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Nickelback – Silver Side Up | Regretting The Past | Rocked

There are many albums that stood the test of time because the artist that made them, put their life into making them. Heart, soul, patience, personal experience, and a lot of musical ability. There are other albums that were made in a marketing formula. You know, the ones that were made as quickly as possible to make the most amount of profit with the least amount of effort. And somehow, the latter makes way more money and sells a lot of more copies than the prior. And it’s when mediocrity like that shines and is successful, then we should be ‘Regretting the Past’. On the last episode, I spoke about the early 2000s and the three bands that made ‘The Triforce of Suckage’: Limp Bizkit, Nickelback, and Creed. While rock was changing and new bands were sprouting up in this time period, the mainstream kept promoting these three bands. It’s ironic now because Limp Bizkit and Creed are somewhat a rock pariahs on the radio. And Nickelback is only played on Pop stations to show they had ‘variety’ on their station. And on some sucky rock stations across the US to be fair. But after so many requests to continue ‘Regretting the Past’, it only makes sense to focus on another piece of the Suckage Squad, and look at everyone’s favorite Canadian punching bags, Nickelback. ♪Never made it as a wise man,
I couldn’t cut it as a poor man stealing♪ Yeah, you’re not cutting it as a lyric writer either, so you need to knock it off. Ah Nickelback, at one time you seem like an upcoming rock band from Canada who had the basics down and nothing but potential in the future. Then, everyone started to realize just what they’re listening to. A marketing and scientific formula, much like many Beyonce and One Direction songs that are now made. These songs are created to be catchy and sell. That leaves us to the issue in hand, ‘Silver Side Up’. Nickelback’s third album was released on… no… Wikipedia. Somebody got me good. Alright. C’mon Google, when did this album come out? NO…. (Yes, it’s true…) Okay, I’m not making any jokes about this. It was just a bad coincidence. Albums get released on Tuesdays and that’s just what happened on 9/11. So, a Nickelback album came out on September 11. There’s no way they could have known. I’m not going to make a joke about this, so let’s… let’s just move on really quickly to the songs on the album and let’s just go from there and never talk about this again. ‘Silver Side Up’, the third album from Nickelback, came after the second album, ‘The State’, which may come as a shock, actually isn’t bad. Yes, I really said that. After ‘The State’ however, came a new idea: Not so much how to make an album filled with passion and everything you got, but rather taking the research and business aspect and try to make an album that would sell. ‘Silver Side Up’ is an example of a band trying to reach the masses by playing what people already liked. If you don’t believe me, than hear Mr. Kroger’s words, “Studying every piece, every sonically, everything lyrically, everything musically, chord structure, I would dissect every single song I would hear on the radio or every song that have ever done well on the chart and I would say, ‘Why did this do well?'” That’s the problem I have with Nickelback and especially Silver Side Up. It wasn’t written or performed for the art and for the love of music, it was made to make a profit. Say you have a BBQ sauce and you start cutting corners just to save money on ingredients, but still advertise it as just as good as any other sauce, that doesn’t make you any better. That just makes you cheap and look like a jerk for selling it and claiming it it’s just as good as anything else. But unfortunately, people will buy it if you advertise it right. More on that later, ’cause I don’t want to go off a tangent now, but just like last time in ‘Regretting the Past’, I’m going to listen from beginning to end, this album…
(Silver Side Up) Heaven help me. Oh my gosh, just from those opening notes and that static, I can tell this is going to be a long one… ♪It’s right out there in the waiting room with those hands, Lookin’ just as sweet as he can, never again…♪ As far as the rhythm and energy go in an opening song, ‘Never Again’ actually does a great job. It starts the volume loud and it wakes you up. The drums specifically carry a good rhythm, but what’s interesting though is the lyrics. This is a dark topic to open an album with. Whether or not this a personal experience for the band members or something, this album starts on a very low and sad story about domestic abuse in a family. I’m not saying that this is something that shouldn’t be discussed, but it’s intense that the album starts on this note. Whether you like Nickelback or not, and I know it’s fun to laugh at them, this is a serious topic to open your ten track album with. Domestic abuse on a mother and child is not something that’s easily forgettable. Nickelback really went for it and gave a full description on what’s going on in those lyrics but, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth and you start off an album like this. Speaking of bad taste, here’s more Nickelback. ♪Never made it as a wise man I couldn’t cut it as a poor man stealing, Tired of living like a blind man, I’m sick of sight without a sense of feeling This is how you remind me…♪ This song was played EVERYWHERE. It was even played in decent rotation on MTV at a time where Rock really wasn’t showcased. Radio, television, even mall overhead speakers played this song during the