NEW Slowstar SW-2020 Silver Cold Press Juicer

NEW Slowstar SW-2020 Silver Cold Press Juicer

Alright, this is John Kohler with,
today we have another exciting episode for you and this episode is exciting for me, ‘cuz
I just got a brand new juicer in the mail today, and it’s this guy right here. It’s the all new Tribest Slowstar model
SW-2020, brand new. It is now available on We’re the first retailer in United States
to start selling this brand new model, the 2020, versus the original model, the SW-2000. Now, I know, a lot of you guys have been waiting,
“John, I’m waiting to buy a juicer, until the best juicer come out for 2017”, well,
unfortunately I went to trade show just recently and there are no new innovations in vertical
auger juicers for 2017. So, all the juicers that I’m currently selling,
are the ones that are here to stay and none of the major manufacturers introduced anything
new or revolutionary. So, if you have been waiting for a juicer,
naa, to buy a juicer, now is the time to buy it, because there’s gonna be nothing new,
and if you wanna learn what’s the best vertical juicer for 2017, be sure to check the link
down below, I’ll put a video, uh, a link to the video that I made, best vertical juicers
of 2017, where I compare three juicers in an over an hour long format, comparing each
juicer, side to side to side, comparing each juicer juicing the exact same amount of produce,
how long it takes, how much yield it makes, all this kind of stuff, so that you guys could
learn the right one, and the best juicer for you, ‘cuz we all have different needs and
so, some of you guys might like one or some of you guys might like the other one. Some of you guys might like the one that takes,
you know, shorter time to juice, some of you guys might like that makes the highest yield,
some of you guys might just want the one that has, mu, multiple features that does more
things than just juice, some of you guys might like the one that actually just doesn’t
stop, it just keeps going no matter what, and actually if you watch to the end of the
video, you’ll find that I declared the winner of that juice off, overall, and it was tough. The Slowstar juicer, the SW-2000 but because
the all-new 2020 is basically identical to the SW-2000, just a new model number and the
only difference is the colour. So now, instead of having just the red and
the black colour, it actually has a nice and snazzy, it’s silver and black, I think this
looks a lot better and in my opinion they probably should’ve came out with this from
the get-go, but all the standard juicing attachments, umm, and the parts that comes with the machine
are the same and includes, you know, the same stainless steel sieve and, you know, the missing
attachment, this is actually is two in one machine, so aside from just using and allow
you to make frozen fruit sorbets, nut butters grind, you know, tomatoes, cilantro and things,
it’s a salsa, mints your herbs, you know and I actually had a customer write me in,
“John I use, uh, the mincing attachment to grind my coffee and he’s some coffee
aficionado and he found that it’s the best, you know, he bought all kind of burr grinders
and all this stuff and he says it’s the best thing to grind my coffee up. I don’t know that I’d advocate drinking
coffee but hey, drinks and fresh juice if you’re going to drink juice, you know, if
you’re going to drink coffee too, hey, great, great you can grind up your beans in the Slowstar
two in one juicer with mincing attachment. I think the other thing I wanted to cover
this video before I go on, is a question about model numbers. So, there’s a model, this is the model SW-2000
and on some websites and even our website, it says the SW-2000B model and everybody always,
I used to get emails all the time, “John you sell the SW-2000B model”, yes, we sell
that SW-2000B model, that is the dominant model that is being sold in the United States
because it is the model that is for use in the United states. Let me go ahead and point out what I mean
here, on every box of every Slowstar, you’ll see right there a seal where it says B right
on the bottom of the box, on the side of the box there and this box says B also. B is just basically the plug type, so, you
know, if you go to Europe, they have like some weird funky plugs when you plug things
into the wall, so, the B plug type is the type that is available in the United States
for use in the USA and that’s the only type you’re gonna wanna get, don’t worry about
the A model, it’s not like, the B model is better than the A model, it’s not, it’s
the same exact juicer, the only difference is the plug type. So, now that we got that straightened out
let’s go ahead and, uh, move off the old Slowstar juicer and I want to go ahead and
unbox the all new Slowstar-2020B to show you guys what it looks like on the camera for
the first time and then, I’m actually going to be juicing my lunch today. Alright, so, similar to the original Slowstar-2000
model, we got the juicing attachment here, its a little bit different, some of the colours
is changed, will pull out my other unit to show you guys the differences, but the main
difference is just about the base. This is a nice snazzy base here and, uh, look
at the colours on that it’s, you know, nice black with a, with a silver colour and then
we could go ahead and put this top on and, uh, that’s how it looks. So, this is the all new Slowstar-2020. Let’s go ahead and pull out my original
Slowstar-2000, once again, the same thing only the colour’s different just to prove
you guys, that it’s the same machine and I want to juice my lunch. So, now I want to share with you guys actually
the differences between this, these two machines, if any. There may just be the only difference probably
is the colour difference but I’m going to check them out, in detail for sure. So over here we’ve got the SW-2000 the red
and black, over on this side we got the SW-2020 silver and black, I mean, each one of us is
gonna have a preference of which one looks better, some of you guys might like the red
and black and some of you guys might, well, like the silver and black, silver and black
back. Alright, anyways, let’s go ahead and disassemble
