Non – Bank Forecasters predict lower gold prices over the next few Years

Non – Bank Forecasters predict lower gold prices over the next few Years

Welcome to illuminati silver we tell you the
truth about silver. Today is Wednesday 11th November 2015 and
we are going to briefly discuss gold price predictions for the next few years. This is
a follow up to our video produced recently on Silver.
Many of our listeners know that long term we are bullish on gold and silver. They also
know that when we discuss these commodities, we are taking a 10+ year view on gold and
a 20+ year view on silver, though obviously this does not mean we do not see prices rising
before then, but that we are warning, do not seriously place large amounts of capital into
these commodities unless you can wait that period of time without having to sell them.
Naturally, we are speaking about purchaseS of the physical as opposed to paper contracts
which behave and trade in very short time periods. Now many gold and silver bulls believe
that both gold and silver are going to rise very soon and very dramatically.
So who is predicting what and when? Please bear in mind these two criteria; (1) prices
are valued in US dollars; and (2) we are assuming no global black swan or hyper-inflation event
takes place. Now before YOU shout ‘yes but these black
swans will occur and soon,’ we do not know that, its only speculation and many speculators
have been forecasting imminent global financial collapse for nearly a decade now. You and
we may be very surprised at how long Central Banks and Governments may be able to stave
off the consequences and ramifications of their vast money printing operations.
At the time of producing this video gold stands at $1085 AN OZ so let’s look at who are
some of the more recent gold predictors; (1) The ‘think tank’ Capital Economics
told the Financial Times this week that gold could drop to $1,050, “consistent with a two-year
US Treasury yield of 1 per cent. If rates do increase next month, expectations are for
the metal to move towards $1,000 or less.” The Week UK publication added “where gold
goes from here is far from clear. Some analysts reckon it could plunge even lower – perhaps
down to $800. (2) – The Economic Forecast
Agency predicts that gold will range between $1191 and $1099 between now and February 2016.
Will dip in 2016 to $973, further dip to $930 in 2017, lower again to $775 in 2018, lower
still to $767 in 2019 and then begin to rise to $977 in 2020.
(3) FastMarkets Head of Research William Adams said on Bullion Vault today : “With the
dollar likely to remain bid until the FOMC meeting in mid-December, the headwinds are
likely to remain in place so tests of support and breaches of support seem probable,”
(4) Ken Ticehurst published on” Gold fell heavily last week as forecast. Our
long awaited fall to lower lows seems finally to be underway. Contrary to most opinion this
fall is not a case of manipulation by dark forces, but is simply a resumption of a long
term trend we have been modelling for over a year now.”
(5) The Economic Intelligence Unit produced its gold price forecast up to the end of 2018
where surprisingly it was more bullish than many others quoting that the gold price is
expected to vacillate between $1253 – $1347 over the next 2-3 years.
(6) By contrast Hugo Salinas Price, born a Mexican, and is currently President of the
Mexican Civic Association Pro Silver, A.C. where for a number of years has worked tirelessly
to get Mexico to adopt a silver coin as legal currency, when interviewed by
this week stated “Gold in 2020: $10,000 to $50,000/oz, or perhaps no price, in paper
money. Only by selling something, will you be able to acquire gold or silver. Think Zimbabwe:
you act like Zimbabwe, you get your Zimbabwe. Impossible to buy gold using Zimbabwe dollars!
Silver in 2020: $600 – $3,000/oz. Count on these sorts of prices, if war breaks out between
US and Russia/China. Otherwise – who knows?” Apart from Hugo Price we too were just a little
surprised at the extent of the bearishness, that these non-bank organisations view gold.
We still hold that gold may very well hit $1000 or just below soon, but find it difficult
to seeing it fall to the $770 – $800 level, though nothing is impossible. We assumed that
All In Sustaining Costs for gold hovered around the $1,000 level (not cash costs mind which
are much lower) and therefore this would provide a base, until we heard Rob McEwen chairman
and chief owner of McEwen Mining, a mid-tier gold and silver producer on Kitco yesterday
who admitted that his AISC for gold stood at $914 an oz and is looking at methodologies
to reduce this much further. We hope you have found this video helpful
and informative, and would appreciate it if you would give it a thumb up, comment and
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illuminatisilv1. Disclaimer:
Silver Illuminati owners come from a background of Banking, International Wealth Management
and Economics. Having now retired from these worlds we are not qualified to give investment
advice. Therefore, this and other productions must not be deemed to be giving such advice
and merely represent the personal views of its owners.


  1. Man wouldn't it be great to see gold hit 900 and below again. One possibility why gold and silver could shoot up: Russia and China now is planning on creating their own gold and silver market and if they revalue gold and silver without the paper type of Comex structure, then this could create the black swan type of event that will possibly make gold and silver go sky high. Other than that, I think we will most likely be in this prolonged deflationary recession/depression until a correction or collapse of some kind resulting in massive inflation.