day. It’s very generic, but not bad at all. It has a very standard format and easy to follow along to. It was written originally about the lead singer’s ex-girlfriend. There’s a reason it sold so well and charted like crazy though. It was MADE to copy other song’s generic format. This was a formulaic single promoted to get attention and copy what was already successful. It was even said by Kroger that ‘How you Remind me’ sold so well because it was about a romantic relationships, a universal subject, and contained memorable hooks. That is awful. This song was not written for cathartic purposes, it was made to get noticed by the work of other people and their talent and their songs. They just wanted to get noticed. They wanted to get albums right off the bat. And somehow, it WORKED PERFECTLY… ‘How You Remind Me’ was one of the last Rock singles to ever be No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Only Coldplay would claim that title seven years later. The Neilsen Ratings proved it was the number one most played song on US radio between 2001 and 2009. And if that’s not crazy enough to wrap around, this album, lead by a formulaic Rock single, sold over six million copies in the United States alone and it was the Top 100 selling albums in that decade. We ALL fell for it… I remember having friends in high school that had this album and would never listen past the first couple of tracks because there was no real reason to. And I see that now. There’s no real substance past the first two songs on this whole album. And that’s what bothers me because after the two songs, it gets worse. So whatever you just heard so far, those are the highlights. ♪Now I know why, I hide my love from you some days No I don’t mind keeping this bottled inside me You came along, and tore this world around me Looks like you found me♪ While this song isn’t terrible, it feels very bland. It’s generic Rock filler. Not even worth playing or bringing up at a live show where Nickelback is the headliner. It’s forgettable and I think that is the problem with music like this. So much of the passions of filler songs suddenly waste time, but are forgettable. Completely. Really listen to ‘Work Up This Morning’, and then ask yourself if you ever see yourself listening to this song again. It offers nothing. Ironically though, there’s one Nickelback song that really helps me get up in the morning. (Alarm sets off for Nickelback’s ‘Photograph’) ♪Look at this Photograph,
everytime I do, it makes me laugh♪ No, no… (alarm sets off) Okay, okay, I’m up… ♪Is how it’s so bad, so bad… It’s too bad, it’s too bad,
Too late, so wrong, so long It’s too bad we had no time to rewind.
Let’s walk, let’s talk♪ ‘Too Bad’ was one of the three singles played heavily on Rock radio and get a music video. The vocals don’t sound awful and it’s a slower sound, and that’s fine, but this is broody and melodramatic. The writing is purple pro’s garbage that drones on and on… The music video highlights these broken-hearted people. It’s just more ‘dark lyrics’ to make you think, but in reality, it just feels like basic high-school angst with a big budget. These songs are getting more and more generic with the music. And surprisingly, more and more depressing and whinier with their lyrics. I mean, these are getting sad. I know we’re done with the radio singles, but there has to be at least one gem in this album, right? ♪And I want to take his eyes out, just for looking at you… Yes, I do. And I want…♪ (facepalm) How did THIS sell six…million…copies… ‘Just for’ is another typical heartbreak and mention song. It’s interesting to listen to because you can tell the guitarist and drummer do know how to play, but when listening, you can’t help but feel like this was an easy day at the studio for another song they won’t really have to play in the future. No one is going to be interested, so just fill the track slot with another relationship topic. Hey, that’s what people buy so why not? I swear it was like a bunch of board executives in Toronto, got together, and figured out how to exploit a part of the music business. The ones who haven’t listen to Rock since the late 60s but still claim it knows how to make a profit. And unfortunately, they succeeded… ♪Just off of Hollywood and Normandy
It didn’t work like she said it would
Just like livin’ in Hollywood Just like a bad dream, or so it seems
Just like I’m back in emergency
It didn’t work…♪ Ugh, that synthesize vacuum chord. Just everything about ‘Hollywood’ has no value. Earlier what I said, “I never heard my friends played the later tracks on this album.” I think I understand why now. There REALLY isn’t any substance after track 2. Every band is gonna have an album where a few tracks feel out of place. But with ‘Silver Side Up’, it feels like they put up a bunch of songs around two singles and shipped it out as fast as they could. It just feels like filler and waste. People play ten dollars for this when it came out. Now, they are just being used as coasters. I don’t know ONE person that still consistently listens to this album from Nickelback. ♪Making friends, setting trends, hardly having to try All the looks, by the book, best that money can buy Look what your money bought♪ It’s so boring, it’s so bland. It’s blander than bland. It’s more generic than generic. There are instrumental free use songs on YouTube with more substance than this. I can’t believe more than one person helped write this album, let alone produce it. I mean, this is like one of those bad bar bands where you walk into the front door, see a bunch of dads playing in the backstage. You hear them play songs like this, then you immediately turn around and walk out. Never to come back again. ♪Walking down the aisle, still straining you