each one of these guys one at a time, different parts, all right, so, the top house in here
looks pretty much the same to me, nothing has changed. I do hope that one day the Slowstar maybe
change the design at the top here, there’s some extra nooks and crannies that are, that,
in my opinion don’t really need to be there, that could just be one solid piece as well
as some of the pieces down below there’s some nooks and crannies that could be improved
upon. Next let’s go ahead and take out the augers,
the augers of the GE ultem auger with dual blade technology, which is, this is something
I actually I like a lot, let me go ahead and, oh, this got a little bit stuck in there,
all right, so these augers once again, these augers are identical, ultem dual blade eight
times harder, yeah, and this is a dual blade so it has one little blade here, one little
blade here, so this processes the fruit and vegetables you’re putting in and helps to
cut them up a little bit, you know, twice as fast as the formal, former augers on the
vertical auger juicers actually most vertical auger still only contain, uh, one blade if
any, some some vertical augars thus actually work by crushing, so the augers are the same. Next, let’s go ahead and pull out the juicing
screens here, juicing screens looking at them basically they’re identical so the same
exact thing, so, pretty much just improving it only the colour’s different. Alright, next this part is different, only
in the colour so instead of being, uh, white with, uh, red this is actually black on a
red, I think this actually looks a lot better and if I was Tribest I’d actually just use
this part on this machine because the light can’t have challenges with steam, alright. Next, we got this bowl the juicing bowl and
now all juicers that we’re shipping at discount juicers, are the upgraded bowl and they have
been for quite a while, you better watch out through because there’s some dealers that
still may have old inventory that don’t have all the newest upgrades on their juicing
bowl. In addition, there are many unauthorized Tribest
retailers online so I want you guys to, you know, make sure before you buy Tribest juicer,
make sure it’s from an authorized dealer, umm, I would encourage you guys if you guys
are watching this video to support me in my work, I am an authorized Tribest dealer at, we’re probably one of the largest independent authorized Tribest
dealers in the country and so, we’re here to ensure you get a real Tribest juicer, not
a grey market or black market and the sad thing is if you buy an, uh, unauthorized,
for buy, if you buy from an unauthorized dealer, you may not be able to claim your 10 year
warranty benefit, which would be sad, “Oh John, I’ve saved ten dollars on the Tribest
and I didn’t support you, but I didn’t get a warranty, haha”. The other thing I want to let you guys know
is that we match all authorized dealers, so if you find an authorized dealer for selling
less than us, I will gladly match the price, so, be sure to contact me. All right, so anyways this bowl here, uhm,
you know, they look identical and the upgraded bowl has a few features that you will want
to have, number one, you’re going to have a spout cap here, that guy just actually came
off on me, what if this could be designed to look better so it doesn’t come off, all
right, let’s see here, all right here we go, yeah, so that works fine and, uh, so this
allows you to do mixing in the bowl if you’d like, I don’t, I encourage you guys not
to leave this down when juicing and then let all the juices mix in the bowl, because that
will generally mean you’re going to get a lower yield in the end, because literally
the pulp is bathing in a liquid. The other major improvements are this silicone
gasket here, is that now stronger than before so it’s actually more leak proof and they’ve
also done some minor, minor small revisions to this juice bowl, so it just works a lot
better. So yeah, we have those current revisions at
discount juicers. Alright next, I want to go ahead and show
you guys how easy it is to assemble the Tribest Slowstar juicer, you know, it might take you
couple times, but once you learn how to assemble it, it’s really easy. So, the first thing is you’re going to go
ahead and take the juicing bowl and I do like the juicing bowl ‘cuz unlike most other
bowls this actually does have a nice handle, so if it’s assembled properly you could
pick the whole machine up by a handle. This kind of like, makes it a little bit easier
to clean as well, but you’re going to go ahead and put this handle a little bit offset
to the right put this down on the base then you’re going to go ahead and take your wiping
blade and you’re going to take your juicing screen you’re just going to basically put
the juicing screen into the wiping blade there’s a little white dot on the top of the juicing
screen that you’re going to line up with a white dot on top of the bowl there, it kind
of seats into place, it’ll go down. Next, we can go ahead and take that auger
that goes right in and then once I got that, then I’ll slide this over into the lock
position, so this is the handle spacing exactly to back, uh, where the on/off switch, right
above the on/off switch. Then we’re going to go ahead and take our
top, on the top, there’s a little red dot here, we’re going to line it up with the
two white dots here, put it down in place, it’s gonna lock in and then we’re going
to turn this to line it up with the white dot on the top of the handle here, and, uh,
once properly assembled then the machine will turn on and you are ready to juice, and the
disassembly is just exactly the opposite of the assembly process. This is one of the easier vertical single
auger juicers on the market to clean probably takes me about four minutes, there are additional
nooks and crannies over some of the other ones but of course some of the other ones
are a bit even, you know, more difficult to clean. So, this is kind of like right in the middle. In any case, what I wanted to do next is actually
make my first juice in the SW-2020. Today I’ll be juicing a pineapple, celery,
