1. No more hinges…now send me a free copy for buying four of the useless original model and it's fffffffff…ing hinges 👌

  2. Forgive me if I’m wrong but other than the design, the feature set is identical to the official PS Headset 2.0 is it not?!

  3. Cómo puede ser que el ps4 no detecte cualquier audífono Bluetooth de la marca Sony??
    Para venderte otros supongo…

  4. I had the original PS4 gold headset. The plastic ended up snapping by itself to the point it was hanging in 3 pieces by only wire. They still work though, just covered in tape.

  5. Which is better this or the PlayStation platinum headset?
    I’m confused because isn’t platinum better than gold?

  6. So are the Platinums not being supported anymore? Because if not I'll gladly take mine back and get the new Gold.

  7. While your headsets have always had amazing sound, please for the love of God tell me you've fixed the hinges and the snapping headbands. Because the two I've had thus far have about forty yards of electrical tape around them so they'll stay together.

  8. Pls. Make White Color Edition of that Gold Wireless Headset 🙏 🍻
    The Primary Color 4 PLAYSTATION Consoles Should be White Day 1 Or Both.

  9. Dont buy this rather go for turtle beach 500p they are way better in durability aspect as well as in sound !! I have tried them both .

  10. When is it coming out in europe? Or if its out in Europe then when on amazon.co.uk. I am with the included ps4 mic

  11. Does this have the same connectivity issues the original Gold had? My Gold I have right now keeps cutting in and out.

  12. If someone understands the headphones … What kind of wireless full-sized headphones up to $ 380 can you advise? (Which is better: Sony MDR1000X, Sony WH1000X M2, Bose QC, BOSE QC II, or there is something better presented?) Design is not particularly important, necessarily full-size, you need the highest quality sound, while Bluetooth and the cord.

  13. Can these be used as "headphones" for ps4 while using a usb microphone such as the Blue Snowball or a better sounding microphone… Like both at the same time 😂?

  14. i want to ask, should i get this or steelseries arctics series, which is only stereo on ps4 . is vss7.1 really big difference compared with stereo only?

  15. Dear Sony, please let us have the sound schemes from the old wireless 2.0 also. I wanted to have a preset to Driveclub but it turned out that is only available for the old headphone. Folks be aware that you will only find about 6 presets for this headphone in the companion app. Yes there is GOW, but no spider man.

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