Still hear you screaming where do I hide? All he asks, I said hurry inside♪ Okay, I was talking a little about this before with the writing and how you sing about universal subjects so that everyone can relate to them. But these are some pretty dark lyrics with some sad undertones. I mean, they are really depressing and low. Some of these are so Emo that it can be on a ‘My Chemical Romance’ T-shirt. I mean, really. Just listen to some of these lyrics taken out of line and out of the song. This time, I’m mistaken…for handing you a heart worth breaking. But you weren’t there…right when I needed you the most. I’ve been a loser all my life. I’m not about to change. I still hear him screaming, “Where do I hide?” And he asks…and I say, “Hurry inside…” MY HOPES just fell…and I can’t see… The reason why, why there is blood on my sleeve. Is Nickelback an Emo band? Cause it kinda sounds like it from that. But you know what? Maybe I’m listening to this music the wrong way. Some of these lyrics are a little depressing and slow. And there’s a certain ways you should listen to music. And the mood for me to sitting here doing that isn’t right. So if you’re gonna to excuse me, I’m gonna go listen to these lyrics from Nickelback the way that was probably meant for me to listen to. (Crying) (Don’t worry, he’ll cry through it.) (I hope…) Yeah, it doesn’t help at all. Moving on… ♪And I don’t sing too well♪ Hey, at least you admit it. (Ha….ha…) ♪And I settle to scream
Just grab your shit and leave with it♪ This song is ANOTHER generic filler track. It’s terrible to critique it that way and claim that over a half of the album is nothing but wasted space to fill up time, but that’s really how all this feels. I’m really hoping ‘Silver Side Up’ can end on a strong note. ♪Where the good times gone? Where the good times gone? All the stupid fun…♪ ‘Silver Side Up’ did NOT end on a strong note. It ended on an extremely long, drawn-out twang note. Over five minutes of guitar tricks and twang all behind the same bad story-telling. But I think that is one reason why Nickelback isn’t taken seriously. The writing is bad at storytelling. The music could be something, but it needs work. But even the best instruments couldn’t save a lot of this material. It’s overly generic structure without any substance. In the beginning of this video, I talked about when mediocrity sells that we regret the past. Think of it this way: If you were a fast-food chain and people complained about you not having enough variety, but you were still making a ton of profit from selling the same crappy burgers, then why would you care? The money speaks for itself. This applies to Nickelback. Why should they care what critics and others musicians say about their music when they KNOW it would be successful and they would make a fortune out of casual writing, bad storytelling, and lazy guitar tracks with no real effort. We shouldn’t support things like that, but for some reason, we have and still do. Everybody likes something and there’s something for everyone. So if you like Nickelback, support them, buy their music, and go to their concerts. ‘Silver Side Up’ is by no means the worst album I’ve ever heard, it’s not even the worst Nickelback album by far. But there are albums like this that are killing Rock today. Because of the album’s in the past that are mediocre and so successful, that kills the future generations by showing them they don’t have to try as hard to be millionaires. That’s what is the worst thing about this. Mediocrity succeeds while creativity and real passion becomes polarizing and people are afraid to do it anymore. If you want Rock to do better, buy music you love, but also go to concerts. Buy a T-shirt at a show. Things like that helps artists out more than you’ll ever understand and totally make a band’s night. And with that, I leave one final warning. In twenty years from now, if mediocrity is still so successful, generations will get worse. And something BAD is going to happen… These two Canadian award-winning musicians will have an offspring. That offspring will become a musician, with a fortune, to produce his or her own music. And it will be played everywhere… If mediocre music is still prevalent, than that is what the future of Rock Abomination will produce. Something far worse than what the two predecessors have made. So shun mediocrity. Support good music. It’s out there, I promise. And ‘Regretting the Past’ isn’t always the worst albums ever, it’s about the albums we should regret having paid for in the first place. Hello everyone, thank you so much for checking out ‘Regretting the Past’ The response and overwhelming support for ‘Regretting the Past’ was anymore overwhelming. I’ll continue to keep doing them, but I don’t know if I could do them every month, but they will be part of the rotation . Please subscribe, like, or comment this video. And check out the annotation for the link to the last ‘Regretting the Past’ on Limp Bizkit ‘Chocolate…’ I can’t say that stupid album again… (Hey, cheer up. The future’s been saved for now.) (Didn’t you know Chad Kroger and Avril Lavigne broke up?) (That means NO demonic offspring!) (Shouldn’t that make you happy?) (Wow, ‘Silver Side Up’ really did a number on you.) (I think you should listen to some classic Rock.) (Maybe Tool, Dream Theater, or…) (How ’bout some Def Leppard ‘Photograph’?) (I’ll just play the track and…) (oops, wrong ‘Photograph’…) (Oh no, COVER YOUR EARS!)


