New PS4 Gold Headset

New PS4 Gold Headset

– We’ve been talking a
lot of controllers lately, but there’s another
accessory that is arguably even more important to your
multiplayer gaming experience, and that’s a headset. Sony has just released
their new Gold Headset, which it actually even
says right on the box, “The New Gold Headset,”
the entire idea being, to separate it from the original line. Now what has changed since that design? Honestly not a whole lot, but what has changed is for the better. Now when we’re talking the
internal specs of these headsets, things like the audio quality,
mic quality, seven point one virtual surround sound support, these are basically the same thing. Because the new gold are
just more recently made, there might be a slight improvement, but they’re basically
on the exact same level. Where all the changes come
from is in the physical design of the headset, and basically,
everything that can be affected by that physical
design, the durability, the comfort, and the aesthetics of it, this thing is a massive
upgrade over the original line. First, let’s talk comfort. Now the headband on the new
line is notice (headphones thud) Maybe I shouldn’t do that. First, let’s talk comfort. Now one of the first thing’s you’ll notice about the new gold headset right away is that the headband
on it is a lot thinner, so it’s a little lighter
on the top of your head. But more importantly,
the cushioning on it’s actually a little bit thicker, so it’s more comfortable as well. Another thing is that while
the earcups might look the same at first glance, the new gold
headsets are a little softer and a little plushier,
so they actually feel a lot better around your ear. Especially after long
periods of playing games. Another thing you’ll notice
too, is that the button designs on these are different. The original gold had
this whole thing where, the buttons were flush with the skin, and just had a little bit
of an upraise to them. Which, is fine, but the new
gold headset has abandoned that in favor of actual buttons,
which, when you’re playing games and you can’t actually
see what each button is, this just feels a lot more
natural, and it’s easier to find the buttons you need. So that’s a pretty big upgrade as well. Now, as for durability, this was one of the biggest weaknesses of
the original gold headset. The hinges one these things, while mine have actually maintained, there’s lots of reports
of these things breaking for a lot of people. There’s also the fact that a lot of it just very easily comes apart,
like, with minimal effort. You can just take off
this part of the headset, and I’ve done that so
many times while trying to adjust the headbands,
so kind of a problem. The new gold sets on the
other hand has abandoned the hinge design completely. It’s now more in line with
what the platinum headset did, where it’s just one continuous loop, and it actually makes it
a much stronger design. And just, in general,
more comfy like I said. As for aesthetics, I mean,
this can vary with each person. A bit of an eye of the beholder situation. But, in general, I
definitely like the look of the new gold headset a lot more. I really like the change
to the earcup design, which is more in line with what
they did with the platinums, I think it just looks
better than this kind of soft, round thing that the
original gold had going on. The only thing I do miss
is that the old gold, had this sort of black
and blue two-tone design, whereas, the new gold is all black. Which still looks good, I just really like the blue and black approach ’cause I think it immediately resonates with Playstation, whereas this is just sort of,
another all-black accessory. So when it comes to the old
gold versus the new gold headset the new one definitely wins. But what if you’re
debating between grabbing one of these guys or the more expensive, Sony Platinum Headset? Well, before, the debate used to be that, compared to the old gold headset, the platinum was more
durable, more comfortable, and of course added 3-D audio
support for select games. Which, seemed like it was worth the money. But now, compared to the new
gold one, which has fixed a lot of those issues, well
now the really only big selling point is that 3-D audio. Which, like I said, is for select games. So if you’re a really big fan
of those particular titles, like Uncharted 4, great, cool! This adds some cool add-ons for you, but for the vast majority of stuff, this is already covering most
of the things you really need for a much lower price point. Now before, the MSRP
difference between these things was about 60 bucks, in which case the gold is definitely worth
doing instead, I think. But, the platinum has
gone down a little bit to where the difference is
really more like 30 or 40, which at that point,
yeah you can debate it, if the games you like offer 3-D support, but as far as getting audio
quality for your dollar goes, the new gold is basically the best option Sony’s gonna give you now.


  1. I use the Turtle Beach XO Three, and it’s amazing. Sound and build quality are great and it looks good. It feels really comfortable even after long sessions. I also enjoy the mic being able to flex in any way. Got them at a Best Buy for $25 when they were originally $75

  2. 1:50 I wouldn't necessarily consider that a con of the older headset's durability since the faceplate was designed to be removed. There were custom variants available such as a Destiny one.

  3. I sold off my ps3 sony headsets before. Then i got a real nice bluetooth one sony but general.bluetooth. youd thinm it could sync to ps4 but nope never could, doesnt recognize it. Phone, vita, whatever yes, ps4 no. Amd its a sony.. aint that nice?
    Im not guna buy a playstation headset when these should work fine so fuck headsets.

    At any rate its been a year or so i may try again.. but that pisses me off.

  4. How much more comfortable are the muffs of the new PS4 gold? I have the original, but just never use it since my Steelseries Siberia is so much more comfy to use, and when I'm out and about regular earphones feel nicer.

