Night Out Makeup Tutorial | Black & Silver Smokey Eye

Night Out Makeup Tutorial | Black & Silver Smokey Eye

[Music] [Music] Oh [Music] Oh [Music] hey guys so in this video I’ll be sharing in college is all that I’m wearing right now it’s a really really dark and intense and both smokey eyes but I think that it’s perfect for a night out or any other occasion that you will go a little bit bolder also for today’s video I teamed up with Sigma so all the pros that are building the creative work will be by Sigma beauty and if you are planning on purchasing some of them you can use my discount code to save some but yeah I really hope you guys enjoy watching this video please don’t forget to give your thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already you guys so much for watching and especially experienced alrighty guys so tell you home for the eyebrows I will use the brow powder duo by Sigma and it in medium I will just make the two powders together and I’ll use them to fill in my brows the butter is not actually super super pigmented which makes everything a lot easier like I don’t have to reapply layer after layer to get the intensity that I want which is really nice and the brush I’m using is the sigma e55 [Music] all right hang on the eyebrows now I’ll use these no we’re going on I’ll make up now I’ll use these eyeshadow base again by Sigma it’s called my suede and L applied oh my I’ll eat with my fingers and then very quickly I’ll go ahead and fill it in place with some face powder alright so for a datebook I’ll use a nightlife palette by Sigma today I want to create a very bold look like I want to go really dark and intense and dramatic so I’ll start with these shadows here I’ll use it as a transition shade and I will apply it in my crease with the e30 file you don’t want to keep that transition shade because it’s going to act as a guideline for the darker shades that we’re going to apply in a while so that we know that we don’t have to bring them above that transition color alright so this is time for the black eye shadow and this is kind of a sweetie pie if you need some steak you can apply it like right here and it’s going to make things a lot easier but the thing is I can’t really stand having something so sticky so close to my eye I really annoys me so if you’re like me I’m going to show you what you can do instead I’m taking an angled brush this is the e65 I’m taking the black eyeshadow and I will draw a line like kind of like a winged eyeliner but do the wink there I’m going to stop where my crease starts and this is going to be a guideline so you know that the black eye shadow should stop right here and you don’t have to bring it to your temples then I’m taking again that’s that I shall but I’m switching the brush I’m using the e-40 7 and I will apply just in the very outer corner of my eye now that hair is really tricky to work with like you can get really messy really fast so that time going like visually step-by-step alright so next I’m taking these metallic gray shade it matches my nails coincidence I’ve seen that I walk my team my nails with my makeup anyway I’m taking this metallic gray shape and I’ll use my fingers to apply it in the center of my eyelid and then I’m taking this shape here and then again with my fingers I will place it in the inner corner of my eyelid alright so now it’s time for blending and the trick here is not to take all that that shadow is very high in the trees or up to the brow bone so I will use this e 25 it’s by Sigma again and it’s like a blending brush but it’s pressed which is nice because it’s going to give me a lot more control and I’ll be able to keep everything just in the crease so I’m taking again that Co toned brown shade that we used as a transition shade and outside slamming the edges of the black and the gray shade into the crease [Music] and you feel that it was some of the intensity of the eyeshadows because of the blending go ahead and apply one more layer of them I’m starting off with the black then I’m going with the gray and after God I’m applying so that lighter shade in the corners and then using the end up blending brush I will make sure that everything is nice and blended you can also like blend in between the shades on the lid so that there is not like a line between them now add some concealer and I’ll blend with this punch here this is a new product by Sigma it’s called the 3d HD blender I think it’s launching the end of February or the beginning of March I’m not sure and it will be nice and high like angles it’s not absolutely rounded which is really convenient our years around it besides there too then my concealer with it and I waited before and music and here let’s say I’ll use the corner the corner so that I don’t mess my eyeshadow there well it’s nice and to prevent the concealer from creating our sales of some face powder the brush I’m using is the Sigma s energy 9 so with this work is absolutely fine if you want to keep the eyeliner it won’t make a huge difference because you already have that here I going on but our awesome and I use this in my liquid liner in legend [Music] these on that gray metallic shade on the e30 are added in the outer half of my lower lash line [Music] just some of that black shade in the lazy outer corner I’m also hiding some of that white shade that we use on the upper lid right here in the outer so in the interest rate I’m curling my lashes and I will find some mascara this is the monumental lash by Sigma I also go ahead and go into impalas version so right back alright I wake up is complete now let’s go ahead and finish the work the face makeup on I’ll use the nightlife one white brother and I will apply it with the egg or five both of these are by Sigma and also on the top of my four years and I also have some blush we find again by Sigma and it’s called linphea and flanked it with the edge and brush and with the n35 I’m also adding some highlighter and lastly on the lid I’m going with this lipstick it’s cold in space and after that observe it our very small amount of the lipid lid cold seal of approval both of them are by Sigma I just did my hair in a ponytail and I realized that I didn’t add anything in the world line so I’ll go with this a glitch eyeliner pencil and I’m just applying it in my waterline and this concludes this video guys I really hope you enjoy watching it I’m really hard with the lip combination I think that it’s absolutely gorgeous to news nip really balances that scary eye makeup and my face doesn’t look like there’s too much going on and if you’re into a deep look feel free to tell me ever you want to see your recreations so yeah I really hope you guys try the work please don’t forget to give this video thumbs and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already inaudible my Instagram Facebook Twitter and also visit my blog thank you guys so much for watching and see many fun [Music] Oh


  1. Dude….. How old are you? You look straight baby face… And what's that accent? Its unique..very different&very cute.Love the look btw.. You make it look so damn effortless lol. Im literally on my way home to try it out now. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am so happy I found this exact tutorial my coach sent us the thumbnail for out competition eyeshadow look, this helped so much

  3. You are sooo adorable. You’re voice is so sweet and soothing .
    I love the black, it’s beautiful. I need to try this , or at least a black eye makeup look of some kind .

    Awesome job!

  4. Im 13 and nerlver worn makeup before aside from dance concerts but my parents are getting married soon and the wedding is more charcoal colour themes so I need black and white eye makeup, this is so perfect thank you so much, now I just have to practice this everyday for the rest of the month 😅😅

  5. You're the one I adore eventhough I really don't know you a lot. I love how you make your contents and the way you explain. 😍😍

  6. this is so helpful!! i'm in color guard which requires us to wear make up for competitions and this is the exact eyeshadow we need!! thank you so much :))

  7. Thanks for this video! I will be wearing this look for a quinceañera (a 15th birthday party) on the 30th of March lol…ur awesome!

  8. I've been wanting to do this kind of eye makeup for prom for a while now. My dress is a sparkly maroon red color, and I just feel like this eye makeup would look really great with it. This tutorial has helped me see what I need to do first, and how to blend the eyeshadow perfectly. Thank you!!

  9. Amazing video I watch your video first time you are really gorgeous love your way of make up thank you for sharing

  10. it really helps mee to make smokys eyes…its so amazing in very easy going method thanks for share …you really deserve 1 million subscribtion

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