Ninja Kidz in Mystica! New Treasure X Kings Gold!

Ninja Kidz in Mystica! New Treasure X Kings Gold!

guards seize them surrender and hand
over your treasure and you shall tear it okay well I just got you guys the new
treasurer X Kings gold how about you could open it right after you finish
your homework pain is a rare crystal finish crackin by your soul yeah don’t
forget the dragon come on guys do you really think that would ever happen
again maybe not just be careful where you
wander are you serious do you think if I walk behind this duel I’ll fall into a
magic portal or something what she’s gone
we need to get in there before something bad happens right so we can go after yes what are you looking at yeah he is blind I’m not paying
I’m Turek from the land of Mystica where’s our sister and why do you have
paytons mystic beast painting through captured she needs your help
wait what happened there’s no Time to explain gather your treasure hunters and mystic
beasts and meet me in the tilted tavern great, i knew something like this would happen sorry I don’t know he must have not come
through the portal how will we save Payton without Bryton
welcome to mystica young travelers. who are you I am fortune teller. fate can help us find your sister answers for free I think not pretty
give me your gold to have your fortune told we don’t have any gold no gold you
say treasure hunters must find a way save the King to save the day that shall
be my only pay what are you talking about where’s our sister to escape your
fate and be set free the treasurer x king’s tomb is the key – what do
you mean go now Swift as can be mystic beasts treasure hunters and ninjas shall
set Mystica free let’s go it doesn’t matter we got to go
find payton my apologies Lord bardock but their
reports of two boys and treasure hunters arriving in mystica through a portal they fit
the description of the legendary ninja kids thats preposterous
there is nothing legendary about these children I shall find them myself
take this girl and ape to the king for sentence yes look or talk
we have to say alright let’s make a plan hey let go of my sister
so much for a plan ! Paxton well well well what do we have here
surrender and hand over your treasure hunters no way let’s take a walk that’s right you can say how awesome we
are and that we were right about the portal well I am glad to see you but you
ruined my plan. what ? you had a plan? course I had a plan
you dont think bozos could really catch me tell the others that the plan failed and to
meet us at the Tilted tavern the Tilted that’s where Turk told us to go to make a plan to rescue you! that was almost a
week ago a lot has changed since then that doesn’t make any sense we came
through the ball right after you portal travel can have a strange effect on time
but there’s no time to explain let’s go I dropped one time and the King locks me
up like a common criminal Thank You Payton it feels good to stretch out the
arms sorry the King did this to you I don’t know what’s come over it it’s not
the king has not been himself since Bardock became his trusted advisor thank
you ninja kids and good luck I don’t think anyone’s here yeah let’s
go back through the portal and get out of here I’ve already tried have you come
for dinner get in my belly one by one oh and you
found your mystical beast oh boy he’s probably still home doing
homework…. you haven’t told them yet? homework we should probably figure
out a way to get home the people of mystica need your help
everyone knows the legend of how you defeated the land pirates and the winter
dragon . that’s right the legends are true then you must help us find the treasure
x tomb and break Bardocks spell on the king I sent a message to the resistance
we’ll make a plan as guards shall do no such thing
guards seize them you won’t get away with this Bardock will find the king’s
tomb and defeat you not without your treasure hunter and
mystic beasts i sent them to the under crypt there is no returning we agree
to stay on trial before the king it brings me great joy to see such peril
on the faces of pathetic children ah you fool
there’s no mercy for you what you surrender this is part of the plan Hey quiet all hail King Bryton
how is possible we came through the portal when you did I. told you guys
portals can have a strain effect on time after the ninja kids defeated the winter
dragon Mystica enjoyed many years of peace until one day evil began to take
power over the land then several years ago a legendary ninja kid arrived here
in Mystica yes yes I came through the portal and single-handedly
vanquished all the evil from the land and all the people from mystical love me so
they made me their king and ruler you should really read the book. Bryton
standing trial before you today a Turk of Mystica and three children
accused of treasure hunting and plotting to overthrow your kingdom but Bryton
we are your family tell me let us go family, no you are all traitors to the
crown banish them to the undercrypt now payton was this a part of your
plan I thought you’d break the spell now
there’s no hope guys what are they doing I think they’re saying a blessing before
dinner oh good I’m starving I think it’s us no no I think they’re
bowing to my mystic beast okay there’s another one Ashton paxton
payton how’d you get here and what took you guys so long you banished just here yeah not cool
I’m telling mama hey guys you know you’ve got it all wrong I’ve been down here for
weeks searching for the treasure ex kings – tomb
I knew it didn’t sound like you Bardock must have used dark magic to
create an imposter what Bardock sorry I had no idea but we’ve defeated
him before and we can do it again yeah but first we have to get out of here and
no one’s ever escaped the under crypt I found the scroll deep in the abyss
treasure hunters mystic beasts and ninja kids unite channeling your courage and
ward off the fright to save Mystica and set yourself free the treasure excuse –
is the ultimate key guys but you’re just glowing
soon my mystic beast guys what’s going on no one can stop me arrest her and arrest
him Lord Bardock the ninja kids have appeared how can this be arrest them
stop in the name of the King King Bryton he has the king’s tomb the
wizard Bardock has conspired against me and all the inhabitants of Mystica
arrest him never I shall rule! bardocks gone an imposter sits on the
throne find him and arrest him yes your majesty there’d be well . what we’re
leaving already? you can’t leave we need a King to
protect us! yeah you need a king do you hmm
somebody brave somebody wise I hereby appoint Turk as the new king a mystica okay find your mini beasts characters so
it looks like they’re in these things show you how to dig them out okay open
them up I love that stuff oh yeah open up the mummy wrapping I’ve got a key in here yeah you got it
and here’s the sword and that is actually the next step you stick it
right in the layers you’ve got that awesome magic rock oh you gotta put this
in the she’ll – the screen so he’s got like a Mel golden shoe okay the next
step you put the shield and the same Oh turn it yeah every treasure ex-king stew
comes with real go yeah it was really fun you

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