him some love Bye Say bye Okay, okay, okay, okay, whatever

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