carrots and some beets. So, now I’m ready to juice in the all new
Slowstar SW-2020 and what I’m gonna be juicing today is something that I might make on a
normal day, what we got is a standard vegetable juice with some fruit for sweetness and that’s
what I recommend you guys juice right, I want to encourage you guys to really juice your
vegetables. As a matter of fact you should focus on juicing
vegetables and adding as much fruit as you need for sweetness, I think that’s definitely
the best way to go and especially juicing things like the leafy green vegetables, these
are some of the most under eaten foods on the entire planet and people should be including
more of them and by simply using a juicer, you know, unlike using a blender you could
actually concentrate the volume of food you’re eating, you know, if I was just eating all
the food I got like two heads of organic , you know,celery hearts, you know, a bunch of carrots,
I don’t know, maybe like over a pound there, one pineapple and a little piece of ginger,
I don’t know that I could sit here ear all this food that’s a massive quantity of food
but if I take all this food ,run it through the juicer get the fresh juice out I’m literally
getting the liquid nutrition from these fruits, from the fruit and the vegetables here that
I wouldn’t normally be able to eat in volume. So, it allows you to supersize your fruits
and vegetables and that being said, if you guys do want to make fruit juices, like a
hundred percent fruit juices, hey, more power to you and, you know, I’m always going to
say that a fresh fruit juice is always better than a soda or, you know, some kind of iced
tea or, you know, kombucha or other sugary beverage that actually has processed white
sugar, corn syrup and other sweeteners in there, because at least when you’re using
a whole fruit, you’re going to get the sugars fructose, glucose and sucrose, but you’re
going to get a lot of water along with all the other beneficial phytonutrients, phytochemicals
as well as microbiome that comes along when you consume that fruit or vegetable which
I think can be quite beneficial from what I’ve seen. In any case, there is some special techniques
that you’ll need to use with the Slowstar or any other vertical single auger juicer
for that matter in general I do recommend you pre-cut your celery into, you know, 8
inch pieces for best results and drop those in, that being said because the Slowstar has
the dual blade system, you know, if you are juicing, um, the celery and not juicing large
quantities and rotate with other produce items, you could probably get away with not cutting
it up if you’re not juicing a large quantity of them. In addition, the pineapple, the part of the
pineapple that’s the hardest to juice is the pineapple core, that’s the part in the
middle of pineapple and so we’re going to want to pre-cut that into smaller pieces before
juicing. As you can see I have the juicer ready to
set up, as ready and set up the juice we’re using a standard BPA free cash cup that comes
with this juicer to catch the pulp. But to catch my juice, I like to use a nice,
uh, 2000 millilitre or 2 litre or a 2 quart mixing bowl and this is glass made by anchor
hocking may be available at a local big box store to your, and as the juice comes out
actually I’d like to put it through a nice sieve, uh, stainless steel sieve to, uh, take
out the pulp. Now based on my tests when I did a test with
carrots and some celery maybe some apple in the Slowstar the other top contenders the
VSJ843 and the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Elite, the Slowstar actually made the most yield
before removing the pulp. After removing the pulp, I think the VSJ made
more juice but this juicer does put, you know, good percentage of pulp in the juice if you
want some body or texture it’s just personal thing if you want to remove the pulp or not,
actually health, from a health standpoint it’s actually probably better to eat the
pulp or drink the pulp in with your juice. All right, I just don’t like to drink a
pulp when I’m drinking my juice because I eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables
and their pulps other parts of my day. Any case, let’s get started juicing will
turn this feature on I do like that this machine runs at a low and slow 47 rpms, what we’re
going to do here first is just cut the outside of the pineapple so it’s nice and the soft
part it’s always best when juicing in a vertical slow juicer, so rotate the items
you’re putting through so I always like to start off with something like fruits really
soft, next we’re going to go ahead and put in the celery now we’re not just going to
drop in a celery we’re going to go ahead and put the celery and then pull it out and
it is going to take off one bite at a time this is a definitely the best way to juice
celery. Now, I finally let it in all the way, once
we got the celery and then we’re going to go ahead and follow that with a little bit
of carrot right this will help push the soft, uh, pineapple through and also all the strings
in the celery as you guys could see we’re getting the pulp here coming out from machine
from first the pineapple, then some of the celery, now some of the carrot pulp. Now we’re going to go ahead and put the
ginger in there, a little bit of ginger goes a long ways, they don’t need a lot once
we got the ginger in there we’re gonna go ahead and follow that with a pineapple and
then we’re just going to go ahead and repeat the process of, you know, juicing the celery
as long as we could pull it out, we pull it out a little bit at a time, so it doesn’t
take off too much at a time and then finally when it gets too small, I can’t pull it
anymore, I’ll just drop in the rest and of course next we’re gonna go ahead and
follow that with a carrot and I’m going to basically repeat this process until I’m
done. We’re going to put this on a fast forward
motion for you guys to see the process. Alright, so as you guys can see, I’m almost
done, juicing in the Slowstar has been working amazing we’re just going to go ahead with
the spout cap down and what I like to do every once in a while is actually shake down my
