Nieuw Amsterdam: Lido Market Buffet Food Tour – Alaska (Holland America)

Nieuw Amsterdam: Lido Market Buffet Food Tour – Alaska (Holland America)

We sailed on the Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam
to Alaska in May of 2019. The ship’s Lido Market Restaurant Buffet
is located on Deck 9 Aft, toward the back of the ship. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch,
dinner, and late-night snacks and serves a wide variety of foods. For breakfast, the buffet offers standard
fare, such as cereals, a variety of eggs, meats, pancakes and waffles, fruits, milk
and juice, and other options. The Wild Harvest area features made-to-order
omelets, while the Distant Lands station offers made-to-order crepes. The lunch buffet menu varies from day to day
and features a wide variety of foods, including several internationally-inspired dishes in
the Distant Lands station, such as sushi and a taco bar. The carving station in the Breadboard station
offers a cut of meat and associated sauces. The food offered for the dinner buffet typically
aligns with the dinner menu from the main dining room, but it’s not always an exact
match. You will need to check both menus if you want
to know all the food that is being served for dinner on the ship. The desserts in the Lido Market buffet include
cookies, ice cream, cakes, pies, cupcakes, puddings, and more. There are usually several options to choose
from for lunch and dinner, including some sugar-free or no sugar added desserts. Like the dinner buffet, the desserts tend
to align with the main dining room menu, but it’s not always an exact match. The late-night buffet at the Lido Market — which
started at 10:30 pm every night on our cruise — features a lot of fried comfort food options. Many items are bite-sized or easily fit on
a small plate so you can just grab a snack or try a lot of different options without
completely filling up.

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