  1. I had a Nickleback album as a kid, I don't remember which one, I think it was silver side up, but I don't think I really ever even opened it, might have listened to like one song but I just find it funny that I never even heard of them and I just found no interest in the album that I never even really gave a chance

  2. What is with the clean guitar undertones when a new track is being played? Was this done on purpose? If you listen carefully you can hear what sounds like a guitar playing E and A strings randomly. Am I the only one hearing this?!

  3. So as a Nickelback fan and a survivor of domestic violence as a child never again was a song that gave me solid and knowledge that I wasn't the only one going threw that kind of thing as a teen and into my adult years. Just a thought there

  4. Ok but Just For is a good song also I’m not rly a fan of nickelback either but this comment section is disgusting

  5. i had ignored this band for so long that seeing a recent picture of the band i said to my bf- ''did they get a new singer? wheres the guy with the curls and the nose?''
    he just shook his head and said- ''Thats the same guy but he got his nose done, teeth done and got a pair of hair straighteners!''
    my reply- ''Hmm manly!''

  6. The good news: I agree with your opinions and points about this travesty of a Rock album
    The bad news: I sang half of these songs and secretly love this album I have serious problems LOL

  7. a Nickel Back album was released on 9/11 one of the saddest moments in american history .
    ,this album is the half of my problems. some good songs other then that it is alright (not good ,not bad it's just alright)

  8. Never Again is decent, How You Remind Me is my 'guilty pleasure', but I hate Too Bad. It's depressing, bland, static, life-draining, gloomy, boring as F and just completely wretched. It wears you out. You can even feel the wrinkles appearing on your face while listening to it. It feels like an eternity. It sucks your mood and soul like a Dementor. The other songs aren't anything to talk about, they're just there.

  9. As a sell out and main stream pop like rock style NippleBack really worked well and his songs are catchy, since there is no rock left on the main streams except him. Having no one to compete with – leads to a success

  10. Honestly, I still have a soft spot for this album.
    Especially with songs like Never Again, How You Remind Me, and Just For.

    Being a victim of domestic abuse, I can relate to music like this.
    I remember when my ex-boyfriend kept egging me on that I didn't keep texting him, and there were times where he beat the shit out of me just for kicks or whenever he had a bad day.

    It's these songs that kept me going through the day, and yeah I know this sounds like me complaining about something that happened in the past, but I just feel like expressing how I feel.

  11. you need to sit in you room wearing all black and write crappy poetry while crying about how your parents and school sucks to listen too garbage like this

  12. I’m a big Nickelback fan I haven’t listened to them in a while I’ve been listening to a lot of the fever 333 lately but in my opinion I think Nickleback’s best albums are
    All the right reasons
    Dark horse
    Here and now
    the long road

  13. God i regret buying this album when it came out. Their the state album before this was good. They had potential. Just like creed with my own prison which was really good then downhill. Its like these bands run out of material after their debuts.