pulp and the Slowstar actually did produce quite a bit of pulp in the juice but I had
a sieve so I sieved it out or took it out, and then what I like to do after I drain this
stuff down is actually I’d like to put it back to the juicer, that is the last thing
I do I saved a few bits of produce to juice, uh, but I like to put it through it, it’s
going to wring it out a bit more, so it doesn’t end up in my juice and I could get some of
the juice out of it. Let’s go and open this back up. The next thing I want to show you guys actually
just ahead of deal with that pineapple chlorides use the whole pineapple except to the core
here, what I’m going to do is first, turn this into like playing card so I cut this
in a nice long strips and also have a little little slices there, that’s the first step
and then once I turn them into strips then I turn them on the side and then I turn it
into little like a long sticks or matchsticks that’s the step 1, step 2 and then step
3 is after I turn them into matchsticks and this is what one of them looks like. Then we’re going to go ahead and turn them
sideways and then we’re going to go ahead and make them in a little tiny cubes and so
I find that, you know, the strings of the pineapple and the cork it definitely clog
up the machine I mean, the seller will do it also, but not as bad as the pineapple pork
that’s like really hardcore, get it hardcore. So, we’re just going to go ahead and cut
those up into little bits, right? We got all these nice little pineapple bits
and then we could go ahead and just take these bits and just pour them through the machine,
dump them in the machines they basically auto feed in. So well let’s see we’re going to go ahead
and put the rest of these bits in there let that process because once again that’s the
fruit component we’ve got the softest thing going in first after we got all the little
bits of pineapple icing this the last little bit we got to put in then we’re going to
go ahead and put in that celery once again, you have technique put the celery in and pull
it out, put it in, pull it out, it’s going to work a lot better than just dump it all
the way in there once that goes in then finally last thing you always want to juice in a vertical
juicer is the hard vegetables such as the carrot or other hard root vegetable can be
jicama to be beets, it could be parsnips right?, and then we can go ahead and just drop that
baby in there and let it juice on up and that’s one of the things I like, as you guys saw,
I didn’t use the pusher when using the Slowstar or any other vertical juicer and I want to
highly discourage you from using the pusher, and you guys see people using the pushers
demonstrating juicers, in my opinion, they don’t know what the heck they’re doing
because the only reason need to use a pusher is if actually you have a jam in there, because
guess what on earth anyways we have something called gravity maybe if you’re juicing on
the moon, you need the pusher to get it in there, but because this runs vertically as
the produce will just basically be pulled to the centre of the earth or pulled down
and it actually just will get auto fit into the juicer and if you’re pushing things
in trying to shove things in faster than the juicer could accept it, you’re going to
be in a world of hurt, you may actually overloading the machine, this may cause premature heart
failure of the parts of machine. So, I do not encourage you guys to use the
pusher plus the other way I like to do it without a pusher is one less thing you got
to clean when you’re done juicing. All right, so it looks like this is pretty
much done, we’re going to go ahead and tap some of the juice out of there, out of the
sieve and then I like to always put the sieve right up on the top so it doesn’t drip anywhere,
got the spout cap closed we’re going to get to turn that machine off and then now
we have our rich delicious juice to try. Let me go ahead and show you guys what it
looks like here. So, combination today is organic pineapple
and organic celery, organic carrots and organic ginger, right here, check, it out, look at
that man, nice pulp free juice fully extracted all the nutrition beta-carotene. Flavonoids. minerals and vitamins in here, hmmm, wow,
I needed that man, one of the best juices now spice this juice up and make it even better. I encourage you guys to try to find purple
carrots near you, I try to juice purple carrots and yellow carrots, and white carrots and
red carrots more often than the purple, than the standard orange carrots if you could find
them. So, actually juicing the orange carrots is
for me a treat because I have a, like a, 20 pounds of purple carrots in the fridge that
I need to get through, but I want to get through these guys first, and I always wanted to encourage
you guys as much as you might like this recipe or other recipes I showed you guys online
or you might find a mean green recipe something I always want you guys to mix up the recipes
you guys make in your juicer. Because all the different ingredients have
different nutrients in there, that can be quite helpful to provide you energy and vitality
and provide their anti-inflammatory benefits help keep you young and a ward off disease. So, if you guys enjoyed this episode, learning
more about the SW-2020 and see me juice in it today, please be sure to support me, my
work, by making your purchase at Your purchase at allows
me to continue to make these videos for you guys explaining new juicer, demonstrating
juicers, comparing juicers as well as all the other educational videos that I put out
on YouTube. So, thank you guys for those you guys that
have support in the past and thank you guys for those you guys who will support me in
the future. Also, be sure if you like this video, to give
me a thumbs up, I’ll do more videos comparing the Slowstar-2020 with other juicers on the
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best way possible and comparing them. Also, be sure to click that subscribe button,
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SW-2020, the black and the silver model. So, with that my name is John Kohler with, be sure to visit for special promotional offers for youtube