  2. I don't have any gold but if it dips under $1,000, I will buy my first coin. Fingers crossed! Hope it goes back up then for all you holders.

  3. Thx for your Vid / View to the PM-Markets. But I still wonder, that the average AISC for producing a car for ex are 10K€. But they where sold to the average Joe for 45-60K€, because the companys need to earn Money ( and there is a long "Chain", before the Car is in the Shop ) For a Goldmine it is no Problem to "produce" for 949,- when the Goldeagle is sold in the Shop for 1k ?!?! If I would own a Goldmine, I would sell it promptly and go to produce Trouseres & Socks! there is the Margin over 1000% and everybody needs them

  4. If war arise between US and China or Russia, which i would not doubt in the next 10 years, due to the dangerous war games being played on both sides, gold/silver would not have a value measured in dollars, more like oz due to the excessive price increase that would occur. Next, if some how prices continue to be suppressed and mining companies begin to rapidly go belly up, therefore causing contraction and shortage in the market, price will have no where to go but up based on market demand, anyway the cake is sliced, for those that are steadfast, things will be fine, for those that don't like metals that's ok too, i am sure such folks already have a safety net to fall back on in case paper is of no use temporarily.

  5. Too much of what is called prediction is nothing more than extrapolation. If the price of something is going up, people predict it will continue, and if the price is going down, people predict that will continue. Like Goldman Sachs and the oil price: in 2008 it was rising and they predicted $200/bbl, in 2014/15 it was falling and they predicted $20/bbl. In other words, they own a pencil and a ruler and they know how to draw a straight line.
    A prediction can only be as good as the causal model that underlies it, and even then there are potentially so many distinct possible scenarios that could play out that it is not credible simply to average them out. Gold still makes sense as an insurance policy at current prices.

  6. hahaha @ sub $800 Au. Not very likely given the state of the producers and their average all in sustaining cost. Then again, platinum had a low print of $880 today, way below mining cost.

  7. Illuminati silver asked me to expand on the comment I made on their non-farm payroll video. My comment was about how the gold paper market has now become the new and improved London gold pool.

    The gold pool was created in 1961 by a group of major central banks, Headed by the US. Their aim was to suppress the price of gold to within $.20 of its then $35 price, originally set at Bretton Woods. This suppression mechanism only ended because the pool ran out of gold. They did not understand that 'the market' is always bigger, and, will eventually have its way.

    The creation of the paper gold market has become the new and improved version of the original gold pool. I say improved because now they only have to use paper to suppress and control the gold (and silver) price. And so far as I can see, they can, hypothetically, never run out of paper.

    So, will the market once again, eventually have its way?

    Every professional trader understands that they are at war with each other, for profit. Every central bank sells their own product, it's called fiat currency, for profit. Their competitor is gold, so why wouldn't they be at war with it? And if you wanted to control gold you must definitely control silver.

    I look forward to any comments.

  8. hahahah I don't care what anyone says I am stacking silver even if it goes to 1.00$ i will be stacking at all costs & gold is the ticket silver is the most undervalued asset in world history. I will be stacking because I am not a sissy . only sissy pull out. oy vey ismir.All kidding aside the Americans & the British don't need gold & silver as some hedge against currency collapse or inflation .We have all the guns & tanks & nukes..

  9. Excellent video as always .  I apreciate the overview of the various predictions by the experts.  But I find it hard to believe that some of the predictions are so precise- that gold will fall to a certain exact amount in 2016 then rise to a certain amount in 2017 and so on.  What chart are they looking at? I have more confidence in your long range prediction because it based upon a general theory of why gold will rise in the long term. And I think it was critical to include the facts about how some companies are working to reduce their cost of production.  That is a factor that could definitely influence future price to the downside.  I dont know what to make of the year to year precise predictions which you cited from some of the experts.

  10. Can you address the idea that the COMEX is dangerously over leveraged. I hear this a lot. According to this, the current ratio is 300 to 1. He also talks about "manipulation" and describes how it happens. He does make a good case for it, I would like to hear your opinion.

  11. Two minutes in, you've already made a point I can't disagree with. In 2008, I was SURE that the fraud was FINALLY unraveling, and I couldn't possibly see it lasting past 2010…5 years and untold trillions in fraudulent fiat debt notes (and zeroes & ones) later down the road…we still have no idea how long the Ponzi will last, or how large the pyramid will get before it collapses in on itself.

    I did see an article saying that a rise in industrial silver consumption starting to be seen, although in the current economic situation, I find it hard to believe that's much more than speculation…still, worth setting a few more ounces aside…a little here, a little there.

    Slow and steady, they say…"buy on the dips" isn't terribly bad advice, looking at the longer term.

  12. What is your view of of the future of oil and how it correlates with the metals? Can it be used as a leading indicator?

  13. A call for under $800 is bananas. Commodities have already been hammered to bits. I don't know of any miners that would have positive cash flow at $800 gold. They've already used up their high grade mines and have cut capex which will pressure supply.