  14. Also, is anyone gonna talk about the elephant in the room about Chad Kroger's OBVIOUS PLASTIC SURGERY!? Well he's not AS ugly/gaunty as before.

  15. What was the bigger traversty.
    9/11 or Silver Side Up. Well looking up in new york thst day you saw the silver side of a plane raping the twin towers. Im going to hell right?

  16. Nikleback was a worse disaster than 911 claimed more victims who still go to Nikleback concerts 😂😂😂

  17. Interesting fact about Just For. It’s a remake/remaster of Just Four from their album The Curb. People say how all their songs sound the same, but that is ridiculous.

  18. Yep: When an album is so dreadful that can reduce a grown man to tears. Since this vid was done nearly 4 years back, the good news is that Chad and Avril are an item no longer – so, we've been spared the possibly of any frightening little spawn for the time being. Thank fuck for small mercies, right?

  19. All you do is making fun of them, not reviewing the album. You're just another douche that thinks highly of himself and thinks it's cool to hate them. #dumbfuck

  20. Track 1: it's fine 7/10
    Track 2: Love the song 8/10
    Track 3: Boring 5/10
    Track 4: another decent song 7/10
    Track 5: What the crap did I just hear him say! 3/10
    Track 6: More boring than track 3 4/10
    Track 7: Boring filler 3/10
    Track 8: Finally another good song 8/10
    Track 9: How many boring tracks are there 5/10
    Track 10: man that was a lame way to end an album on 2/10
    Overall with only three tracks that are decent the rest suck.
    At least ‎Ryan Reynolds made the band look better even than they are just boring.

  21. I mean yeah but… lemonade is a good album. Honestly just sounds like shitting on beyonce for no reason. But yeah fuck this band

  22. I'm sorry I'm confused are you saying MCR is bad/meteocre. I'm really hoping thats not the case…. again, nickelback is shit

  23. I’ve been listening to sliver side up lately and honestly it’s really not that bad I guess it’s an acquired taste and you gotta give the album time to grow on you

  24. Back in December 2002, Kerrang! magazine ran their annual best/worst polls. Chad was voted "Villain Of The Year" by the readers. Needless to say, the editor mused that being voted to be a greater villain than Osama or Saddam is pretty damned villainous – and all without a single weapon of mass destruction, unless you count his voice. 😀

  25. There's a lot to be said and respected about renting an apartment and not being a total doucher vs. having a mansion and being a total doucher….I'd prefer the former.

  26. I'll be honest, I haven't heard a Nickelback song on my radio station in my state since the late 2000s. Thank goodness my state at least doesn't ever play those guys, just need to get rid of Godsmack and whatnot….

  27. The terrorists on the 911 planes weren't terrorists. They saw that a new album came out, was interested, and when they heard it, they hijacked the plane and crashed it into one of the 3 crash sites because of how bad the music was

  28. Anyone notice a weird Ab-Gb-Eb tone playing deep in the mix when music plays on this and several other of these videos? Almost thought it sounded like a cell phone buzzing in another room, but at different frequencies. No? Just me? Well, alright.

  29. I hate to say it, but I have to say I actually like the stuff Nickelback stuff before this album. The songs are just catchy and actually have emotion put into them

  30. If only they actually cared about their music. I actually don’t mind their sound as much as others. If they wrote more songs like “Never Again” and less…everything else I would defend them. All their songs are just doing the least interesting things and focusing on just selling the album, rather then making the actual thing.

  31. Nicklecrap, Puddle of Crud, Limp Dick Kiss, Kid Cock. Anyone else got any? This kinda music makes me wanna shove pencils in my ears. It almost makes me ashamed to be a musician. Seriously though, who is buying this crap? Who thought it was a good idea to sign these shitty, watered down, sorry excuses for bands? These guys are on a whole other level of terrible. I wonder if they get embarrassed because they know how bad they are? Probably not. They most likely have a bunch of people around them that get paid to tell them how great they are. Someone needs to feed these guys a bunch of drop dead pills and do the music world a favor. Could you imagine having to say your the bass player or something for Creed or that you’re married to Chad Kroger or that you’re Limp Biscuits biggest fan. Now that would be a nightmare.

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