  1. Learn more about and purchase the Slowstar Silver and Black Model SW-2020-B at

  2. I purchased the SW 2000 from you some time ago. It's a great machine and I've never been able to clog it up. One issue I have is the handle on the juicing bowl gets filled with produce. Tribest suggests to remove the handle to clean it. That extends the cleaning time to 20 minutes each time I use it. Much easier for me to put the machine back in the pantry and use my Omega VSJ843. Maybe you would have a suggestion about cleaning the handle! Great video, John!

  3. Looks absolutely amazing. I agree that the black pulp-wiping assembly looks much better, but that being said I still like the white one despite the possibility of staining because it more clearly and easily helps you see if any mold has built up under the wipes. But this is minor and can be avoided with either color by occasional cleaning. Everyone has different juicer preferences like John said, and I personally cannot get over how incredibly powerful the torque of the Slowstar is. Have never been able to stop it up. Thanks John keep up the great work.

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    then I see these vacuum blender demonstrations

    so here's the question if I want to keep things simple and have one machine should I wait for the vacuum blender since I don't mind the pulp and all the fiber and just blend everything in a vacuum and make smoothies instead of juicing

    I just can't have 3 or 4 appliances for best fruits and vegetables number one I can't afford it and number two it just wouldn't fit my lifestyle

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