  5. The naming convention for this headset comes from the trophy system that PlayStation has, which are Platinum (being the highest), Gold, Silver, and Bronze trophies being lower. The Platinum and Gold headsets have been shown in this video. The Silver headset is the lower tier wired PS4 headset, and the Bronze version is just the headphones that is included with every PS4/PS4 Pro.

  6. I love my old gold headset. Never had any durability issues and they sound amazing. Wish they didn't remove the two tone look.

  7. I fucking hate the old ps4 wireless headset…fuck! Mine doesn't work using worked before but it won't power up…fuck!

  8. The original gold headset ear cup material started to flake off after about a year, hopefully they went with a more durable material this version.

  9. Sony Playstation 4 Platinum,still a pretty shitty echo !"Its advanced, built-in dual mics capture your voice and cancel out distractions"Capture the sound of the youre game and creates a terrible echo in the chat/party

  10. I ended up getting this headset.I only had 100 bucks and wanted a wireless headset that wouldn't break easy.I took a chance on this..I originally had the PS3 stereo headset which as soon as your unable to charge it becomes useless.Unless you fix it yourself of course.Main reason I got it first off the headband doesn't seem like it'd break easy unlike the gold with hinges,can charge with controller,and despite people not liking PS4 stereo headsets I actually like the 7.1 virtual surround sound. Now where the headset fails looks like the mic but you could just turn the mic volume up on the PS4 for people to hear you better that way.

  11. How about the mic quality? Is it still one mic on the side or is it dual mics in the front like on the platinum?

  12. You forgot to throw them at the wall to see which one last longer 😂. I don't do that because it come out of my pocket but it would be funny .

  13. I have the platinums, and by the looks of it it looks like they put the platinum earcups on a sleeker and slimmer headset and just called it the new gold ones lol

  14. Wait so Kevin, is this a direct upgrade to the Gold or a new flagship to replace the platinum? If it is the new flagship I’d expect it to be called diamond ahaha

  15. Should i get these or the Astros A40 🤔 i want the best of best dont care about price im trying to go pro but there is so many 😣 help guys

  16. I bought a gaming headset (Platinum Sony one I believe it was). Didn't care how you can't crank the volume on it (tried on all TV's, Consoles, and PC). Bought a sound bar for my TV afterward, because I don't have room for a stereo, it is able to be cranked to the volume level I like (LOUD). Still not the wall shaking loud of my old stereo with 4 foot speakers but enjoyable enough.

  17. I recently repeated my gold headset and it snapped like 1.5 inches from the hinge, so I needed to put glue on it, them my dad put metal in the inside then I sanded it down and painted it, I could have done a better job but now it actually looks better, a bit like the original ps4 design glossy and mat.

  18. Can windows adjust the volume with this new model? With the older one (blue), that was not possible, and the only way to adjust the volume was directly through the headset. Thanks.

  19. People complaining about the hinges must of really abused them, I had them for 4 years and wore them everyday and took them out on table, never broke.

  20. I recently acquired a pair of ps4 wireless headset gold "the new, all black" and I noticed that there is a static sound in the left ear on the headset. Is that something commen or can it be a hardware failure with the headset?

  21. Just picked one up, sound good and are comfy but they ugly on my head, they look so much better when they are off my head

  22. 3d audio is dead now… no game after uncharted 4 supported it… it's not even good to hv 3d audio… didn't enjoy it in uncharted 4… I couldn't notice the 3d effect

  23. Which headset would u suggest for a single player ps4 gamer who just wants immersion in gow and Spiderman. A10s or ps golds?

  24. 50mm drivers compared to 40mm drivers in favour of platinums. They do still edge it despite the recent improvements to the golds

  25. Hello, can you help me? I have sony gold and I'm interested in TB 600 or 700, but do you think it's worth buying the TB or buying the sony gold 2018? I'm just interested to know if they have better sound than sony, if they are more comfortable for glasses and if the "superhuman hearing" works on ps4, since I only play on that platform. I saw your video, but I'm Spanish and I do not understand much.

  26. @Kevin Kenson Any way to fix sound balancing issues ? My headset's right hear seems to be slightly lower in terms of volume now, both in stereo and surround.

    I checked if my cable was correctly connected then tried it on wireless mode and it did not fix it.

    I already tried restoring it with the app, reseting the dongle to factory mode and so on. I just hope its not a defective unit and that it isn't dying already.

    Worth noting is that the problem appeared while I was playing Tetris Effect in VR yesterday. I bought the game a couple of days ago, and played it in VR and used the Gold headset in wireless. The game and the VR headset had to update last night, for i did not use my VR on recent games, and then i got a message on my playstation saying that i only could use the headset plugged via auxiliary cord into the PSVR, which was not the case the last time I used both peripherals.
    I'm really confused.

    I love it and just got it as a christmas present. Any advices ?

  27. Kindly can you tell me that are they good with listening songs in mp3 player. And do they have noise cancelling with music(song)?

  28. Do these pair with a mobile phone (iphone) wirelessly, and how are they for music listening (also) if anyone can tell me, that'd be great! Thanks!

  29. These are now 70 dollars on Amazon, that's a pretty damn good deal. I got mine for 60 dollars, because I had some credit from BL3. So far I haven't tried them on my ps4, but they work great on my ps3.

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