  14. I have 500 trillion Zimbabwe dollars framed and hanging on my wall. What do I need gold for? Oh, I remember now. It's insurance, not a get rich scheme.

  15. At least 90% of economic/financial forecasts are wrong – quite often by a large margin – take them with a grain of salt. Also, as I've stated before, an intelligent person should want to see the track record of any forecaster.

  16. I wonder why you are not mentioning the Chinese Yuan entering the SDR basket will couse the price of Gold to go higher…why are you not considering the Chinise presence in your Gold forecast??

  17. I am very surprised as well to hear the the bearish sentiment that's out there..thank you for flushing that out in this video..

    I really like the introductory disclaimer you have added to your videos promoting the long term view for PM investing and discouraging investors from over committing to PM in the short term…very nice touch!

    Saw an interesting article in the post today, thought I would share as main stream media IMO is more forthcoming with news that we live in a manipulated market (even if they still don't just come out and say it 😉

  18. The fed did basically nothing to avoid what happened in 2008. They didn't see it coming. If they did, why didn't they steer clear of the iceberg? Instead, they crashed right into it. I see the potential for this happening again to be quite high, considering how top heavy the economy is with all of the debt we have.  Add the huge derivatives market and it appears to be a ticking time bomb. Washington has done ZERO to prevent what happened before from happening again. Instead of being thrown in jail forever, that slimeball LLoyd Blankfein is now a billionaire. WTF??!! What a total putz he is. Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he can rob the world.

  19. Would a stronger dollar tend to make gold prices go up or down? I would say down. I think probably the price of gold is influenced by the strength of the dollar, and also the price of a barrel of oil, which might explain some of the correlation that I've noticed between gold and oil. Or dark forces may be behind it. I've heard that interest rates going up will strength the dollar. Thank you for your great videos.

  20. U know what i think:
    Predictions there are so many predictions somebody will come out as winner 🙂

    Nobody knows the future,follow ure mind and feelings…..I buy metals for over a year and feel good with it,much better then having savings at the bank..

    More and more people around me see things are not okay….They watch the news and see how great and nice the econemy is and how much economic grow is predicted and there world is diffent they lost jobs see socical benefits vaporise see a dark cloud above pensions see money become worthless..

    I hope those people who predict that the economic is recovering in 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 where ure advicers in this vid lol cause then i really sell my metals and trust them 🙂

  21. Dear lord Rothschild, of illuminati silver, I am one of your personal fans. I appreciated the advice you gave me on collectable gold coins. But, I think, I should warn and inform your subscriber's, how tricky you Rothschild's can be.  As a student of history, I still remember how your great, great, grandfather, Nathan Mayer Rothschild, tricked the whole, of the London bond market into believing Napoleon defeated Britain at the battle of Waterloo, causing a massive sell off of British Bonds. This, allowed him to scoop them up, for much less than their worth, as panic selling took hold. After that, he gained complete control of England's money printing. Yes, no one knows better, how to manipulate the markets with FEAR & GREED, than you Rothschild's. I would love to meet you someday, for cup of tea, and snap some photos.

  22. This video reminds us that PM will most likely hover around current prices for quite awhile…..IF there were no "Black Swans".

    Judging from Israel's attack on Assad forces today, that's an even BIGGER "IF"!

  23. Interesting that you'd mention Kitco's interview with Rob McEwen in regards to innovation for decreased costs, but then you failed to mention increased production as another factor for their mines decreased costs, thereby shortening the mines' life. The big factor he mentions amongst others was "the capital markets are basically dead for the industry." So with less capital to expand and create more mines, wouldn't that logically lead to a shortage?

  24. I find these videos by Illuminati Silver to be quite bearish for a silver-centric content provider. "We," c'mon dude, stop with that nonsense, you are just one guy…. "The royal we, man." But really, all of this acceptance of government bureaucracy figures, little analysis of federal reserve policies, and wishy-washy analysis at best. The same pumpers Illuminati Silver bashes at least have the balls to make clear calls, this goldbricker either doesn't have the sand to say what he really thinks or just prefers to showcase his knowledge in a convoluted and self aggrandizing fake accent fake group think-tank word pseudo-analysis. Sorry dude, you lost a subscriber.

  25. These predictions/comments are just that they hold no credibility every has his or hers biased views….. it's long been  said and I repeat the price in fiat money is not credible e.g…all currencies are derivatives of dollar and the dollar is a derivative of gold. In other currencies gold is has made v.good ground e.g…look at the purchasing power of the dollar over the last 100 years e.g..hold it's value?Physical metal as far as I'm aware has proved to be generational wealth passed down through families…. you don't find a pile of paper in the ground and think yeeha here we go but if you came across some nice jewelry Gold  and  silver are a store  of wealth and will remain as such… if  your desire is to trade, then trade the paper..if not spread bet and buy sliver and gold as you would a pension monthly payments All currencies eventually return to the mean – 0Peace

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